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RWBY is owned by RoosterTeeth
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*Thanos snaps the fingers*
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I love Nora and Blake's expressions. Blake is such mood.
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L1f3LesStudent Digital Artist
Oh my god, they're so adorable!! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]  
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Loving how they look. :) It's like Studio Trigger drew them.
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LeafGreen1924Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist
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amazing work mate
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AirMasterParkerStudent Digital Artist
Hey I made this before in November!! Did you just trace my art??


This was done in November, a month ago. Did you trace me or not!!??
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AirMasterParkerStudent Digital Artist
It certainly looks way better, but if you did trace it or use it as reference, say it.
Maybe it's just a coincidence since this is a recurring theme, but their expressions look strikingly similar to my drawing.
Now, I am honored that my drawing has been redrawn, but please give credit.
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Kitty101ckHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure if you are joking or not. This is just a simple character layout and you shouldn't try to claim credit for someone's drawing when they are completely different in style, technique and poses.
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AirMasterParkerStudent Digital Artist
No, I'm not. My deviation was done one month before this one was uploaded.
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Kitty101ckHobbyist Digital Artist
Just because you're deviation was done before this one doesn't mean it was inspired by your piece of art. I bet there is at least fifty other reiterations floating around the internet in a similar character layout but different art style. I'm not sure but have you actually examined both drawings, the only thing similar is that it shows the characters in the order of their teams. Your drawing has them all looking forward while Rusty has them all in different poses expressing their varying attitudes and personalities. Do I even have to mention that you drew the Volume 1 through 3 versions while this picture has the volume 4-5 versions. He does a head shot portraits of them, you do busts. Also that you didn't even get Jaune's hair color right. The only thing these two pieces of art have in common is the characters in question and that they are put into team order. There is nothing that you can claim of this deviation that is yours or even inspired by yours because the only thing in common is owned by RoosterTeeth and Monty Oum.
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AirMasterParkerStudent Digital Artist
I'm not claiming. It's just I saw too many similarities that made me worry.
(I know that's not Jaune's hair color, it was supposed to be gold but turned out to be a sh*t brown)
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Kitty101ckHobbyist Digital Artist
It's not something to worry about. The similarities in these piece of art is in no way possible close enough to be considered inspired or traced. They are just both fan art of the same characters, put into their team names. It can't be traced because of the difference in the character positions (if it was a trace it would be the exact same). Plus you also have to consider the popularity of your own piece to ask how the hell this artist saw your art in the first place in order to be used as a reference or traced, it only has 12 favorites, if he is watching you well duh that would be concerning but they aren't.
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AirMasterParkerStudent Digital Artist
Yes, thank you for helping me understand.
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This is an awesome art !
Expressions are truly beautiful, I just love them <3
.....And Pyrrha....... <3 <3 <3
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Ashen-PhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love seeing them in your style!
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They are all so amazing looking!! Especially Pyrrha💕😩😭
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RandommodeProfessional Digital Artist
You are such a great artist 
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Great art work I like rwby and team rwby and jnpr a lot
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ArcamlegendaryStudent Traditional Artist
Amazing artwork....Love 
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CinnaminimonsanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Too many feels! ;n;
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hollowtigerHobbyist Digital Artist
My children.
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