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My Bio
Hello everyone! Kim(berly), better known as BlackButterfly (or Kimu), here.
...It's the God of Homo to you!
Anyway, just to make some things clear I made up a little list of information below.
Feel free to ask me anything, or simply read the shizznick I wrote here.

Favourite Characters: Ciel Phantomhive and Alois Trancy.
Personal Quote: Don't listen to what people say, relax and say something stupid.
Haircolour: Blonde with a black layar.
Eyecolour: Blue/Green/Grey (changes every day, or I wear lenses when my eyecolour doesn't match a cosplay.)
Likes: Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!!, Cosplay, music, reading, and sweets (such as candy.)
Dislikes: Depressions, being left all alone.
Orientation: Let's say I'm straight but born in the wrong body. (With other words; Lesbian. Do not fucking judge me.)
Current Status: In a relationship eversince 16//09//'12.

Only my best friends knows I'm actually a boy. <3
Apart from them I have got no other friends since friends are hard to find. Deal with it.

I'm a halfblood. BritishxDutch, bitches.

-- Something once being lost will never return. --

Proud owner of :icontanoshii-cosplay-nl:

Vocaloid, Kuroshitsuji, Homestuck, Durarara!!, and a lot more. Just ask or send me a message if you have a request for me.

Find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kim.vandendun…

Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Books
Black Butler
Favourite Writers
Yana Toboso
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Cosplay, Kuroshitsuji.
I've been thinking quite a lot lately, and a lot happened during the time I was not posting any new journal entries, which made me think a plan through once more. I wanted to make a new dA account for a long while now, but never attempted to do so. Just because I'm lazy. Deal with it. Anyway, now I finally made that decision I really want to do it. So once I've made it, I'll post a new journal entry with a link to my new account! Furthermore... as mentioned, quite a lot happened due the time I was being 'absent'. A lot good things actually. Such as I met some great new people who are actually good friends of mine now. I've got tangled up wit
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Simple update.

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It has been quite a while since I last updated my journal. Who gives a fuck anyway? So I've been attending Abunai! 2012: The Incredible Journey. It really gets worse by the years. Last year was OK. But this year... Please don't ask. Of course I had fun, no regrets either, but it was just... meh. Anyway, just to mention, I have been a lot into reading manga and watching anime again. Mostly I don't give a fuck about taking time to watch anime (just because I don't have much interests) and buying new manga. But the mangastore just forced me to! (Figuratively.) I bought a bunch of new manga and am currently busy with reading them. Also I have dow
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As I noted in my last journal entry; I joined the Black Butler Cosplay Contest! I'm happy I am able to share something very dear to me with other Kuroshitsuji cosplayers. Also I'm glad I was allowed to join the contest. ^^ It's the first time in a while that I actually felt so happy. So anyway, if someone wants to check my entry out and maybe even wants to vote for me, here is the link: http://www.miccostumes.com/blog/black-butler-cosplay-contest-38-kim-van-den-dungen/ Stay awesome everyone~!
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♥ Hi there kitten ~* 
♥ I used to be known as DemoiselleCourtoisie, but I no longer affiliate to the name and decided to change it to something more ''me''.
♥ I am writting to you because you are watching me, here, on DeviantART and I was thinking that maybe you'd be interested in liking my Facebook page as well !
♥ On there I am way more active and I plan to post some cosplay progress, make up tutorials and just everything I do that might interest you ~
♥ Thank you very much all in all, even if you decide that you don't want to follow me there too.


Kitty Himee
you know… i just really wanna know how you get your avatar to be animated… i just don't get it and everyone else has an animated avitar… so tell me!!!
you don't even deserve to like Alois or Ciel if your gonna treat people like shit
What gives you the right to say that? I do like them both, and you cannot do a thing about it.
because you are treating one of their fans like shit and I know they would not like that
Can you stop fooling here around, geez, You know what this calls, Just yelling about things.
What he's doing is not treating shit to people, Its calls cosplay. Its a hobby. And of course he like to cosplay Alois and Ciel.
If you hate things, just don't speak anyway! c"":
Thank you so much for the watch :) :heart:~