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Miss Popular (Tom Riddle x Reader)
The note said
'To Miss Popular,
I've heard so much about you from a valuble source and I will admit I find myself deeply fascinated. I would love to meet a precious rose like you in person. If you are agreeable to this then say 'Salazar' whilst holding this note and you will be portkeyed to me. I look forward to seeing your decision.

Unknown to (Y/N), she had been reading the note outloud. This allowed her roommate to know what he note said. "Who's T.R?" Lucinda's voice startled (Y/N) out of reading the note. She looked on over to Lucinda with a small smile on her face.
"Quite charming." Lucinda looks at her incredulously at her answer.
"You don't even know who this is but because you think he is 'quite charming' your going to go aren't you?"
"I might."
"Are you suicidal? T.R could be a mass murderer for all we know."
"Who could be a mass murderer?" Came a new voice from the door. The other two occupents in the room turned toward the newcomer.
"Oh, hey Bella." (Y/N)
:iconihatepinsomuch:ihatepinsomuch 161 9
It's Murder Part 10 GZTALE Animation by GolzyDee It's Murder Part 10 GZTALE Animation :icongolzydee:GolzyDee 2,729 170
Mature content
Lucius MalfoyxEnslaved!Muggle!Reader - Weakness :iconladylaumes:LadyLaumes 143 33
Sirius x Reader x Remus: Cuddle Fluff
:bulletpink: Sirius x Reader x Remus: Cuddle Fluff :bulletpink:

(Full name) was being squished to death. . .  Completely cuddled and suffocated to the point of injury by the fluffiest pile of floof she had ever seen . . .  and yet she found herself unable to push the source of her demise away.
“P-Paddy,” she huffed as she used all of the strength in her upper arms to try and move the squishy fluff from her face. “M-Moony, g-guys. . . CAN’T BREATHE!!!”
As (F/n) was completely swallowed by the mountain of fur she gasped her last gulp of fresh air, afraid she would indeed be smothered beyond repair. But quite quickly the two cuddle-monsters began to let up, and a cold-wet nose snuffled against the young woman’s cheek. For a second (F/n) thought that she’d be crushed as the two creatures shifted on either side of her, but almost as soon as the thought came to her it quickly disappeared. For the pressure of the intense floof once m
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 378 35
Art of persuasion. Sirius Black x Reader
Warning: mild-language / mentions of alcohol.
Nothing's better than alcohol. Except, of course, snogging Sirius Black.
“Do you ever wonder what its like snogging Sirius?” Mary suddenly asked, taking a sip of her own butterbeer. Lily stared at her in disgust, and Dorcas couldn't help but smirk in amusement. Marlene, on the other hand, let out a small smile. It was unnoticeable - but it was there. [Name], however, just shrugged her shoulders loosely.
“Like shit, probably.” She said.
“Some say that he is better than Firewhiskey.” Dorcas chimed in.
She scoffed. As if. “That's hilarious, Dorcas. Why don't you snog him to make sure, yeah?” At this, Dorcas merely shot her a glare, but [Name] wasn't necessarily sure if she was just teasing or not. “Nothing's better than alcohol. Trust me. Not even Sirius' snogging sessions with girls are better than alcoholic beverages.”
“I don't get it, though.” Lily said, a
:icongnostalgic-void:Gnostalgic-Void 337 15
A Walk (Teen!Sirius Black X Teen!Reader)
You sighed as James once again tried desperately to get Lily’s attention. You could see Lily struggling to escape from him, and attempted to help your cousin.
“Oi Potter! Would you leave Lily alone?” You called out to him. You were sitting on the couch in the Gryffindor common room, watching as James flirted shamelessly with Lily. James glanced at you, his eyes dancing with amusement.
“Not a chance Evans!” He hollered back. You looked again at your cousin, who was staring at the floor dejectedly. You slowly stood up, stretched, and started to walk over to where Lily was getting harassed.
You snuck up behind James and pressed your wand lazily to his throat.
“Potter, would you please leave her alone?” You asked, a bored tone in your voice. Potter turned to look at you, his eyes glinted mischievously.
“__y/n__, you wound me. I don’t hear Evans protesting any.” He said before glancing back at Lily. Her hair shielded her face and s
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 554 58
Pouting (LeviXReader)
(Warning for very slight use of language)
Levi reluctantly fluttered open his eyes, bleary from recent sleep.  Lazily, he rolled over and grinned softly at the person curled up next to him.
