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ZDL GOLD STACK for WINAMP-5 by mikezee ZDL GOLD STACK for WINAMP-5 by mikezee
ATTENTION! This skin is NOW UPDATED for WINAMP-5.23. Important: if you use latest winamp-5.23 you have to download and update your skin. The older versions of ZDL skins will not display correctly in winamp 5.23 or later.
ZDL GOLD STACK component stero system for winamp-5 is based on previously released ZDL-GOLD STACK for winamp-3.
This version was slightly re-designed so it works better with winamp-5.
It has now player and Visualisation control in PL, ML, VIS and Video winows. Dedicated internet-TV button, more color-Themes, some
minior issues were fixed as well.
Former "Thinger" now converted into Tube Audiophile style Receiver-AMP. This component has access to vary winamp-5 functions and
special fine-step volume adjustment knob (clik left side of the knob - fine step volume-down, click right side of the knob-fine step volume up).
Receiver-Amp's tube also has visualisation effect and on/off-effect for play/pause/stop status.
If you have any specific questions, please contact Mike Zee from this contact page: [link]
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christian72 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
your skins are seriously badass,i use 4 of yours now exclusively they are refreshingly low tech looking analog beauties,if only the tubes crisply hummed when winamp opened or if i could figure out how to get that full view with ZDL GOLD STACK for WINAMP-5 where i could see it all?have you seen any skins that look like record players i wanted to make one but i dont have the time to learn xml right now is that how you made them?
LBitka Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2003
i just now got WA5, so i'm getting use to it.
This skin is beautiful, really great!

Happy new year! ! !

ph4tkid Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2003
awesome.. the only quirks i found were that the avs window and media library window didnt blend well with the stack windows, but after some resizing and rearranging i managed to make the whole thing look smooth. also its a little confusing at first, but thats to be expected with any badass skin ;p i really like the color-changing eq.
mikezee Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2003
thank you for checking it out and commenting.
Today it looks like new winamp site is open and it's officially winamp-5 only. So it looks like I need to work faster on updating skins.
Most previously free-form skins which were designed for winamp-3 work fine with winamp-5, but there are few differences in winamp-5 from winamp-3, so some minor functions may not work correctly, like for example (File Info button, there's no winamp-browser as it was in wa-3, menue is different etc ...)

/best regards,

realhippie Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2003
This was one of the first skins I DLed when Winamp 5 came out. It worked just fine. Still does. I'll try this anyway.
mikezee Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
Realhippie, thanks for droppin' a note again...
the version for winamp-3 will also work with winamp-5, however there are some differences, and thus... there are some minor problems when using wa-3 version in wa-5. For example: there's no winamp browser, file-info button will not work, visualisation window has no control (next, prev, random), some problems with tub-text visability in MediaLibrary... this issues were fixed in this version of the skin.
/best regards,
/Mike Zee
mikezee Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2004
to change color theme:
Go Main Menu (you can simply right-click anywhere on winamp-body to get main menu). MainMenu/Options/Color Themes - and if there are themes available for the skin you are using - you see the list, just select the theme.
You also can do: Main Menu/Options/Preferences/Skins/Modern Skins/Current Skin/Color Themes Tub.

realhippie Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2004
Was'nt judgeing, but since you wrote, could you tell me how to change the colors on the gold. I did it one time, but forgot how I did it. Seriously, I love all of these ZDL skins. I have all of them, too. Peace. Hippie
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December 15, 2003
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