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Ecstatic Eyes Wallpaper

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Those eyes are NOT photoshopped! Sweet Potato looks amazing in the sunlight!

Edit: To clarify, his eyes don't normally look this way in real life. The multiple light sources reflected in the camera perfectly and made a really cool effect. I'll probably never be able to recreate this haha

Here's a video of the kittens playing with one of their toys! [link]

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May 27, 2011, 9:30:41 AM
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Isn't that the cutest thing ever! 
GloomShroom's avatar
those eyes O.O 
The0Bourne0Fluidity's avatar
My grandmother thinks cats are little demons.
Favninthedirewolf's avatar
Cwezy bebe! So precious!
It is the real colour of his eyes? Or it's changed with informatic?
MikiYoshiUzuki's avatar
They were blue, but not that blue. It was the light hitting his eyes just right that made this crazy bright blue reflect.
NinjaAlchemist-Kioku's avatar
You got really really lucky being able to capture his eyes like that. Good on ya! C:
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His eyes! They're so gorgeous!
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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Those are by far the most beautiful blue cat eyes I have ever seen.

Super congrats on making this masterpiece of a shot! (:
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Those little white teeth look so cute, but he's a natural born killer in training.
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Your kitty looks so happy!
Adorable shot.>w<
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Your kitty looks so happy!
How cute, lovely shot.>w<
Sunflower-in-a-bag's avatar
WoW *_* ♥♥*_* very cute
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Funny how I happen to come across this picture and watch the video while listening to Hatsune Miku's Mew of Kitten. lol. They are the cutest thing in the world. I have two little orange brats at home too. They are just a little older than that cutey that you have. :D But their eyes are no where near as beautiful.
MikiYoshiUzuki's avatar
I love orange kitties! They photograph so well! Sadly Sweet Potato's eyes are starting to turn green and aren't so bright blue anymore =(
JadedJay's avatar
:( My kitties are brown. Actually their mother is a gray brown green looking kitty and also has stripes. HER mom was completely white with two different colored eyes: one brown, and the other was blue. The brow one started out green.
MikiYoshiUzuki's avatar
Oh cool, two different color eyes! I wish one of my kitties had that =D
JadedJay's avatar
Lol. :D It's awesome.
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This photo would be perfect if it's eyes weren't photoshopped beyond reality. Looks like kitty is about to shoot lasers out it's eyes.
MikiYoshiUzuki's avatar
They aren't photoshopped, I even said that in the comments. It's amazing what good lighting can do.
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