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Crows Lady

This women <YEs ! "It" is WOMAn >is one of my characters.
< I wanted to draw 6 comics but none of them I finished /or started ... >

She`s called Crow`s Lady - and I changed her appearance a lot !
She was looking more like ... gothic lolita !!! very pale, pink-eyed , with make up and brooches ...
I think that now she`s looking better - much more like Crow`s Lady :)

She was walking very long ... without aim
So alone

Suddenly she saw something
In hollow in the tree-trunk
Something little ...
It hide in the hollow as fast as it appeared
She came closer

<Hearty laugh>
"You look so sad, Birdy ! "

She was shocked - something was talking to her - and it wasn`t human !
It was small, violet with sharp ears . It can`t be ... !
He <it was he > smiled and shouted :

"Come on , my shaggy Fellows - say "hello" to our guest ! Don`t be naughty ! "
" Don`t be scared, Birdy ! Those are only Tree Foxes - they don`t bite ... "

She was astonished

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Wow.That is gorgeous! Wish I was that good. By the way, she definitely looks like her name.
cut-box's avatar
cudne...masz prawdziwy talent ^^
TortuousThrenody's avatar
What a great painting. She looks very mysterious. The little cat like creatures in the tree are great (what are they anyway? :)) I love how you did the background.
MikhailD's avatar
Thank You very much :D
"Cat creatures" in the tree are Tree Foxes :D Or something like that ...
bloody-scream's avatar
wonderful!!! amazing !!! i love your work!! it's smooth , powerful , the colours are great , the lineart are really really good...
somatik's avatar
Definitely of the crows :) I really love the characters in the tree to the right - that's something I love about your work, your attention to detail - it draws me into the actual world of your paintings...
d-fly's avatar
Gorgeous. This somehow reminds me of both Brian Froud and Stephanie PuiMun Law's work. Great job.
gaara-eyes's avatar
That'samazing. I love how the Crow Woman was done. She looks very crow-like. :nodnod:
puchiqa's avatar
dam ci fava za pracę a należy ci się kop za angileski w opisie ;) *spaczenie po szkole :P*
MikhailD's avatar
A jak powinno być ? Crow`s ??? bo jak tak to nie chciało mi takiego przyjać opisu :) a jak nie , to dawaj babciu pućku, bym mogła zmienictytuł i przestać siem kompromitować :P
puchiqa's avatar
tytuł tam może być :P XDDDDDD chodzi komentarz pod rysunkiem :P
MikhailD's avatar
No to byłabym niezmiernie wdzieczna gdybyś mnie poprawiła XD
<o ile ci się kce :P >
napisz notkę albo cuuu ;P Plizzz
puchiqa's avatar
nu.. dobra ale na prawdę ja mam tylko takie zboczenie ^^; nie żeby się na chama czepiać ><'''
IdaLarsenArt's avatar
ps2maus's avatar
wow thats so awesome ^^
Majojoy's avatar
Amazing!! is a wonderful draw ^^
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