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I wanted to make a portrait but I didn`t know what to draw :I
( Finish coloured pictures !!! STUPID WOMAN !!grrrr ...>:( !!!! )
In my head one sentence from Björk`s song was repeating :
" I am Hunter ..."
So... I made It :]
I drew female Hunter ( I know ... she isn`t beautiful but I think for hunter appearance isn`t important - she spend a lot of time in forest so nobody can see her. )
In this picture she noticed something - she don`t know what it is. Something big and dangerous ... enemy ? beast ? Concentrate ...She`s ready for action ...
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This is beautifully inspiring. I love it.
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Wow, that's so cool ^^
She looks like a hunter anyway, though it's a close up. I love the look in her eyes :)
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Great! She is beautiful in her own, raw and natural way. So well captured! Great work! :clap:
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na cóż.. awesome! ;D
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I'm very impressive with your draw you made. I think that your gallery is really fantastic!:hug:
MikhailD's avatar
Oh, Thenk You so much! :hug:
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I love how raw and real you make all your pieces feel. Keep up the stunning work. I can't think of any flaws to this piece. You gave her such an amazing amazing charismatic beauty. A natural feel. I envy your ability.
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it's beautiful , emotiv and expressiv..
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awesome... a very good one... :wow:
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This is just amazing. Her expression and appearance have made this piece come alive! Her hair is amazing! I am envious of your ability to draw human anatomy so well!
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Bardzo podoba mi się cieniowanie i włosy
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freaking love that song... good job on this. :heart:
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The expression in this piece is amazing! She looks like she's about to kick some butt! :D
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In real life, her features probably wouldn't be thought of as the most beautiful in the world, maybe just a plain sort of pretty. But what makes this pictures so beautiful is how well you pulled off that look! Her hair is so amazing! The messy look adds to the feel of the picture and so does her expression. I like the color of paper you drew her on, too :D. I'd love to add something about what you could improve, but I can't find anything! :D
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wow... thats really really great 0___o
Yuki-Ryoko's avatar
Naprawdę udany picek... aż sobie fava strzelę :P...
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może wygldałaby bardziej kobieco jakby nie miała brwi jak Breżniew XDDDDD
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Rysunek bardzo mi się podoba... ale wydaje mi się, że kartka jest trochę przybrudzona :x
MikhailD's avatar
Kartka nie jest przybrudzona :) chodzi o to ,że nie mam dobrego programu do skanowania i robię zawsze rysunkom zdjęcia - a to jest zdjęcie w sepii :I
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Thank You very much :)) I glad that You like her :D
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INCREDIBLE! This is a stunning piece! :+fav:
She IS beautiful, the expression you have given her is perfect.
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A mnie się bardzo podoba twarz - jej cieniowanie, zmarszczone brwi i hm.. niemal czuje się na sobie jej spojrzenie, kiedy się ogląda rysunek. No i oczywiście włosy, zwłaszcza z przodu. :) Jak zwykle świetne.
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