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I love your 40k work! It all looks fantastic!

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I wonder who would win in a fight: the spartan II-s from Halo or WH40K-s space marine. They're both basically tanks so I have no idea
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This is how you start a Nerd war... however i thing the Astartes wins. 
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a standard warhammer bolter round is pretty much 50 calbiur, so likley the Spooce maroons. They have like, 4 lungs to make poisonous air breathable or something even?
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Bolters are .75 caliber, not .50.
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not only that but the standard bolt-gun uses rounds that explode a little after impact, never mind the advanced weaponry for basic tactical squads.. so yeah, as much as i love the spartans, the would be ripped to pieces.
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If that's not enough, a melta gun will be.
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Don't forget the plasma gun.
Keep rockin on man!
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Outstanding! Maybe the best power-armor model I have ever seen. It makes a lot of sense and I will be using this design for my personal universe. Thank you very much!
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is iron hand? (and leg and head)
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that's pretty amazing, i like the idea of the tattered script being used as a covering (they really use those for everything!) :)
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How long do you think the surgey takes for an imp turning into an angel of death? :/
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around 15 years of surgery and training
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Amazing, I salute you!
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Absolutely mega mate, as per usual! Удивительные искусство!
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One of best ilustrations of SM without armour, their organs and Armour in one pic!

Awesome work :D

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Adeptus Astartes are always looking bad-ass, but this... This... THIS IS MAGNIFICENT! Truly worthy of the Emperors interest!
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Thank you Russian Badass for drawing Badass space marine. BAD. ASS.
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