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[MMD] Springtime Luka (DL)


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[p2u] jennie's hylt outfit [rigged]


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[MMD] Law Evading Rock  Len - DL

Thank you for using 1 of my parts

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Hitogata Hair Pack

mmd parts

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Amps Dog Meme

Awesome art

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when your fat ass is your center of gravity.

stuff i think its funny

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Copyright Stamp thing


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Metasequoia WIP: Goose

Awesome MMD stuff

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Teen Titans Pack 2: Raven FOR XPS

Xnalara stuff

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MMD Grand Piano Accessory Download [PMX format]

mmd accesories

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MMD|Tutorial| How to make extra mouth morphs!


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[MMD] Springtime Luka (DL)

MMD Models

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Do it again MMD MEME


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Request to do

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MMD Stage - Kitchen

MMD Stages

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ThatOneBun Posepack [DL]

MMD Poses

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[Ethereal] DJ Sona - 3D Model + DL

3D Models

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Realistic Hair Textures


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Birthday Contest 2019 (Closed)

Yall ya know what time it is? ...no it's not tool time--- It's that time of year where I open up my birthday contest! I legit cannot believe I'm going to be turning 21. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT FAMS-- The prize in TOTAL is 600 points. The winners will have a certain amount of points divided towards them. First place will receive 300 points and a chibi drawing! (Here's an example of my chibi drawing style:  ) Second place will receive 200 points! and third place will receive 100 points! Prizes might be updated depending on motivation :0 I might include an MMD model for first place if I'm motivated enough for it. Skyler, what do we have t


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Animals I like

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Custom for MikuEvalon

Adopts I have adopted

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Seductive Ketsukiko collab [Open to all]

Drawing bases

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Ask and dares

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Ao No Exorcist Journal Skin

Journal Skins

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(F2U) Male Base

commercial bases

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How to use/apply NCHLShader2

MMD Effects

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krita Grass Brush

Krita Brushes

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Rose #7


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Im A Mess

MMD motions

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peacock frame stock

Frame stocks

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So by this time I guess all of you know Wix bought DeviantArt. Uncertainty and paranoia ensues. People is already talking about leaving, but then again, when is people not leaving? Amirite? :P I just wanted to give my preliminar opinion about this and I stress the word preliminar because is obviously too early to say how this thing will evolve and as more information becomes available and changes begin to roll out, my opinion might change. But this is what I think knowing what I know so far. DA needs change. I like the site as it is right now, and part of my wishes it stayed like this because hey! Don't fix what ain't broken, right? A big

Stuff to be aware of

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For MikuEvalon.

Stoof for me Thank chu

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Commission's, etc info

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Join this raffle!

MMD Stoof

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Tagged by ~Reniei (https://www.deviantart.com/reniei) XDD 1. Asked someone to marry you?Innocent. Nah 2. Kissed one of your friends? Innocent. I don't have that many friends 3. Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent. I'm underage to even go to one -_- 4. Ever told a lie? Guilty. A lot TwT 5. Had feelings for someone whom you can't have? Guilty.When I was small, and my mom told them. Like WTF mom????!!! 6. Ever kissed someone of the same gender? Guilty. My mom XDD 7. Kissed a picture? Surprisingly Innocent :3 8. Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty. I stayed up till 9 a.m. 9. Fallen asleep at work/school? Very guilty. My friend woke me up 10. Held a snake? Innocent.


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Photoshop Hair Brushes - set 2


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My Deviantart Related Videos

Deviantart Eclipse Navigation: https://youtu.be/rlkSTDxUPBM Deviantart Eclipse Submitting & Set Up: https://youtu.be/6CX-sQqTA9s Deviantart: My Experience / Pros and Cons of Classic and Eclipse Layout https://youtu.be/S7QJYWtQCV0 ---- (Edit) Alot of users have asked me about the birthday section. Unfortunately my friends that little box from Classic Notifications isn't in Eclipse. My best suggestion would be to take note of your watchers bdays. Set up a journal asking for them to give you the Month and Day and you can put it in that journal so you can go back to it :)

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