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-Avenger!Reader, fluff, all Avengers included


"Do you ever wonder why you're so beautiful?"

You grunt as you dodge yet another one of the monster’s attack, quickly rolling to your feet and sending a rush of fire its way. The monster keens in pain and takes a step back, it massive footstep shaking the ground.

"Loki! Shut up and help me!"

"I just a minute!"

You make yet another hard juke to the right, stopping just in time to avoid falling off the roof.

"Loki!" you demand as you briefly glance at him lying wistfully on the ground across the way.

"No, you simply don't understand. This is something that's been plaguing my mind for quite some time now."

"Loki I swear to God...!"

Loki sighs dramatically before swiftly rising to his feet and turning to face the violent beast. With the graceful swish of his hand, the creature is riddled with enormous icicles and it falls lifeless to the tattered Manhattan streets below.

"Oh, now where was I? Oh yes! Your beauty and the thoughts it invokes in my mind."

"Are you telling me you could've done that the whole time?"

"But of course! What a ridiculous question!"

You grit your teeth angrily before throwing your arms up into the air, "I hate you..." You mumble past clenched teeth as you jump from the roof of the building, landing nimbly on an abandoned wreck of ruined cars before hopping to the ground below.

"Now why the attitude?" Loki asks playfully as appears at your side rather like an apparition, a smirk about his lips, as you angrily walk off in pursuit of locating the others.

You give him a baleful sidelong glance before huffing and picking up the pace.

"That's a wrap everyone! Great work!"

"Alas, once more New York shall stand to see another day!"

"I'm going home," you mutter as you pass Captain.

The Captain moves after you and grabs your wrist, preventing your departure, before he tugs you back lightly.

"(Y/N), is there something wrong?"

There's genuine concern etched across Steve's face and mask or no mask you can make it out easily. Wordlessly you glance to Loki, who was chatting with the others in the slight distance, and the Captain follows your line of sight. When he finds that what's been bothering you is Loki he chuckles softly to himself.

"I see," he says plainly with a gentle smile as he relinquishes his hold on you.

He observes you silently for a moment, clearly seeing something you didn't, and you frown with slight dismay. Steve chuckles as he shakes his head.

"It's nothing. Be sure to rest well," he urges politely, moving forward to gently kiss the top of your head.

You sigh appreciatively and wearily all at once. 'Coy Steve' could not be a good thing. It only meant that the super soldier saw something you'd failed to notice, which is saying a lot especially since Steve is rather like your clueless older brother.

"I'll do my best," You squeeze his hand affectionately before parting, "See you at the manor!"

As soon as you walk into the main foyer you find Peter and Logan. Peter is curled up in an arm chair, immersed in a book, while Logan is sprawled lazily on the couch surfing through the channels.

"Oh! Hey, (y/n)!" Peter greets once he's noticed your lingering presence.

"Hey," you greet in kind as you walk around to perch yourself on the edge of couch arm beside Logan.

"How was your day?"

"Aside from fighting aliens and dealing Loki, it was alright."

Peter gives you an apologetic smile, "Loki problems again?"

You roll your eyes, "When are there not Loki problems?"

Logan snorts, clearly understanding your sentiment and you give him an amused and appreciative smirk before sighing.

"Hey, what do you guys think of Loki?"

"Loki?" Peter repeats questioningly as he flips his book over in his lap to prevent the loss of his page.

"I think he's a fucking idiot," Logan answers smoothly.

"See! Logan agrees!"

"Logan thinks everyone's an idiot," Peter adds in timidly.

Logan quirks his brows and smirks, eyes still resting on the television. You sigh in agreement.

"Okay, so Logan wasn't the best of examples..."

And you can't help but laugh when Logan promptly flips you off.

"Fine then. What about you?"

Peter hums in thought, eyes wandering up to the ceiling as though the action aided his pondering.

"I think he's alright. We are fighting for the same thing after all."

"Just alright?"

"Well, we're not exactly the best of friends but were not at each other's throats either."

"That's because you're too sweet."

Peter flushes slightly as he gives you a grin and you smile in kind.

"Just give it some time, whatever it may be. I'm sure he means well," Peter says with an adorable smile before he turns his attention back to his book.

You snort before sighing wearily and allowing yourself to fall heavily into Logan's lap, knocking the remote from his hands and onto the floor in the process.

"(Y/N)! What the hell! I can't reach the remote!"

Well...if Loki was going to bother you the least you could do was bother Logan in turn.

You sigh wistfully as the door across the way slams shut. You light a small flame in the palm of your hand, burning the ropes that currently bound you and Natasha to the massive column behind you. Honestly, who used rope anymore?

