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King of Dwarves

I made this for my lovely friend :)
He likes dwarves so much so I dedicated this picture for him !


King of Dwarves ... sitting on his throne
And Waiting ...
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Nice! Is that Durin?
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In true dwarf fashion, the wisest among them always have the longest beards :D
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Beautifully done!
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Well done! Perspective is very good :)
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Really nice mate, like the way he's sitting there, waiting ;p
BlitzkriegBombshell's avatar
It reminds me of the Dwarf King in Mark Heitz's book XD
*It's totally what I imagined of him :meow:

Anyways, very nice picture ^^
Brilliant detail, and the look of knowledge over powers him: It's just really cool
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I totally agree, I pictured him this way as well.
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maybe he is Thorin ... or no XD
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Wow... Looks almost exactly how I imagine the King to be in the book "The Dwarves" (By some German bloke)
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OMFGWTFBBQOYG!This my friend is teh epic i salute you!
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it is... epic!!!
an old grumbling dwarf king sittin on his throne...
omg.......just great.......
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Świetna praca. Naprawdę miażdzy. Mistrzowskie użycie kolorów i perspektywy.

Czym to jest zrobione?
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Dzięki wielkie za dobre słowa:D
to jest zrobione tuszem, takim zwykłym czeskim =)
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That is your best artwork in your gallery IMHO
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Awesome! I love the shades of white!!
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There's only one word to discribe this picture: AMAZING! <---only with extention mark
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