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Young Fairy Dragon

When I was painting this picture I was very happy because my friend had passed one exam :)))

This little creature is one of Fairy Dragons. They are very small , have small wings ( similar to dragonfly`s) and colour of their skin is permanently changing ( due to little diamonds, which they have instead of scales.Bigger and older dragons have more diamonds. )On the top of their heads they have antennas =) so they look ...funny :] And of course, they aren`t evil ! This creatures are good ( I think that almost all dragons are good !), mysterious and magical...
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adorable w/incredible detail, excellent illumination. 
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What do you mean, "of course"? Faeries are BAD
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I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a guy named Matthew Christopher Nelson has been taking photos and artwork from other artist's, applying filters, and then calling it his own work.  Unfortunately you are one of his victims. 

He has posted his version of your picture on his Facebook page here:…

and here:…

Facebook has been taking down his images, but only when asked by the copyright holder of the original art.  I thought I'd let you know so you can protect your beautiful artwork. :)
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This is beautiful. I love him.
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it's hard to explain, but seeing this induced a fit of the giggles :) very cute
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Omg this is so amazing! Instant fav. :heart:
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Adorable! Makes me want one!
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omg he's sooooo cute!!!!!
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it's really cool *w*
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czy mogłabym utworzyć gif na podstawie pozycji tego malucha? Gdyby moja praca okazała się wystarczająco dobra, objawiłaby się na: [link] , oczywiście nie bez Twojej zgody. :)
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sory, że nie odpowiedziała, nie za często bywam na tym koncie... ale oczywiście :) jeśli nadal chcesz, wykorzystaj mój obrazek :)
FilthyInnocente's avatar
Dzięki ślicznie, wkrótce się nim zajmę. :)
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awsome...and cute^^
TattooSavage's avatar
Simply spectacular! New favorite!
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uroczy :) szkoda tylko ze tła brak.
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how beautiful ^^
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This is so cute.. makes me want to have a pet Fairy Dragon riding around on my shoulder all the time! :) Your choice of colours compliments the piece perfectly and I love the contrasting size of it's front and hind legs. Too cute!
Yuki-Ryoko's avatar
Jej jaki kofany :P... jego minka mnie powalila (pomijając kjutne wykonanie <.^___^.>;).
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that is just ... so cute
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:o wooow brak mi słów XD
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Wow, you did a really good job. He looks great, especially his paws. Nice!
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