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homestuck nepeta pairings by miku1997 homestuck nepeta pairings :iconmiku1997:miku1997 4 0 homestuck nepeta pairings by miku1997 homestuck nepeta pairings :iconmiku1997:miku1997 1 6 homestuck nepeta pairings by miku1997 homestuck nepeta pairings :iconmiku1997:miku1997 0 0 hetalia_germany by miku1997 hetalia_germany :iconmiku1997:miku1997 1 0 hetalia mochi by miku1997 hetalia mochi :iconmiku1997:miku1997 1 1 mochi japan by miku1997 mochi japan :iconmiku1997:miku1997 1 1


Neko!DaveXNeko!Reader BathTime~
"Damn it! Why must you always do this Dave!?" You shout into the shared apartment.  
Your roommate Dave Strider decided to go out, while it was muddy and come inside and TRACK THE DAMN MUD EVERYWHERE! You where in attempt to hunt him down. Your black tail twitched with anger.  The tracks lead to Dave's room and you open the door.
"Oh hey (y/n)" Dave says while lounging on his bed, mud practically everywhere.  He adjusted his shades and scratched his some-what white ears since he was covered in mud.
"Dave what have I told you about tracking mud in the house?!?" You hiss at him.
"Oh something bout death and a bucket of water. I really wasn't listening" He yawned and licked his hand, and proceeded to attempt to clean himself.
"Dave what are you doing?" You asked.
"What does it look like? I'm cleaning my self." He said and sat up.
"Dave there is no way your going to get yourself clean like that, come on I'll start a bath for you" You began walking toward his bathroom, but be
:iconpreistessofthenight:PreistessOfTheNight 392 74
little girl with blue eyes by iiMonzter little girl with blue eyes :iconiimonzter:iiMonzter 6 0
Mature content
Homestuck 30 Minutes in Heaven: Kankri :iconsaltbae:Saltbae 119 47
Homestuck 30 Minutes in Heaven: Sollux
You pulled out a small bee keychain and looked at it for a moment before turning a brilliant shade of scarlet. Oh god this game was more than rigged. It was like they wished to torture you. There was no way you would be able to do this without chickening out.
“What are you bluthing like that?” Sollux said while wrapping an arm around your neck, “Ith it becauthe you’re with me?” He finished with a chuckle, making you grind your teeth just a bit.’’
“Shut up lispy…” You mocked him and he frowned before walking into the closet. That’s when you froze up a bit.
“Oh, you’re going to have fun, aren’t you?” Dave said and you were frozen before you walked into the closet. You growled abit as the door was slammed shut behind you, making you jump a bit.
Sadly this jump made you collide into Sollux and you looked up at him with a blush. You quickly backed up before going into the corner of the dark closet. It
:iconsaltbae:Saltbae 213 116
Homestuck 30 Minutes in Heaven: Karkat
You looked at what you had gotten and a small little crab charm sat in the palm of your hand. You looked at it curiously before realizing it was Karkat’s item. “Oh, you’re going to have fun, aren’t you?” Dave said and you were frozen before you had to walk into the closet.
“Hey Karkat, you’re in the closet with (Y/N)!” Dave managed to shout over the crowd and you heard a string of curses before another person walked into the closet.
“Hey…” You said while looking at the ground. The closet wasn’t all that big and there didn’t seem to be a light switch so you couldn’t see all that well. You heard a mumbling sound that sounded like a ‘hey’ from the stubby horned troll. Speaking of horns…
“Karkat, can I ask you something…?” You asked him with a shy smile.
“What?” He said in his normal loud voice and he sounded rather annoyed. “Can I touch your horns?
:iconsaltbae:Saltbae 243 44
Mature content
Homestuck 30 Minutes in Heaven: Dave :iconsaltbae:Saltbae 107 21
Pick-up lines. [2]
Dave X Reader
A girl calmly and quietly sat on her sofa, her hands holding onto a book she had recently gotten.
So far, the story was really good, and it just seemed to get more and more interesting to the girl,
so interesting that even when a certain somebody wanted to hang out, she was still reading, not giving the male any attention.
Her eyes were fixed on her book as she heard the male let out a heavy sigh, and she could imagine the pout he had on his face, making a small smile grow on her lips, quickly disappearing.
“(Y/nnnnn), stop reading for a sec and come play with meeeeee.”
“No thank you, Strider, the story’s getting interesting.”
“You said that last time as well! C’mon, can’t you just stop reading for, like, a minute and come play with me? Pleeeeease?”
Letting yet another sigh, the male looked to the side with a disappointed look, crossing his arms.
He just wanted to have some fun with
:iconpatchiatchi:PatchiAtchi 117 25
Dave x Shy!Reader
                     Dave x Shy!Reader
You sat at your desk at school. It was a normal summer day in Huston Texas, in other words it was blisteringly hot. But you were used to it besides your school had a pretty good air conditioning system so it’s not like you were dying of heat stroke. But it was still really hot.
Anyway! you were seated at your desk, which was positioned in the second to last row to the far left side, by the windows. You were watching Dave Strider, who was seated two rows in front of you and one seat to the right, he was chatting with his friends John and Karkat. Well more John chatting, Karkat glaring, and Dave was just silent doing his whole ‘cool guy’ thing. You liked his ‘cool guy’ act. You always found it interesting to see how he interacted with others.
