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Carlos Nieves
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My full "title" is Mil the Windmill! But you can just call me Mil for short. I doodle, sketch, draw and play vidya games

Tumblr Blog: Mil-of-the-Wind

Steam: Mil the Windmill


Ah the old Deviant art tagging thing, forgot it was a thing. Of course I was tagged by my friend :iconpikminpedia:

1. Post all the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people. don't worry, there will be no tagging here just silly fun writing.
4. Post their characters names with their owners.

Scranton "Scrap" Cortéz and Simon "Sonar" Pitch
Been a while since I've done anything with them. Gotta revamp their story since they are still so ingrained in :iconidrisfall-oct: from way back when. Here goes! 

1. How did the dynamic duo meet? It was way back when they were just school children! Scranton was a very lonely single child so he didn't really have much in the way of social experience. Meanwhile Simon was from a family of 5 with him being the youngest so he was often unintentionally looked over by his older siblings and parents leaving him vulnerable. Sonar was an easy target for bullies to prey upon, but luckily for this bat a certain hyena didn't like what he was seeing and decided to put a stop to it. He may have had trouble speaking properly at that age to inspire confidence but his fists certainly did the talking just fine. After a good thrashing and kicking the bullies off he helped the poor bat up and proclaimed he needed a buddy to protect him! Ever since that day they've stuck together through thick and thin.

2. How did they get their nicknames? Scranton was nicknamed "Scrap" because of how he was often found working and tinkering with piles of junk to make his machines... he was also known for getting into scraps with several people over the years for varying reasons. As for Simon? Pretty simple, he earned the nickname "Sonar" by being only bat in the small mining town of Stemore where the two live. His bat echo location capabilities make it easier for him go through the mines without any need for light. His sonar pitches also help him identify mechanical issues with the machinery he works with.

3. Scrap and Sonar share a small 2 story warehouse garage. The inside having been converted into a workshop. Scrap is often found working on machines brought in by the mining company to repair, often accompanied with one of his famous "modifications" to "improve" a piece of machinery. In the far back he's got a special pile of junk project he's been working on over the years that he claims it'll be the next step in industrialized mining...

4. With the two living together and almost never being seen apart, people have mistaken them for being more than just roommates. That sort of comment is met with a laugh and a knee slap because A) They actually are seen apart during the day as they work around town whoever asked just hasn't paid attention, B) Sonar has a girl he fancies that lives out of town and regularly writes to her, and C) Scraps often too obsessed with his machines to go on a "proper" date with anyone

5. Sonar fancies himself a writer having written a couple articles and short stories for the local newspaper on the side. He's been working on a mystery-thriller romance novel called "Under Violet Wings". Often rambles about it at work and asks others for any constructive criticism. Currently trying to find a publisher who would be interested.

6. Scrap has a pretty damn vocal range, being able to hit plenty of tones from rough and gruff to smooth as silk. Quite a miracle he's able to given he's a chain smoking cigar chomper. He's also a skilled guitarist, having taken up his fathers liking for the instrument and regularly practices by himself in the garage. Very rarely does he play in front of others.

7. Sonar has managed to carry and fly Scrap when they were younger. Has certainly helped in certain situations like the time Scrap accidentally took something he thought was a piece of junk he could use but turned out to be a valuable piece of artistry for a noble... total misunderstanding on everyone's part I assure you. But nowadays Sonar can't carry him as easily since Scraps put on some weight.

8. Scrap has a verbal tic where he often begins or ends his sentences with "eh?". Sonar can't remember when it started but he's made bets with how long it will take until he Scrap himself finally notices... it's been over a decade now....

I love you prompts with Orbeck and Anaya
How many ways can someone say I love you? <3
I forgot where I got this meme, if anyone's go a link to the source feel free to throw it at me
Passion in the halls
Today is valentines day, so why not post something romantic?
I got a couple old drawings of this couple I made a while back, a cute human mage healer and a cute warrior woman lizard who like to passionately kiss one another! :U

Orbeck Gibson and Anaya (c) Me


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