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Artist | Student | Varied
Tumblr | Dailymotion | Youtube | LiveStream | Facebook PAGE !

21yo, animals lover, and sushis eater. I study general arts in EESI Angoulême (France).
I started digital art through a game (howrse), when I was 15 years old. I don't play anymore to this, but my passion remains there and has evolved towards comics. I'm self-taught and my motivation ? I want to tell stories that will touch people.

      Hello people !

It's been a long time i didn't write anything here, yup. You know guyz, i was never good with social media (between us, i'm not good at all with sociability) and it's hard for me too keep alive my deviantart. I'm like... An anti-social. A ghost. No one.
But i need it ; it's like my ArtBook so i have to do something cool with it ! And now i'm back ! YERR !

In 4 years, my world have change. I'm an Art Student now (in Angoulême, France), i study videos, sculpture, photos, comics, art, etc. It's really open and various. Video games killed me multiple times, i have a man (a viking one) and CUTIIIIIES BUNNIIIIES, riding is one of my favourite occupation, drawing became a less one, but i do a lot of others things beside. This was littles goods things about life, and NOW, let's talk about the real and the big deals...


Since 2015, i'm illustrator for L'Attelage. It's a publishing house where the exchange between author and reader is important, and every media (games, art, writing) is encouraged. This platform it's like a "Netflix of writing" thanks to it's weekly publication of any chapter from the multiple books available on the website for free.
I usually work with Marion Roudaut, who is the author of "Le Livre du Destin", and i did a lot of illustrations for her.
Come see more here :

SECOND, les 24H de la BD !

(24hours of comics in Angoulême)
It's for french guyz, i'm sorry, but i did a challenge : to draw in 24 hours a comic strip of 24 boards on a given theme. This year it was : "L’histoire doit mettre en scène un super héros farceur ou une super héroïne farceuse." wich one can be translate by : "The story must feature a super hero (♂ or ♀) funny -who make jokes."
And i fucking made it and on times : 3 p.m (15/01/17) to 7 a.m (16/01) ! God you can see my tears here : No One. It's about a girl. WOW. One day, everybody stop seeing her and everyone forget about her. Tadada... *violin*

Japan Expo LMAO : working on my own comic

This year, i had my own place with my own friends of my own life on my own Japan Expo on my own Paris. Wait a sec.... Erm...... Calm down, me...
It was cool. YEAH ! 4 hard days but this was SO cool. I mean, it was my dream. So. Yeah. Definitly cool. (Hey, look at me, the girl on the middle olol)
I met a lot of cool people, and I'm filled up with motivation! I write a lot since i'm back from this convention, and i'm so determined to give everything i have (drawings, text, begining of a comic) to a publishing house... I'm so hurrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I'm so exciiiiteeeeeeeeeeeeed. I want to end it, and then, look at someone who read my story, and say "SO, are you FILLED by this magic ? Do you SMELL it ? Do you feeeeeeeeeeel it ? DO YOU LIKE IT ? Are you SURPRISED ? Sad ? Disapointed ? Excited ? Omfg tell me something".
 My life it's al about this story. If my story end, i die. If my heroes dies, i smile. And if i die, my story will live in others hearts. owowowowo. wtf.
 But, unfortunately, i need to wait 2 more years before doing that, or maybe 4... I have to end my studies, and i need to learn more : i'm still a newbie.


i hope you like it, because i spend 2 hours writting this. omagash.

Love ♥

PS : My facebook page !

  • Listening to: Ost
  • Watching: GOT
  • Playing: LoL
  • Eating: Asian
  • Drinking: Water



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J'écrit aussi des histoires imaginaires avec ma fantasies. Bonne continuation
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Bienvenue dans le groupe 23HBD-actif! L'oignon fait la force!


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For joining we will have a great time:)

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