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What are your art-related and non-art-related dream jobs? :3

- HMMM. Creating art for a game would be cool and non-art? uhh hecc dunno. probs a singer but my voice is pretty monotone lol

What is your fav Animal

- Deers are cool also birdsss

Nicki minaj or Cardi B (Have u seen the fight?)

- i heard about the fight briefly so i honestly dunno lmao

Your fav food?

- Spaghetti

What is the first animation you did and what age?

- Hell i dont remember but i do remember that it had my shitty furry oc and my friend's ocs lmao. and i started animating when i was 10 or 11

Why you don't wanna have zoom anymore? ( R.I.P comic the best showwwww)

-Ok so info for those who don't know what zoom is. Zoom used to be a comic series that i did. i stopped it cuz i honestly lost motivation for it and i didnt like it lol. sure the characters were ''fine'' but i honestly didnt know what to do lol. so i scrapped it and started a new one //pink numbers// ill continue it when im done with my animations and projects lol.

Which character is your fav in your new series in animation?

-Hmmm. I honestly like all characters so far lol but if i had to choose one. uhhh karamelli

When was the first time you use digital art?


What is your scuplture you like the most?

- I honestly don't make sculptures that much cuz i dont have money for materials but i guess my flower hand thingie i did once

Favorite ship? (Otp oc)

- You mean like my fav oc ship i have? Toby x Ross is pretty aye lmao (Thanks Alina)

What is your favorite hobby?


Why you created Far from home and what inspires you to do it?

- Far from home was supposed to be just a small animation for my project n stuff but i got into it so i decided to make it a full series.
and what inspires me? Not sure tbh! mostly music motivates me to do stuff

What F.F.H ( Far From Home) character is Your favorite?

- Didn't i already answer this one lol. but its karamelli still

What is your first series?

- Oof my first series? i was probs like 12-13 and i remember i would draw designs for my friends and me as a group and we would go an random adventures or somethin dont really remember lmao

Favorite Holiday?

- I dont have one

Favorite celebrity?

-Aw man. kinda tough cuz i have many but ill say till lindemann lol

What inspires you to draw?

- Music and i just doodle without realizing so lol

How many siblings you have?

- 1 little sisterrrr

Do you like studying?

-Lmao hell no

What is your favorite dessert?


What is your fav series you created?

-Far from home is something i actually like for once lol
Pink numbers is ok, im kinda thinking of turning it into an animation series too but not yet maybe lol

What is your favorite song?

Do you like to dance?

-yeee boii, tho every time i dance it looks like im having a seizure

Favorite subject in school?

- Lunch pff nah, art is cool

What is gonna be your career in the future?

-An artist lmao. i would like to be a voice actor also maybe dunno lol

What is your dream?

-I dream to have time powers to stop time so i could sleep

Any desires?

- I want a burger

Any best moments of your life?

- So one time, me and my boi mik are in a shop and suddenly the topic of bulimia came up and mik is like ''oh bulimia is bad, people around the world suffer through it'' and i said ''yeah unless youre from africa'' and he turned to me with the most shocked expression it took me about 30 mins to calm down cuz i was wheezing my lungs out

Jeffree Star or James Charles?

-Jeffree lmao. james annoys me

When you gonna do more series of Far from home?

- Part 2 is in progress ;^)

Will you do Far From Home merchandise?

- :^0 the idea sounds cool but i have no idea how to make anything so lol

does caramel(karamelli) eat ass, and if so, who's

-Lmao nah sorry he is too much of a awkward pussy to do anything

How do you come up with your characters?

-Well for example, if im feelin kinda angry or whatev i might doodle a character out of it. or i see/hear a cool music/character/movie, i might create a character out of that.

Do you see some of yourself in the characters you write?


What was your inspiration to use an RPG as your framing device?

-Dunno, i tought it seemed kinda more fun that way lol. Kinda like Petscop i guess

I heard Mik is at your place? How is he doing?

- He's aight. i gave him a kinder egg

Do you think Far from home will get a big fandom? and if yes, what will you do then?

- Lmao dunno but if it gets a cancerous fandom like undertale ill lowkey be proud of that not gonna lie

Is shiki just a shitty version of gamzee

- ah shit you figured it out >:^(
//Note shiki is a character in far from home lmao. will be introduced in part 2//

Any cosplay plans?

-yeah so many but Atm im gonna do sallyface, beat(jsr) and uncle death lol
yis im doing a animation series n whatev and you might see a familiar face from my other animation i didddddddd



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