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Gargoyle Women

Uhmm... I don't really know what to say.
I've made this picture for my friend Pheelav.
I wish he likes it :)
What do you think about it? Do you like it?
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I would love to see a coloured version of this. The drawing is really good and fits my liking of art. =)
perfect feet.
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ŁAŁ!! favsy.. no comment bo po co? i tak wszyscy wiedza ze to jest awesome
MikhailD's avatar
hehehe , dzięki wielkie :)
Letenastare's avatar
OMG ! Spooky ! :faint:
yola-bear's avatar
this is stunning, the amount of detail is spectacular. Love her hair and feet, you're very talented.
synthwrr's avatar
Oh wow. The detail is immaculate (sp?), and the whole piece is just charged with... something. The feet, wings, and claws are repulsive, as are the dark patches on her skin, but she is well-formed and her face is beautiful. I feel, if not exactly character, a sort of connection with the subject of this piece. Why is she throwing back her head like that? Is she in pain? There's a story all wrapped up in this piece, and I so wish I could hear it. I'm very impressed.

I love your fantasy style (the daily dev is excellent also). Because a club I'm affiliated with is currently surfing the market for more sketch/graphic design-based artists rather than prose-based artists, I'd like to invite you to take a look: ~WorldofNoxis Thanks for your time!
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WOW. awesome pose and detail! Very original.
Daesu's avatar
Are you kidding? This is one of the best gargoyle designs I've ever seen. The details on the body are jsut perfectly fits. Nothing is exagurated. It's just wonderfull!!
RavenFeatherAngel's avatar
Wow, that´s really an original! I like the hands, wings and claw-feet a lot! Plus it´s very detailed! Very good job!
Geegey's avatar
Absolutely beautiful, the attention and softness of the detail is really inspiring, whilst the composition of the woman is really original, like the large feet. Also the pose is quite an adventurous one. :D
SilvaRaziel's avatar
This picture is really fantastic! It reminds me of the scetch art that is printed in the blizzard entertainment guides, just better. This gargoyle woman looks very plastic and real. You are indeed very talented.. :worship:
mrbright's avatar
fantastic pose,
great feet and hair
Tirana-Weaving's avatar
Wow czy to jest harpia????Ten rysunek jest niesamowity!@@A te wlosy rozwiane poprostu bomba!^^+fav!
MikhailD's avatar
Dziękuje tak to coś ala' harpia
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