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Dancing petals of the cold,
Why do you laugh so?
Entrancing all, young and old
Before it's time to go
Why yield to his body?
You demand the attention of all
showing all that is shoddy
the pureness of your own gall.
Shivering gently, people continue
hurrying from one place to another.
Some people sitting at a venue,
Others in the arms of their mother.
The coming of you, so simple, so sweet
To him, you are a lovely treat.
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 0 5
I've waited, and found you
yet you haven't found yourself.
Looking, I only saw what's true,
a heart looking to complete itself.
So vulnerable, so kind,
so full of horrific scars
Your smile was everything on my mind
the brightness rivaling the stars.
My heart told me “Rush to accept!”
my mind warned me in scorn
Could all this time, could you have wept
and looked all around forlorn?
Patiently, I'll continue
to do what I've been condemned,
Wishing for one loving glance from you
before the warmth could be hemmed.
For you, I could rearrange the worlds,
If only to hear those words...
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 1 8
Strange noises fill the nighttime air
Waking me from my peaceful rest.
Why should I listen, why even care
about the noise waking me in my nest?
Looking around, I find there is none
that could have even made such a plea
Here in the dark, I am the only one;
Could that voice have been me?
The beautiful lights, they forever dance,
Dazzling all around with sight's own gift.
The rainbow above screams romance,
trying to guide and make my heart lift.
Here I sit, locked and alone, my heart caged
Thanks to the war within that was once waged.
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 2 2
Frozen, icy steel, he raises to the air;
a question runs through my mind:
Is this sight what it truly means?
I look to the one rising it, and see
he knows not that answer.
Isn't there something deeper?
It's blindness for him, light for me,
and a path to take away from it.
Piles and piles of words
flowing around his fingertips.
Is this my resolution,
or is this another ruse?
I look to the master,
and get confusion instead.
He's lost in his words,
and I move on, unsatisfied.
Where is it when I need it most?
The mirror before me shows
that I lack what I desperately need.
Not my body, not my mind,
but my heart is what dwindles.
Emotion running rampant,
destroying itself until it bleeds
Where is my strength?
Where did it go?
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 2 7
Stone Will
Heart beating heavy now,
Sweat pouring: a feeling unusual
Have I gotten in over my head?
So much further to go...
“Give up!” my body screams,
“Let's return to bed, please!
Don't make me go further!”
A smile creeps onto my face.
It's just what I'd want to do,
If I wasn't determined to leave
some of it behind.
Three out of five, just two more.
I lift up my foot,
amidst a strained breath,
And stomp flat the doubt.
Fuck the world, they're not important.
It's me I fight for now
One step at a time.
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 1 6
Beating Struggle
"I love you" I hear all about;
Must be that time of year again.
Times when people look around
and find who is the object of the words
That get freely slung about,
Hoping that someone will find them.
I sit and observe these
Stumbling, bumbling soothe-sayers
(at least that's what they see in mirrors)
as they all try to impress by means
Overtly obvious, dubiously stating
The most difficult concept in the world.
A proclamation of love
A combination with truth;
They don't fool me.
Yet, I always seem to find it works,
People ensnared by webs of liars, all
In the vain thrashing to find 'the one'
and overlooking the trap set before them;
The pit of depression masked
by one misguided decision on the red day.
However, I look closer, and find something
most peculiar and frightening.
I look into the eyes of the damned,
and see a beating heart instead of life.
A burning desire, filling the body,
Forsaking the soul, leaving all it touches
to lose sight of those around them, uncaring
of the wounds le
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 2 2
Loathing Rabbit
Sweet, innocent rabbit
Why do you quake?
Who kept you from light?
Surely you're forgiving of him.
He meant you no harm.
Red-eyed rabbit,
Someone injured you badly,
Now the world weeps for you
Innocence stolen, left alone
Someday it will pass.
Black-haired rabbit,
It's too late for you now.
The world stopped weeping
for such a grand loss of you.
I won't stop crying
over the loss of my innocent rabbit.
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 0 3
Crowded Slumber
Laying, staring at nothing but space
listening to the world, closing my eyes,
Slowly, I heard it, I heard
the world's song in perfect legato.
Coming in and out, so very loud
like the bawdy chit of youth's chat.
        it's late...
Kumquat flavor overwhelmed me
I can't believe how this came to be.
Riding the undulate sway of time,
the cacophony of it all striking relentlessly,
every final line merely accented
by the melancholy droll.
Defenestration of my soul,
I didn't see my pitiful state.
Inane words bubbled forth,
the pugnacious spirit running away,
leaving me in my 'pickle'
opening my eyes to darkness.
        leave me alone...
How much more raving must I do?
