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Mounted Dark Elf

Again, this drawing was made for a friend. This pice of art was intended to be placed on a web site dedicated to a Warhammer Fantasy Game or something :P
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This is one of the very best Cold One Knight depictions out there. Nicely done! The scales and armour detail/shading are most tasteful.

Also, just in case of Warhammer-esque interest:…

And please pardon me asking, but would you by any chance be interested in allowing the Ninth Age (T9A) to make use of any of your fantasy artwork pieces?  T9A is a non-profit volunteer project with many creative hands and minds involved. It's the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy, with some slight name changes and some new features to the well-liked old setting.

Due credit always given! And all art donations are always on the artists' terms, for as long as the artists want to allow T9A to use them.

Just a tip: T9A is a splendid way for what used to be Warhammer fanart to reach a wider audience in the shape of official Ninth Age artwork.

In any case, great artwork! Have a nice day. :)
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Also, should you ever be interested in joining the Ninth Age's art team, then I can put you in contact with its head. Just say the word. Kind regards.
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Thanks for the use in the Adoran world-book! 
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Love the composition and details
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Wonderful! I especially like the talons. :D
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Instant totally fav +
It is stunningly very well made!
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Very nice!!

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Nice work on the Cold one.
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Reminds me to Malus. Really cool!
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That rules! The shading is very well done!
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Warhamer? mhm... ma klimat tej gry xD
amazing details
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I love the high detail in this picture.


Not only in this one, all of your pieces are very detailed.
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great drawing!!!!
lol i just this week painted this fella for my boyfriend's darkelf army, the beast pink with lightblue spots and the rider got to be as colorful as the rainbow!
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Dude thats amazing
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...holy fuck! i don't think it's possible to draw better than that...
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I love the shading on the "Cold One". It almost makes it look like there is colour.
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Very nice. I like the shading of the Coldone.

Just out of curiosity, did you ever play Warhammer?
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This is just an incredible drawing ^^
You have wonderful shading in the picture, and I love how you did the armour!
Just beautiful!
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thank you very much :D
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Great drawing! I love and play Warhammer universe and games since I was 11 (more than half of my live!), and I really think this drawing is awesome!(even when I prefer the Imperial humans or the orcs) :D
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wow, really really cool!!! :clap:
i was wondering could i copy this pic change it a lot give you credit for it and only ever display it on deviant art if you say no im cool with that just want ta know before i sketch it
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sure - why not :)
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