“Hey, Natasha?”

“Yes,” she replies simply as she pulls against the rope, hurrying the pace of their undoing.

“How do you and Loki get on?”

Natasha glances to you and an amused smile slips onto her lips, but you miss it, eyes focused on your lap.

“We don’t. Loki is simply my team member and because of that I tolerate him.”

“So you don’t like him either?”

“I never said that. We’re simply not close, he and I.”

You nod slowly as you carefully amplify the flame dancing about your palm. Once free, you and Natasha stand to your feet.

"Why the sudden change of interest in our cold-hearted trickster? He's your best firend after all."

"He's not cold-hearted," you start sounding almost offended as you untangle the charred ropes from about your person, shucking them to the ground, "He's just..."



You both move swiftly and carefully, wordlessly navigating about the hangar to locate the jet you both needed. You both find it with ease, climbing aboard and prepping for takeoff. You locate the box, sitting there in the co-captain’s chair and grin at the redhead, who smiles in kind as she slides in to the pilot’s seat and works away at the appropriate switches and buttons.

"Well if I didn't know any better I'd think you were defending his honor."

"I'm not! I'm just saying..."

Natasha hums thoughtfully with a smirk as she starts up the jet. You can hear the incensed shouts of Russian from below as the men race over to stop Natasha's takeoff, but it's all for naught. The hangar door is open and Natasha is already revving the new ride out and onto the runway. Silently you eye the small box in your lap. Mission accomplished. Now it meant you had more time to think about Loki and his stupid face.

Goddamn Loki! You storm furiously into the kitchen, plopping down heavily in a chair. Your sudden entrance doesn't alarm Jarvis and wordlessly he continues to wash the dishes.

"Jarvis! I've decided to kill Loki!"

Jarvis chuckles lightly as he sets a plate aside and begins to work on another, "And why would you ever do such a thing Miss (y/n)?"

"Because I hate his stupid face!"

"That doesn't seem like much of a valid reason to conduct murder."

"It is if it's Loki..."

Jarvis takes up a towel, drying his hands off before moving to prepare some tea.

"And just what has our Loki done this time?”

“He’s playing mind games with me!”

“Mind games you say?”

“Yes, mind games. He keeps complimenting me with that stupid smirk of his so, as his closest friend, I know very well he doesn’t any of mean it!”

Jarvis listens politely, moving only to prep the tea. But the clinking of flatware is quiet, letting you know that despite his lack of eye contact he was listening. Jarvis was nice like that, always offering an ear to listen.

“This may sound a bit peculiar, but will you hear me out?”

You nod, no hesitation, and Jarvis smiles as he heads over to the table, placing a hot cup of your favorite tea in front of you before sitting in the chair beside you.

“It’s apparent you believe you’ve become Loki’s latest ‘toy’ shall we say,” you nod silently at Jarvis’ words, patiently awaiting the next, “But perhaps he’s being genuine.”

You blanch before a smile of disbelief slips onto your face, “Loki? Genuine? Surely you haven’t gone and lost it already?”

Jarvis chuckles, “Oh, of course not. I’ve still got a few good years left in me.”

You both laugh amicably as you sip pleasantly at your tea.
“Excuse me, Jarvis,” There’s a maid at the door, patiently and nervously awaiting a response.

Jarvis smiles at her politely and nod to let her know that he shall see to her in a minute. He then looks to you with a fatherly gaze in his eyes before he stands to his feet.

“No matter what you may think now, I’m certain things will turn out for the best in the end.”

With those words he pats you lightly on the head before exiting the kitchen, maid following closely behind. You sigh as you look down to your tea. Genuine, huh? As if…right?

“Thor! Get a hold of your brother!"

"Loki? What has he done?"

"What has he not done is more like it! I've spent the last hour or so listening to him drone on and on about my intelligence! Or there lack of since we all know what a sarcastic prick he is!"

You lean frustrated against the kitchen counter and when Thor offers you a poptart you accept it with great fervor. The cinnamon ones always had been your favorite. The sweet and crunchy texture on your tongue seems to calm you down and Thor grins at the sight.

"The poptarts contain healing essence!"

"You could say that again," you reply with a laugh around another bite.

"My brother is rather like a poptart."

You let out an awkward and surprised laugh as you look over to him, "What?"

Thor nods as he unveils a new poptart from its wrapping, "Observe."

You nod uncertainly as you fight back a giggle. Oh this was going to be good.

"On the outside the poptart is one connective entity, held together and seemingly perfect."

Thor then breaks the poptart in half, tiny crumbs falling to the floor.