Laugh now, it's all I have left.
        let me sleep...
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 0 0
Sister Star
I look high into the sky,
Where are you? I need you
Help me find my way,
Or at least brighten my day.
Across the foreboding sky, at last,
I see you floating in your own sea
One that makes you stand out
Amongst the dim, dull norm.
I wave hello and smile, walking
The path that I choose long ago
You follow, though at a distance,
And smile back, rallying for me
Tired, I sit, and you stay beside me,
Making me laugh, lending me warmth
Making me feel secure once more.
As long as you shine, I'm never alone.
I know we may not always be together,
I know we're light years apart,
But I love you all the same
And I know you feel the same.
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 2 0
Beggar's Choice
Walking through the slums of life
Wondering what road to take,
I can't read the posts on the corner
Doubt shrouding the guidelines.
The endless hours roll on, light never rising
No starlight, no moonlight, and I struggle
to find differences in the empty road
No person there to ask for help.
Then, a rough path;
Taunting thorns, accusing branches, lashing undergrowth—
Each trying to drag victims down,
Expose their 'folly' to the world as they trek
Blinded by the hopeless wandering.
Then, without warning, the path opens, and there,
Under the moonlit sky, lies a serene lake,
Crystal-clear, unassuming, kind to those
That find it in the chaotic fog.
I'm no longer alone here.
Yet, I find nothing, no one that quite
Feels right, feels safe, feels loving.
Quietly, I watch as they vanish, one by one,
Happy with their meager catches of small fry.
Watchful, I wait atop the lonely hill
Keeping eyes open for those
That are looking for me
And when I see them, I will show him
The reason why beggars sho
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 1 4
Dullness of Class
The incessant screeching of the alarm
Falling from peace to one solid note,
Must I go through it once more?
Food's comfort only churns me,
Please don't make me go now!
Dreams waving farewell as the bridge burns
Hopelessness directs, instead,
toward the bitter embrace
of the metal tears, all alone.
Leaving the fluffiness of my mind,
heading to the object of my ire,
Hopes of the unknown lifting me
one march at a time.
Listening to words too adapted,
staring at foreign messages,
all familiar, safe, droll,
there is no welcome here.
my mind had the right idea after all
i wish i could lay down my eyes
to escape the dullness of today's lesson
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 0 0
Two Worlds
Familiar faces all around me
Much more welcome than the strange place
I visit for most of my life.
Must I leave? It's so comfortable
It's frightening to change.
I opened my eyes to discomfort
this new, strange place
The odd people who I never knew before
The ones who opened their arms to the shivering lad
And told him 'welcome home.'
Time flew by I care not for
Ice melting, lights twinkling,
the shivering subsided
Is this where I should be?
Who is that looking back to me?
Is it... me?
No more darkness,
Life renewed, smile widened
It seems like I'm dreaming.
Someone calls me 'son'
I turn to see her, yet
Now she is the odd one.
I feel empty.
It's cold.
I want the strange world once more.
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 0 0
Winter Wonder
Don't blink...
The lunar light graces the land,
Icicles dancing, desiring attention
As they tease the ground from their safety
High in the arms of a sleeping tree.
Rain freezes, giving even the fresh snow
A new coat to wear, the envy of all who see it.
Don't speak.
Listen carefully—Can you hear it?
The giggle of the frost as it watches
Surfaces glisten and gleam
Like diamonds in the sky
Of a violent rainstorm gone astray.
One sound could take it all away.
Don't move!
The artist might return any time,
Her work having become a masterpiece
Only seen by those that appreciate it
But for every rose, there is a thorn—
Stay inside this morn.
Just stay—stay and watch
It's a passing dream.
Don't think.
How could such a common place
Become such a precious gem?
Simple, serene, glistening,
Like a million diamond rings.
Nature's latest masterpiece.
Don't sleep...
An event like this won't be around always,
Drink in deep, remember this forever
The jealous sun will take it away
Once it sees his sister'
:iconmikeylenetia:MikeyLenetia 0 1


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... to start trying to get back into writing.

Ever since I graduated college, I've been dragging my heels about writing, or doing anything aside from seeing friends and whatnot. I guess it's time I start trying to get around that and get back into the writing mindset.

I have so many ideas in my head, though, and I've found that coming home... doesn't exactly stimulate my muses. It actually almost outright kills them without me having substantial drive BEFORE I come home. There's a few reasons for that, but all of them personal, so I won't get into them.

Instead, I'd like some help. It'll have to be something light, since I think the last time I did this, I was taking on too much. But if I can get ideas from people as to what to write about, even if it's a little bit, I think it'll help me get back into the groove of things. So, any suggestions?
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