Your legs were tucked loosely into your chest as you faced on your side towards Levi, looking somewhat like a human ball.  Your [H/c] hair fanned out around you, a startling contrast to the pure white of the pillow beneath.  Your breathing was deep and even, an evident sign you still resided in your peaceful slumber.
Levi sighed, knowing he had to get up and do whatever stupid paperwork he would be given today.  Deciding to let you catch up on sleep, he leaned over and gave a ghost of a kiss on your lips before sliding out of bed to take a shower.
Levi sunk down into a chair in the mess hall, and was only granted a moment of peace before the door slammed open and a group of recruits from the 104th trainees came thundering in.  He grunted i
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 1,101 178
LevixReader {Jealousy Mission}
You were quietly talking to Armin, simply minding your own business when suddenly, a wild Hanji popped out of nowhere, startling you both.
“Ahhh! There you are _____-chan!”
You yelped when the brunette glomped you, knocking you to the ground. Armin looked at the scene nervously with a nervous smile on his face.
“What do you want Hanji?” You grunted.
“I got the perfect way to get you and shorty together!”
You blushed immediately, you hated that the brunette knows about your little crush on the raven haired corporal.
“Go on.” You said with hesitation.
“I call it the Jealousy Mission.”
You blinked and then sighed. “Carry on.”
“I'll have to find the perfect male to do this, or I could get the guys from the 104 trainees to help, yeah, the more guys the better.”
“So let me get this right, you're going to do this to the point he'll punish those for touching me.”
“Exactly! And to the point he'
:iconmeloncubes:MelonCubes 1,359 509
LevixReader~ Jealous.
There was affection about and Levi was not amused. Not. One. Bit.
He stood a good distance away, silently seething while you were showered with affection by the boys from the 104th trainees, you couldn't stop blushing from it. He hated it, he hated how these idiots could easily walk up to you and make you blush, he especially hated it that they're touching what's his.
Well...You weren't his...Yet.
An eyebrow twitched in pure irritation. Levi pushed down the growl that wanted to escape when Jean's arm wrapped around your shoulder and pulled you towards him, causing you to blush madly, a couple chuckled at your reaction.
“_____'s sure getting the affection huh.” Hanji commented, earning a grunt from the short male.
There was laughter, whatever was said, it caused you to blush madly, adding another shade of red. You were sandwiched between Jean and Eren, the brunette pinched your cheek, getting another reaction from you and there was more laughter at your reaction. Levi glared
:iconmeloncubes:MelonCubes 1,731 400
RQ: Rivaille x Reader: Physicals
It started with fleeting touches, lingering fingers that would trace your frame ever so subtly. You didn't notice it at first, used to the same touch from many of the other boys. But you soon realized that this was completely unlike the corporal. He wasn't one to betray his feelings. Always curt and brisk, he never stood out as the emotional type, even towards women.
Then came the looks he would give you as you passed him in the hallway, glances that would send dark shivers down your spine to the pit of your stomach. when your eyes met his, you felt your entire body tremor under his dark gaze.
He would find excuses to touch you, to be near you. He always stood a little too close to you, enough so that you could hear his voice in your ear, his breath on your neck.
It was moments like this that had made you nervous and jumpy.
"Oi! Cadet!" He called from down the hallway. You froze, his words sending shivers down your spine.
Sasha and Ymir, who stood a ways in front of you, both gave you
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 1,224 275
Absolutely Adorable (Tony X Reader)
As an Avenger, You had fought with many creepy, and scary looking beings. You had encountered way to many near death experiences, been hospitalized multiple times, and were considered one of the most brave people on the team. There was only one thing that you were terrified of.
The dentist.
So when you found out you had to get your wisdom teeth removed, well, you were not a happy camper. You hid yourself in your room and attempted to take flight to Malibu just to avoid the appointment. But your boyfriend had dragged you back before you could board the plane.
When the day of the procedure rolled around, Tony had to carry you kicking and screaming into the office. They gave you anesthetic and you were out cold in a matter of seconds. Tony kissed your forehead and watched as you were whisked off.
He waited in the waiting room until a nurse said that you were awake. When Tony entered the room, he found you looking around with bleary eyes, cotton in your mouth.
"Hey sweetheart." He greeted
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 933 193
Gossip Tony x Reader
“I am going to kill her.” Natasha declared as she stormed down the hallway.
