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MikoMei's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
★ Name's Miko ★

I draw whatever comes to mind! ☆

I strive to improve so if you have any constructive criticism for me, feel free to comment on my art!! I'd really appreciate it ;v;
I have loads of OCs I love to talk about and occassionally draw Fanart. ✶ ✮ ✩

✮ Tumblr:
✶ Twitter:
✰ Picarto:
☆ Charahub:

To do list

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]  Alright since my DeviantArt has been lying dead for a while, I'll create this list for not just you to know what comes next but also for me to keep track of everything I should definitely get done soon enough!Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] 

1. Finish the Twins drawing (80% done)
2. Finish the big BG drawing (20% done)
3. Redraw "2 years later" as a continuous 2 years later (0% done)
4. Try to finish up other WIPs (33 drawings left)

Non time based list:
- Practise animation
- Draw OCs interacting more
- Draw more scenarios with backgrounds
- Scenery practise?
[Write out story for planned webcomic sometime in the future]

Comments and questions about my plans are definitely welcomed!

  • Listening to: Radical tunes
  • Reading: How to summon Satan
  • Watching: The apocalypse go down
  • Playing: with Fire
  • Eating: Hell
  • Drinking: Ice Cubes
Rain Stars BlueAny questions about requests, arttrades, or miscallenious comments please on this journal instead of my profile comment section! Rain Stars Pink

Update: I won't be taking any requests anymore! I might make special journals where I'll ask for specific kind of requests, but otherwise none. 
This is mainly cause I have very little motivation lately and I want to use the bit that I have left for my own projects,
as well as I'm very busy and don't have any time

little star*.:Mini moon n star:.

I got spammed full with comments thanking for faves and it annoyed me :( 

Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1]Stars BlueMisc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]
Rain Stars OrangeSo now if you got any questions, favors or tbh anything at all just leave it on this journal :>Rain Stars Pink

     Shooting Star Emoji    

  • Listening to: The sounds of frustration
  • Reading: How to summon Satan
  • Watching: The apocalypse go down
  • Playing: with Fire
  • Eating: Hell
  • Drinking: Ice Cubes
Please tell me why you watched me in the comments! I'm curious what you like about my art or what got you to stay for my art!! :D
  • Listening to: The sounds of frustration
  • Reading: How to summon Satan
  • Watching: The apocalypse go down
  • Playing: with Fire
  • Eating: Hell
  • Drinking: Ice Cubes
Hey hey hey!

If anyone's still interested in Eddsworld and would love to just talk about random stuffs with other fans we'd love to welcome you in our server!

Also the server isn't bound to any specific topic, we also like to talk about anything going on.

This link won't expire ^
  • Listening to: advertisements on the radio
  • Reading: into things
  • Watching: The apocalypse go down
  • Playing: Flight Rising
  • Eating: Hell
  • Drinking: Frozen Ice Tea
I've been putting up a lot of my OC drawings lately and they all just have vague descriptions with no story to em, so if anybody wants to, you can talk to me about me OCs in this thread! Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] 

Also I do have short summaries about each of them, tell me if ya wanna hear it as a starter for some basic information :>

(You're also allowed to introduce me to your own characters and we could hc about their interactions)

Here's a list of my characters;

Human characters

Magical characters

  • Listening to: Pumped up kicks
  • Reading: into things
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Hell
  • Drinking: Coffee


Things to do: Make a Smooooch animation with my own OCs bc ohm ygod I always loved that animation meme and it's so adorable and I've wanted to do that for centuries fsdjlkhfsd

Now I only need to learn basic animation pbbt
I made doodles that I didn't upload here! 

I mainly just upload finished drawings to dA so stuff like sketchy doodles or pencil sketches ends up on my tumblr instead, I uploaded these a while ago but forgot to share here so if u want to see it:

Doodles of a few of my ocs

And also a tiny animation I did a while ago

I might also be uploading a few pencil sketches soon but this is all I have for now haha lend me strength, my motivation is hitting rockbottom again
I've been thinking, people say DC giving artthieves attention is idiotic might be somewhat true. But imagine it, his following also consists of impressionable kids. He's teaching all these people that they should hate artthieves, and if this becomes a trend then maybe that'll actually do smth against the amount of art being stolen? 

Just a thought
So how many of you watching me like Kingdom Hearts? 

//Sidequestion: Which deviation made you follow my dA? 


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