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An original character, although this drawing hardly shows what she looks like haha. It was fun playing with the light and I was able to finish it rather fast

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Hey, this is really amazing. Can i have this photo in high res by any chance ? i just want to set it as my desktop's wallpaper. Thank you.

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Very artistic works
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The light in this is seriously amazing. Beautiful work.
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This is great example of detail
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Facebook brought me here :heart:
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Love the way the gold flecks fall across her face.
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I forgot how to breathe I think I've fainted. 
just wonderful La la la la :lovely: 
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Ahhh thanks so much! I want to watch the new ep so bad (yoi) ;A;
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Hi, this is really amazing! Do you do art trades or take requests?
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Thank you so much! Not currently no I'm pretty tied up till the end of this month BUT later I believe yes I'll be open for small requests ^^
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Alright, could you draw my oc? Here is an example:…

Also could she have a nose ring? And he shirt could be a little less bright pink? Ty!
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