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Ergh, I drew Avatar art again lawl. Aang is sleepy >_> But it must be pleasant with the night breeze on your face... HE'S NOT HOLDING THE LEASH. And lawl ignore the background *covers it* D:

I got kinda er... lazy on Appa's lower furs. LAWL. *shot*

Should get on with art trades 6_6 *looks over to pile*

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ughhhhh,,,,,,, awsommmmmm..appa looks fluffy,,,
How do you do this? It looks so calming and beautiful :) I like how you did Appa :D
NewGFXArtist's avatar
Could I use it for a Signature? I just wanna try something.
4elements-club's avatar
would you be willing 2 give 1 request per contest 2 one winner plz!
ashbundu's avatar
really like Aangs expression, great work. :]
Sasoriisthebestest12's avatar
what program did you make this on?
Sasoriisthebestest12's avatar
ooo, i love this show soooo much and i love how you colores Appa :+fav:
mellownote's avatar
why, what's wrong with the background..? :?
kabirawhisper's avatar
There's amazing detail in this. I lvoe his fur. XD
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Awesome! It makes me want to ride on Appa as well. It looks so peaceful and pleasant...

BrunetteMenolly's avatar
I like the color/lack of.
Aang doesn't exactly look sleepy. Kind of sad, actually. :+fav:
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thelostkitten's avatar
this i sso pretty! ^^
megrandy's avatar
What kind of brush do you use. I just got my GT and I also have PS7. This is also so cool. :D
Amy-Anne's avatar
You can just feel the closeness of Aang and Appa.
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D: -jealous-


good job

i love it!!
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Aangs sooooo cute!! I feel so bad b/c he looks sad. *hugs him*
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I love Aang!! Lovely artwork! :XD:
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