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Izaya Orihara by mikoneko-otaku Izaya Orihara :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 3 5 From nation to Informant by mikoneko-otaku From nation to Informant :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 4 4 4th of July~ by mikoneko-otaku 4th of July~ :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 0 2
Towards a new future - Chapter 2
Screams resonated through the air, and he felt something jolt through his body. Craning his head, Rin could make out the sound of running, bodies hitting the ground, and a… motorcycle? Someone was going to save him?
The door of the trunk opened, and Rin stared at the figure in front of him. A woman in a pure-black bodysuit and a kitty helmet stood in front of him. Slowly peeling the tape off of Rin, she pulled out what looked like a phone. After some typing, she showed him a message.
"Are you okay?"
Rin nodded shakily. "I'm fine…I think." He tried to stand up and nearly fell over, but the person caught him.
More typing. "I've been told to bring you somewhere."
Numbly, Rin nodded at this. The woman motioned at him to follow her onto her bike. Following her, Rin thought, "What's going on…?"
Welcome to Ikebukuro, Rin Okumura.
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Towards a new future
   "It's so dark…" Rin thought. His captors had probably taken him far, far away from True Cross Academy. Opening his eyes, he searched the darkness for a light. Looking around, it appeared that he was in the trunk of a van, his wrists and feet bound, and duct tape covering his mouth. A kidnapping, maybe? But for what? And besides, there were far more important questions… Where was he? Everyone was probably wondering where the son of Satan had disappeared to. Yukio…did he notice that his older brother was gone? Silly Rin, of course he did…or did he? Yukio was out searching for his nii-san, right? What about everyone else? Bon… Shima… Shiemi… Konekomaru… even Izumo…? Did they worry about where he had gone…?
   His thoughts were interrupted when he felt something shift around him. Rough voices argued outside, and Rin was able to pick up a few snippets of conversation.
"Higher ups… higher
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Y U NO by mikoneko-otaku Y U NO :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 5 0 Durarara!! GIF by mikoneko-otaku Durarara!! GIF :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 5 1 Prussia doodle - APH by mikoneko-otaku Prussia doodle - APH :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 0 0 What Is Me - Meme by mikoneko-otaku What Is Me - Meme :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 9 12 APH: The Origin of RAMEN by mikoneko-otaku APH: The Origin of RAMEN :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 2 6 Battler chibi by mikoneko-otaku Battler chibi :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 0 0 Anime/Manga eye practice by mikoneko-otaku Anime/Manga eye practice :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 5 6 Higurashi: You know you're screwed when... by mikoneko-otaku Higurashi: You know you're screwed when... :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 1 0 Sgt. Frog doodle by mikoneko-otaku Sgt. Frog doodle :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 0 0 Hetalia lineart by mikoneko-otaku Hetalia lineart :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 1 0 Same, yet Different by mikoneko-otaku Same, yet Different :iconmikoneko-otaku:mikoneko-otaku 0 0


This account will now be more or less inactive. I'll be active mostly on my other account, NakuraXchann
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My profile's a little outdated, sorry.

I like :
-Soul Eater
-Fruits Basket
-FullMetal Alchemist
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
-Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog
-Death Note
-Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
-Blue Exorcist
And maybe I'll watch 11eyes, D. Gray-Man, or some other good anime...
When it comes to pairings, I ship whatever you ship, with a few exceptions.
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