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Apple Mag - Client Design

By miko434
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Apple Mag / Client webdesign

Webdesign made for a client. Hope you and he will enjoy it. Don't be affraid to critic, I like it !

:bulletblue: About 3 hours with Photoshop :iconlove:
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Tu gère poulet !
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3 hours?
Really? You work fast.

You have a recognizable style though.
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very nice layout my friend :)
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Version 1.5 ou 2.0 pour très bientôt, nous avons bien pris toutes vos critiques pour le améliorer !
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Joyeux Noël de la part
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J'aimerais bien avoir la mise a jour pour pouvoir finir le codage :)
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Je vais m'en occuper ! :)
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Codage fini :) attend mise a jour pour ouvrir ;) (PS: Manque aussi un emplacement pour ce loguer !)
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Faudrais le situer ou y a les 2 petite pub carrer dans le sub header , non?
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j'adore l'effet en couleur derrière ton bouton lire la suite.

l'ensemble est sobre et bien aéré :pray:
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Merci, mais il y a encore du boulot dessus :p
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Pas de mise a jour du design ? :)
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very great job buddy :) :)
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Very nice, I love the colors you used. Both dark and bright colors makes it look really nice!
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Sorry for the double reply. Do you mind telling me what font you used on "22|AUG 2010"?

Thanks! :)
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Beautiful use of colors: :D The rainbox blocks above the logo; BEAUTIFUL! really inspiring. The colors behind that button. Awesome! The 3D effect, really well used in this design.

Worth the fav :+fav:
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I like it alot! Love the color effect behind the button that's brilliant! It has a good flow but I think it could "flow" much better if you took the shadowing around the main images and just made it a 1 pixel gray stroke as that caught my eye to much as there isn't much shadowing anywhere else. And the second thing would be to take the rounded edges off of the (partager) dividers as it looks a little odd being the only round edged objects..

Those 2 things I think would improve it alot! but regardless its a great design!

PS. didn't write actual critique because requires to many words lol :)
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Hey thank you very much Veggie ! I will try to make a little update with your advices soon (maybe this weekend). Thank you for taking the time to critique my work. Have a nice day :)
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Un de tes mieux jusqu'à présent à mon humble avis. J'attends la suite avec impatience :)
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