"But on the inside the poptart lacks solidity, no firmness to maintain its facade. But despite the guise on the outside and the truth on the inside, the poptart is no less delicious. Perhaps it's all the more enjoyable thanks to the mixture of both textures."

You nod slowly with your mouth slightly agape but you find it’s impossible to keep the laughter at bay, “Are you trying to tell me Loki's delicious?”

Thor quirks a curious brow and you shake your head fondly as you pats him on the arm before pushing off against the counter.

"Yeah, okay. I guess I’ll go eat him…right now," you call over your shoulder as you exit the kitchen sniggering all the while.

Thor looks down curiously to the box of poptart with furrowed brows.

"Hmm...I do believe that term has an alternate meaning here on Midgard, though I can't seem to recall as to what. Perhaps I'll go inquire about it with Tony..."

"Thor just gave me a speech on how Loki was like a poptart..." You say as you enter the living room, hopping over the back of the couch to sit beside Clint.

Clint snorts and he quickly turns to you with mirthful eyes, “Dude, what?"

"He gave me this whole spill about the importance on the inside and the outside of a poptart and how it pertains to his brother."

Clint leans back leisurely, arms resting on the back of the couch, "Did you record that?"

"No, it happened too suddenly."

Clint snaps his fingers with the click of his tongue, "Man I wished you had. I bet it was comedic gold!"

You shrug as you watch the TV screen, "It was something..."

"What brought on a conversation like that anyway?"

You look down to your lap before conjuring a tiny ball of fire, tossing it back and forth between your hands. Clint notices the action. He’s well aware that you only do that when you’re nervous.

"I demanded that Thor make Loki leave me alone.”

“Make Loki leave you alone? You two are always together!”

“Yes, I know, but he’s been bearable the last few days. He keeps praising me, but I know he means none of it. It’s just a joke to him!”

“So Loki’s ‘sarcastic’ flattery is hurting your feelings?”

You snatch up a couch pillow and promptly nail Clint in the face, “Go on! Sum it up like I’m a child!”

Clint takes the pillow from you with mirthful laughter, “You know what I meant.”

You huff wearily as you slouch down on the couch, arms folded across your chest, and Clint only chuckles.

“Maybe you should confront him about it."

You whine pitifully and again Clint laughs as he stretches out a hand to ruffle your hair.

“Alright how about this. You confront him and if it all goes to hell I’ll punch him in the face for you. Deal?”

That last bit rouses a fit of laughter out of you and you look up and over to Clint with a smirk, “I’ll definitely have to think about.”

"Maybe he's just trying too hard," Tony says as he tightens a bolt on the suit.

You’ve been watching the men work for a few hours now. Elbows rested on the counter with your head within your hands, you watch Bruce drip an orange solution into the beaker of acid below. It fizzles temporarily and Bruce swiftly jots the reaction down. In all honesty you loved watching Tony and Bruce work, but you may have only come to visit today because you know this is one of the few places Loki never ventures to.

"Too hard to what? Piss me off?"

Bruce chuckles most amused as he moves to ruffle your hair, "No, that's Tony’s job."

“Haha! So funny,” Tony calls from across the way and you and Bruce grin at one another.

Tony then removes his goggles, placing them atop his head, and makes his way over to lean on the counter beside you.

"Just give it some time. It'll all work out,” Tony says absently as he wipes his oily hands off on a black hand towel.

"I cannot believe you, Tony Stark, are giving me advice..."

"I know. It's weird. I usually just ignore advice."

You chuckle lightly as you bunch him in his arm, "You're such a nerd!"

"Geek, (y/n)! I am a geek!” the brunette cries histrionically and you look to Bruce with an inquiring smile.

Bruce simply shakes his head fondly, “Apparently there's a distinct difference."

And all you can do is smile and roll your eyes.

You’d been sitting on the couch in silence, twirling small flames of fire, when Loki walked in. He doesn’t even give you a second glance as he continues onward, the living room having been the best short cut to the front door. The man had ceased his praises and you had hoped things would go back as they had been before—you and him, the best of friends. But that wasn’t the case. Loki had grown cold, exceptionally so, and began avoiding you altogether.

Yes, you had been avoiding him the days prior, but with good reason. The insufferable jerk was uprooting unknown feelings and you needed sometime to figure them out. Still, Loki’s absence on a day to day basis was rough.

“Loki,” you call as you quickly stand to your feet, but Loki pays you no mind, “Loki wait!”

You hurriedly sprint across the room to stand before him, effectively blocking his path.

“What are you—!”

“Do you not like me anymore?” you asked in a pitiful and rushed voice.


