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Water Crystal Pony

Can anyone guess who she is? It's not that hard to miss.

It's Lapis Lazuli as a Crystal Pone.

My second Pony vector but this one... This one.

is a BITCH

So many layers, so many headaches. But it all came out as beautifully as I thought.

I kinda am disappointed that some fans depict the Crystal Gems or Gems as either alicorns, or the normal breed of Ponies, yet not one of them is depicted as a Crystal Pony. So I decided to take the mantle and do that.

Boy did it came with a price.

Soooo yeah. Enjoy the pic you folks!       
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Don't worry, it's taken care of already.
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Crystal Pony?...makes sense also Lapiz Pony is cute.
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Lapis lazuli. Plus, I'm with you on the idea of gems being comparable to crystal ponies. I even created a fan idea where the crystal ponies are like the gems. However, to gain the power of the gems, they have all their Magic and soul contained in a soul gem. I just thought up such an idea because the crystal pony backgrounds are quite under utilized and I thought this could be a great way to develop characters thrown at the wayside.
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Will this world ever cease to make her more adorable?
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and now the Steven Universe fanbase are to have their own pony forms this is gonna be fun
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its very nice vector, I love it but.
Why is she so sad :c  :/
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It's Lapis! She's so cute
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I want to hug it. The way it looks, its just awesome!
SU for the Win!
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