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MMD Burlesque Style Skirt Download


sooo.... I learned how to make ruffles and waves on skirts recently... and this happened xD
I wanted a burlesque style skirt and made this!

I will problably make more styles of burlesque skirts <3

*Brings .pmx and .pmd files
*brings 2 versions of the skirt
*Brings 2 version of physics

-Credit me dianita98
-You are not allowed to redistribute original part
-You are not allowed to distribute recolors
-You may distribute on full model only!
-You are not allowed to distribute in Outfit models\Bases
-You can take parts but credit dianita98
-You cannot redistribute parts on their own it must be on a full model
-Commercial use is forbidden
-You may take texture but credit me dianita98
-You can't redistribute/distribute the texture
-You can't distribute recolors or edits of the texture
-You can distribute texture on a full model but you MUST credit me
-you can edit the texture but you Must credit me for original texture
-you cannot distribute edited texture

Download: (adfly link)

Base by Tda & Pinkwormy
Tex in base edited by me
Hairs by kaahgomedl
floor effect by TOUKO-P

*You may not re-post the image without my permission to other platforms or sites*
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The link/page won't open...

It just says "Please wait" and that's it.

It's not moving from there

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This looks like it could be used for the Dark woods circus.

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Link dead sadly
MikuEvalon's avatar
I just tested it out, and it works. 

what is the problem you are having? are you receiving any messages when you click the link?
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Downloaded! Will credit and use on my main PC! Am now fallowing you XD
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i'm so sorry i dled this again. my old laptop broke and i'm using a new one now. i hope it's not too much a bother.
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Thank you for downloading! <3 ^-^
NyaPocky's avatar
I use esed and I cant download it because of that...
Can you upload into stash ?
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it is uploaded in , if you are still interested, since I took a long time replying,
I will make an exception and give you the direct link, please let me know if you are still interested.
NyaPocky's avatar
Hell yes 😊😊😊
MikuEvalon's avatar
I have sent you a note
NyaPocky's avatar
MikuEvalon's avatar
Thank you for downloading!
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"Website blocked due to riskware

Your Premium trial blocked this website because it may contain riskware. We strongly recommend you do not continue."
I can't get to the link! An antivirus software in my PC is blocking the website! How am I going to get this?

MikuEvalon's avatar
By any chance are you using chrom?

or what antivirus do you use?
YaoiFanRuby's avatar
Malwarebytes i think and Im using Chrome
MikuEvalon's avatar
By any chance does your Chrome has adblocker? 
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