“Kill who and why?” Tony questioned –forever the snoop- as he trailed after his teammate.
“(Y/n) she never told me she got engaged.”
      Tony chocked on his alcohol and his glass fell to the floor and shattered at his feet. Natasha kept walking but a discreet smile tugged on the corner of her lips and a gleam took up residence in her eyes.
“Who’s she marrying?” Tony asked as nonchalantly as a person whose crush was engaged to someone else could.
“Dunno, Pepper didn’t say. All I know is the rock is huge.”
    The words were barely out her mouth when Pepper joined them. She stepped in time with Natasha and Tony was pushed to third wheel, a very nosy third wheel.
“Have you found out who she’s marrying?” Natasha inquired. Pepper shook her head mournfully and adopted a thoughtful
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 1,182 200
My Weakness (TonyxReader) One-Shot
You were walking down the halls of the Tower, minding your own business as you figured out what to do with yourself. You had bothered almost everyone in the Tower and had been kicked out of every Avengers room. All except one—Tony Stark aka Iron Man. You were saving him for last since you enjoyed spending time with him and wanted to spend the rest of your day with him. 
You got into the elevator and pushed a button to head down to the lab. Tony would most likely be there. Strolling out of the elevator, you realized that you were right. Tony was sitting on a stool by one of the lab work tables. He was mixing some colorful chemicals with each other and observing how they reacted with each other. You knocked on the lab door to let him know that you were entering.
"Oh hey there (Name)," Tony smiled at you.
You froze in your spot, eyes wide. 
Tony.....his voice was raspy and deep. Although it sounded hoarse like he was sick, it was incredibly sexy. You felt your cheek
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 566 88
Burnt Tongue (TonyxReader) One-Shot
Speakers that reached the ceiling blasted music that would left your ears ringing until tomorrow. People who you didn't know wanted to touch you everywhere and try to dance with you. You of course told all those strangers off, them too drunk to realize that you thought that they were a creep. Tony Stark was throwing yet again another party. You didn't want to go to the party at all. You lived in the Tower currently and were just living there until you found a place on your own.
So when you were woken up in the middle night by Tony doing some drunken karaoke singing, you couldn't help but get out of bed and march your way downstairs. The billionaire was loving all the attention that he was getting. He was drinking it up like he was drinking up his scotch. He was already in the Iron Man suit but the helmet was off. While he was showing off what the suit could do, you sunk up behind him and yanked down his ear like an angry mother. 
"Anthony Edward Tony Stark! What do you think you a
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 591 167
You sat on a stool in the kitchen of Stark tower reading the morning newspaper. Your eyes scanned the words in front of you, a scoff escaped your lips to see a guy arrested in front of Tony's blown up car (Which he had ranted for hours about it). You shook your head, oh that poor bastard. You sniggered to see the guy was beaten up after Hulk got his hands on him, of course Steve had to convince Hulk to not kill the man while Tony was encouraging it. You rolled your eyes, your circle of friends were not normal, but then again, you weren't normal either as you are dating said billionaire.
You would always ask yourself, what did you get yourself into once you accepted a date from Tony, after much persistence that is.
“Are you still going on about that car?” You heard Clint ask.
“That was my favourite car thank you very much! It's the second most special and important thing I owned!”
“Wait, what's the first special and important thing?”
“_____! duh
:iconglitteryglow:GlitteryGlow 346 41
TonyxReader- Massage
You noticed the way your boyfriend Tony rubbed his shoulders, winching slightly in pain. You gave a small frown, it was clear he had a knot in his muscles but he would never admit that to anyone, you knew what it was like to have a knot in the muscle, before you worked for SHIELD you were a massage therapist so you had a bit of an advantage.
You watched him the entire day, he paid less attention to Fury and he wasn't his normal self, this wasn't like him, he was clearly in pain and discomfort, and not only that but tense, despite the pain he still continued the day.
You sat a good distance in the lab as Tony went his day, he did paused and winched but then continued his work. You frowned slightly.
“Maybe you should rest.” Bruce suggested.
“I'm fine.” Tony told him but winched and then rolled his shoulders.
“Bruce is right Tony.” You joined in. “All this work and lack of rest is not good for your health.”
“Thanks for the concern doll
:iconglitteryglow:GlitteryGlow 567 32




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