Needless to say you have a hopeless crush on the Strider and you always thought he didn’t know you existed. If only you
:iconreedydanielle:ReedyDanielle 47 16
Mature content
: Dave x Reader : Keep on Writing : :iconsoundsofstreams:SoundsofStreams 34 6
Cooler Than Me (Songfic) | Dave x Reader
Dave x Reader
Cooler Than Me
He's got into your head. He's wormed his way into your head and you can't get him out… Dave Strider. He has consumed all of your thoughts and you can’t focus on ANYTHING anymore. You both hate him and love him at the same time. His “cool kid” antics invariably piss you off. You constantly try to get his attention, you drop things near him, purposefully trip near him, bump into him, but all to no avail…
You grab your backpack from the floor.
“Bye!” You call to your sister, you’re already late… As you walk out of the door, you put your earbuds into your ears and press play. The music starts to take over the sounds of people chatting and cars driving around you as you bike to school. Oddly enough, even your phone, your trusty friend, won’t let you forget about Dave.
If I could write you a song
And make you fall in love
I would already have you up under my arm
As you lock your bike up on the
:iconfanfics4u:Fanfics4u 24 7
Movie night (nepeta x kankri)
(A.N this was based off a MSPARP conversation I was rping nepeta all kankri parts go to whoever was rping as him)
Pesterchum ArsinicCatnip:ac: began pestering :kankri:  at ?? : ??
ac:33< hello
kankri:9h,hell9 Nepeta
ac:33<hi kankri
kankri:H9w are y9u d9ing?
ac:33<i'm fine, you?
kankri: 9h, I'm w9nderful , thank y9u. I was w9ndering, if y9u w9uld like t9 c9me 9ver t9 my hive and watch a m9vie 9r s9mthing?
ac:33< sure
kankri: whatever y9u w9uld like t9 d9, just let me kn9w.
:kankri: ceased pestering ArsinicCatnip :AC: at ?? : ??
(Nepeta's P.O.V)
'ok time to head to kankri's' nepeta thinks as she heads to kankri's hive
~~~~time skip~~~~~
(hussievision activated)
Nepeta knocks on kankri's door kankri opens the door and allows her inside and closes the door behind her, Porrim isn't there at the moment so it's just nepeta and kankri, "what d9 y9u want t9 d9?" kankri asks nepeta
nepeta thinks for a moment then replies with "what would you like to do?"
"I d9n't really kn9w. we
:icondivergent2demigod2:divergent2demigod2 1 4
Babysitter stuck Terezi
Babysitterstuck male! Terezi (T.Z.)
The door is opened by a professional looking woman in a pantsuit.
She smiles at you and looks you over through her red framed glasses.
"Hello ms.(l/n). Please do come in."
She gave you a grin that made you feel a little uneasy.
You step into the house and see a little girl wearing a long teal shirt and black leggings.
She eyes you curiously,"are you my babysitter?" She asks.
You nod and smile at her.
She beams back at you,"thats rad!"
The woman in the pantsuit smiles," this is my daughter Latula. I'll be home around five, unless the trial lasts longer then expected. If thats the case my son will be home before me. If this happens you may go and I'll settle up with you later."
You nod at her, she gives you another terrifying grin and walks out the door.
You turn around to see Latula putting on he red shoes.
She looks up at you and heads for the door saying,"come on! I wanna show you my radical skill!"
She grabbed a skateboard and dragged you outside.
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 153 31
Drunken Daves [Drunk!Dave X Reader]
Drunken Dave [Drunk!Dave X Reader]
"Holy fucking shit Dave, you don't look so hot! What happened?"
"[N- *Hic!* -Name]. The―the SHIT, YEAH, happened."
"That's not an answer!"
"Ff―fine, I took a LITTLE sip of alcohol."
"Oh. My. God-- A LITTLE SIP MY ASS!"
What the hell were you doing all up in this mess? What did you ever do to deserve this sort of torture?! What went so wrong that Dave turned out this...this...
It all started when John switched the apple juice and the alcohol at Dave's house. Sadly enough, you were there with him, and when you got there, he was dancing in front of a TV with the cooking channel on. (Was it twerking? No, you couldn't even classify his dance moves.) You had screamed a little bit before questioning him what had happened, bringing you to the present.
He also had requested to go to his room so he could show you his new sick beats, but you've read enough fanfics to know wher
:iconhomestuck-fanfics:Homestuck-FanFics 505 123
Mature content
Picture purrfect :iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 32 9
Babysitterstuck Sollux
Babysitterstuck Sollux
A man with blond hair opened the door,"you mutht be (f/n). Come in, I'll introduthe you to Mituna."
You step inside and he leads you to a living room,"before you meet him I thould warn you, he got into an accident a few yearth ago and he'th a little..."he trailed off.
"Why don't I just meet him?"
"That would work."
You enter the living room to see a little boy  playing with toy cars on the floor.
He looks up at you with one brown and one blue one. He grins,"are you my new babythitter?"
You smile and kneel down,"yes! My name is (f/n)."
He gets up and speed walks over to you, it looks like someone has told him not to run.
He gets close to you and then throws his arms around your neck,"thith meanth you're my friend right?!?"
You hug him back gently,"of course it does!"
His father sighed in relief,"I'll be back by nine, his bedtime is eight thirty. If his brother gets home early just wait for me."
"The could meet thollux?" Mituna asked excitedly pulling away fro
:iconapplesandawesomeness:Applesandawesomeness 292 19


I'M SO EXCITED! MY 15TH BIRTHDAY IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH! YAY! although i hate that i was born on election day but whatever..... ^-^ ~happy explosion~ lol


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