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Current Residence: Knoxville, TN
Favourite genre of music: Alt Rock/Punk/Metal
Favourite photographer: Matthew Quigley
Skin of choice: My own... in it's own infamous oily glory
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes
Personal Quote: 'Because I've been touched by your trembling soul.' .hack//SIGN

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Tim Burton Movies :D
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Current: Mega Man X8
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Mai Hime: Natsuki Wolf Shizuru Fox (I might even go Kitsune... so many tails mmm) Mai Kangaroo Mikoto Cat Yukino Mouse Haruka Lion Nao... something... I think I had her pegged as a hyena, I'll have to check my notes. Is it me, or does everyone just have this weird desire to furry-ize these characters? I'm open to suggestions for Nao's animal self.  She's a predator that lures her prey into dark alleys through sexual desire of her innocence.  wtf is that...
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If you hadn't notice (and trust me, no one has) I haven't posted anything new for a while. I'm taking a minor hiatus to focus on my writing and to practice my drawing skill.  I'd like to just direct all my efforts into furry anime from now on if I can and I'd really like to do some fanart, furry-ized. But anyways, I'll pop in now and then to comment here and there, but who knows when I'll post a new piccie next.  :(
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Tagged by Brokenannabelle (because I happened to read it lol), so: [5 things that make you happy:] 1.  Yuri 2.  Puppies 3.  Amusing Others 4.  Finishing a new fanfic chapter 5.  Drawing [10 things that you hate/dislike:] 1.  Bigotry 2.  Inequality 3.  Violence brewed from hate 4.  Snow and Ice (together, mixed) 5.  Not having my best friend around me anymore 6.  Pedophiles 7.  Rapists 8.  That bastard father of mine 9.  Shaving my legs 10.  Plucking [6 facts about yourself:] 1.  5'8 3/4" in height 2.  Brown hair 3.  Hazel-brown eyes 4.  Fanfic Writer 5.  Wear a size 10 1/2 in mens shoes 6.  Live in Tennessee [2 things
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Hi! Tis Woot-Co, i've switched SNs, so if you'd like to still watch the junk in mah trunk follow me on this SN. :D
why yes, i am. {smile} that's tiggity tight that you found me!!!!
Thanks for the watch :D
guess what, we are practicly neighbors!
where do you live??
oh according to your neighbor thingy 9.9 km away from you
dang, that is close.

so do you live near charlotte, Eaton Rapids, Olivet, or Springport??