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MLP - Celestia and Discord Sculpture

By Miki-
A update on them...

This is a sculpt of Celestia and Discord from "My Little Pony's - Friendship is Magic" This was sculpted for :icondemonkaizoku: Sculpted using her boyfriends drawing as a reference.

They are a good sized sculpt - Discord didn't fit in the oven at first and had to be baked without his antler and horn. Discord stands at 13 1/2 inches and Celestia at 12 inches.

Pics of them seperate -

Another angle

Here is the link to the WIP pic off this sculpt.

I will post a pic of Celestia by herself and Discord by himself as well..

Hope everyone likes :D
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this is beautiful!  Well done!
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So many faves and comments
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This is all I can say celistiaXdiscord XD celcord
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This is so freaking awesome
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I ship it so hard
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what come from what you get this
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Confused with the question, are you asking where I got the sculpture? or the pose? 
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Can I buy this?
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Very nicely done.
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That is.. Absolutely amazing. The emotion you get across with this sculpture is fantastic (I haven't seen your other stuff yet, just found this on a DA search for Discord), but just.. Wow. Keep doing what you're doing, it's beyond beautiful!
Very impressive sculpture.

Going by your gallery you seem to be very good at bringing 2d characters into 3d and posing and shaping characters that do not closely conform to humanoid form or other forms that are "familiar" in the real world.
Also the expressions, body language, and interaction between the two characters is well done.
Painting this must have been hard to do what with the hard to reach angles on some of the parts and trying to do the clearly delineated bands of color along the complex shapes of Celestia's mane and tail and the lines under discord's eyes.

Thank you for linking all the WIP pic and the individual and alternate angle pics in the description. That is very considerate and makes it easier to enjoy your work.
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Sir, you have won the interent.
Now, would like the red pill or the blue pill?
Dog, i'ma let you finish BUT WHATS IN THE BOX?!!
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It's kinda unfortunate when you think about the fact that Hasbro isn't really good at making pony sculpt.
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How do you get the pain so smooth? Everything I paint seems to come out... kinda rough. I don't know what I'm doing wrong ;n;
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This looks very well done!
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this art work is beautiful. You have a lot of talent. Discord and were good friends before he betrayed her trust. This is so sweet. It's right there with the flowers he gives her at the end of season 4. He was apologizing for all his wrong doing.
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They are 100% Canonly lovebirds, now! XD
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