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Very few of you may know that :iconsilo-demuze: will be turning 21 in 15 days. I haven't been able to do anything other than make a cake and a drawing for him for his past birthdays, so this time he will have something I can consider a present. This is where you, the artists come in. It is important that I have a min of 15 participants. So tell your friends or anybody on DA who would like to participate in the fun and win one of 15 prize chances. I really want my fiance to have a memorable 21st B-day, so tell everyone who might be interested.

--- Contest Theme ---

The theme can vary in a few ways as long as it follows every rule.

1.) It is oriented in the birthday somehow. [Example, 21 themed, Birthday themed, Alchohol themed...ect]
2.) Only one submission per user. Lets keep the chances to win fair for everyone.
3.) It must be finished BEFORE August 17th. Sadly, anything done after that cannot enter the contest, but you can still show it off to the birthday man.
4.) Sexual/Romantic flair with outside OCs of any gender is acceptable except in the case of Silver. Nudity is acceptable for all, but try to limit the sausage shots...DX [I feel I don't need to mention this, but NO HENTAI keep it in the guidelines!]
5.) It must include at least one of :iconsilo-demuze:'s OCs.

--- His OC's ---

Here are some reference deviations of the OCs.

1.) Jezebeth - 
2.) Zeiza - 
3.) Cielo - 

4.) Ragnarokk - 
5.) Silver - 

If you need more information on any of them, just ask~

--- Prizes ---

:star: 1st Place  :star: - 300 points and one free full body
:star: 2nd Place  :star:- 200 points and one free chibi
:star: 3rd-5th Place  :star:- 100 points
:star: 6th-15th Place  :star:- 10 points 

The free request prizes may be redeemed to either me or Bloodlust-Silver

--- Deadline ---

August 17th. The judging will begin after I close the contest.

--- How to Submit ---
When you finish your contribution, simply send me the link and I will put it up here with the other entries. 
It is important that you tell me about the finished deviation, because I do not yet have psychic powers.
Keep the contest friendly and no harassing anybody else!

--- Entries ---
1.) :iconyuzukipon:  <da:thumb id="392029012"/>
2.) :iconnekonud:  21 years Contest [HBD Event] by NekoNud
3.) :iconzero8426: 
4.) :iconpencil-only: Silver Birthday by Pencil-Only
5.) :iconnakamura-katou: <da:thumb id="393424207"/>
6.) :iconkingston-arakite:<da:thumb id="393823648"/>
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