“You’re avoiding me and this silent treatment is even worse than what you’d been doing before. And in the end you’re only being a jerk again…”

You trail off, eyes upon the floor, too frightened to look up at the man before you.

“Would you make up your mind! One minute my hospitality has you on edge and the next I’m a jerk, again! I don’t understand what you want from me. Clearly I don’t have what it takes to make you happy!”

“What are you talking about?!”

Loki groans irritated as he throws his arms up in defeat.

“I was trying to ‘woo’ you as they say here on Midgard!”

You take a step back as you eye him awe, lips parted in dismay

"You…you were flirting?"

"Miserably so apparently! Everyone said to be forward, to be genuine, but look how that turned out! You only assumed me to be making a fool out of you.”

“You were flirting…” you repeat once more to yourself, biting down nervously on your bottom lip.

The rush that fills your heart and races through your veins is almost overwhelming. He was flirting!  The whole time! No sarcastic jabs and crude remarks. He…does that mean he likes you? You look up to him, a hopeful look dancing about in your eyes. You flirt with people when you’re interested, right? You nod, mentally agreeing with yourself as Loki watches you perplexed. Well, there was one way to find out…

You reach out a swift hand, snatching up the collar of Loki’s shirt as you dragged him down to you, kissing him with all your heart. The man is clearly surprised by your bold action, but he doesn’t miss a beat, arms winding about your waist and pulling your slighter frame closer. He glides his tongue about your lips seeking entrance and more than happy you allow him access. His hair is abnormally soft in between your venturing finger, baby-fine—though you're certain that if you ever said the last bit aloud you'd wind up having to listen to how his hair was manly-fine. The thought makes you chuckle against his lips and he draws back slightly to peer at you with a curious gaze. You shake your head with a soft smile as you wrap your arms around his neck.

“It’s nothing.”

Loki quirks a curious brow but says nothing, opting to make your lips his once more.

"Oh thank god that’s over."

You jump back from Loki  panicked and quickly you find everyone huddled over by the archway, grins, smirks, and smiles alike.

"What!?" you exclaim, questioning their unnerving presence.

Loki couldn’t be further from embarrassed instead he’s rather disappointed, if not peeved, at having been interrupted.

"I said thank god it's over," Logan repeats as he enters the living room—the others following after him—and situates himself comfortably about the couch.

"Logan," Steve tiredly chides as he runs a hand through his hair, "Must you?”

Steve is so wary of having this tentative relationship you and Loki just established ruined.

"Yeah. I couldn't take 'polite Loki' anymore. That shit was weirding me out."

" ‘polite’ nature disturbs the mutt," Loki grins devilishly, "Duly noted."

Clint snorts at that one and Natasha rolls her eyes with a smirk.

“I’m glad it all worked out!” Peter says sweetly and you resist the urge to maul him with affection.

“Wait, you all knew?”

Everyone looks to one another with knowing grins and Thor chuckles lightly.

“Of course they do. Where do you think I acquired the advice?” Loki drawls in that ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ voice of his.

“No no no no no. I went to them for advice,” You correct the man beside you, as you wave a hand.

The room is suddenly filled with laughter, both you and Loki included. Those sly, devilish, wonderful friends of yours!

There’s a cough that interrupts the merriment and everyone looks over to see Jarvis patiently waiting.

“As much I’d hate to ruin this moment, I must inquire if you all are to take part in lunch?”

“Hell yeah! I’m starvin’!” Clint says as pumps his fist into the air.

“I could go for a bite to eat,” you say with a smile to Loki and he grins back before replying, “Likewise.”

He moves to take up your hand and escort you to the dining room, the others chattering and following behind.

“Oh. He’s holding my child’s hand…I don’t think I like that. Perhaps this wasn’t the best of ideas…”

“Shut up, Tony!” Everyone exclaims mirthfully with Bruce clapping him on the shoulder playfully as they all meander into the dining room.

You look back at them and then over to Loki with a pleasant grin.

Hmm…best advice ever~!
2013 Christmas Requests~!
Requested by: :iconstarfallvulpixgirl:

*She asked for a sorceress!reader, but I don't really do fantasy, but I tried. 

2013 Christmas Requests:
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This one was fun to do~! I got to play with all the Avengers and just let their personalities have a field day! 
I sort of delved into the Comic!Verse, so sorry for any confusion about the presence of Logan (Wolverine) [This man is too awesome!], Peter (Spiderman) [He's so cute~!], and butler Jarvis [I love the actual Jarvis!].

Hopefully this one turned out alright~!

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Cute story with Loki. Have any more of these?