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Foot Deodorizors
So I met this girl the other week at a party and we were talking and it turned out that we had a lot in common, y'know.  I mean, she liked open source software and I liked open source software and I liked anime and she liked anime so we were joking around a bit and I jokingly suggested we go for a cup of coffee (I don't drink coffee) and to MY COMPLETE SHOCK AND AWE she said sure!  Naturally, I didn't know what to do because I had never been alone with a girl before (due to my taste for anime and open source software).
Now, I should probably preface this whole thing with a little background information.  My dad owns the local news talk radio station, and I'm always over at the main office and as such a get a crapload of station merchandise.  So I was at that party wearing nothing but this radio station's swag.  I mean, the guy at the promotions department (Mark Shamblin) is a real nut and my dad keeps saying he wants to fire him but he
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How to Kill a Mockingbird
Willis Busbarn wished he was Batman.  Batman didn't have problems with women, or with money.  Batman was a millionaire playboy who fought crime out of psychotic obsession.  Also, Batman wasn't looking down the barrel of Nick Rugby's .45, about to piss his pants.  Bruce Wayne made an oath to his parents that he would rid the world of the breed of criminal scum that had taken their lives.  As Batman, he dedicated his existence to a tireless crusade to expunge the evil from Gotham City, one criminal at a time.  He fought crime because it was the only thing in the world that could tame the fire in his soul.  Will Busbarn fought crime because it was a good tax write-off.
The Citizen's Vigilante Act of 1993 had created a huge surge in the floundering national economy of the time, with only the minor drawback of turning a small segment of the country's population into deranged bounty hunters or deranged-looking corpses.
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The Bum
I think the only thing that keeps me from planning and constructing my own time machine is my fear of landing in the year 2205 and having my skin melt off my body due to some airborne illness that I hadn't been vaccinated for.
So I stay a bum.  And a bum's not so bad to be, but sometimes I wish I'd just build my time machine already.  I just sit at home and watch Kurosawa movies all day.  No car.  No job.  Not going back to school until next semester.  I'm fed and housed by my parents, but otherwise I might as well be a bum.  I wonder what bums, real bums I mean, do most of the time.  From what I see on TV, they just sit around and exist.  Kind of like me, except I have a TV and stuff.  They don't need TV to exist.
I actually met a bum last summer in L.A.  He gave me some advice that I will now pass along to you.  "Yeah," he said.  "Sleeping in a dumpster ai
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I will break the laws
Set forth by our ancestors.
I will eat a bug.
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They talked to him all through the night, and he listened intently.  He knew what he had to do.  It wouldn't be easy, but he was a warrior.  He looked up towards the Gods with whom he had been speaking.
"I just have one question," Will said.
"'Why me?'" mocked Mania.
Will nodded, vaguely ashamed.
"--EAL WHOPPER OF A STORY FOR YOU ALL TODAY, TOMMY," Jan informed Tommy.  Will jerked out of sleep, quite distressed about the whole ordeal.  His hand instinctively shot out to the Snooze button.  William Plunkett hated The Tommy and Jan Morning Show more than anything that he could recall.  Ronnie sometimes changes the station in the middle of the day when she caught the mood to clean up, unwittingly victimizing her poor boyfriend.  Will made a mental note to issue a complaint.
In bashing the Snooze button, Will had accidentally moved the clock from its easily-readable position, to a completely different po
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Metaphors That Make Sense
I am the snake that's just consumed a human head.
A rolling glutton, a flushed young man after an
Unsuccessful night of passion.
Armless, legless, a hyena stuck in a deep pit,
Trying to claw his way out.
My forehead is emblazoned with the title
And my big red gloves are firmly tied on.
Lights dim, curtains rise. Crowd grows silent.
Applause starts early, projector flashes.
The silver screen goes black for two hours
And three minutes.
And sixteen seconds.
And the people go home with puzzled looks
On their faces.
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A Poem About the Future
Flying everywhere
Flying cars.
Flying outward,
Flying Mars.
Livin\' it up.
Cities on the Moon.
Haven\'t got cable
But we\'ll get it soon.
Cloning Supermen
Laser fry.
Fell off hoverboard
Sister cry.
Fleeing aliens
Distructor fleet!
Carryin\' Master Plug
Corns on feet.
Wink her eye at me,
Knees go weak.
Huff her sigh at me,
Heart go squeak!
Future boys
Get sweaty hands
Askin\' future girls
To the Future Dance.
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Killing Fairy Tale Creatures
I saw a Gnome,
And what did he say?
Nothin' 'cuz I killed him
In a violent way!
Blood splattered here,
Guts smattered there!
The only part of Gnome
Left was body hair.
I saw a Dwarf
And then I ate his head.
Hid the bloody carcass
There under my bed.
I sniff him there at night,
But he was very small.
So I can barely smell
What he smells like at all.
A unicorn
Came into my room.
Wasn't there at all,
Been poppin' some shrooms.
I saw a knife
And thought that it was great.
I picked it by the handle
And stared at my face.
Scars from battle here,
Wounds from stabbing there!
Self mutilation was like
Breathing in air!
I reallized at that moment
Why I'd done what I did.
My ears were freaky-pointy
And I looked like a kid!
An Elf was what they called it
This thing that I was.
Crying 'till November
When I met with my buzz.
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Stop Being So Emo
Please stop being so fucking emo
It makes me honestly sick.
I\'m tired of your lame ass scarred-up arm
It doesn\'t make you hip.
I knew a girl
She left me last week
I cried then for days
And was very meek.
She was the girl
Who knew all my lies.
Now I gotta stick
Fingers in my eyes.
Why why why why why why whyyyyyyy
Did you leave
Why why why why why why whyyyyyyy
Am I so damned stupid and emo?
I know you\'re not trying.
I know you\'re a nerd.
I know what you\'re saying.
Stop listening to Weezer.
There, you just got me to stop rhyming
The meter is all screwed up.
I can\'t be bothered now, though
Because you\'re too fucking emo.
Stupid glasses, too.
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Nagging Feeling
The only noise was the large corner radio, but Richard Dimbleby's voice had the effect of silence on the only person able to hear it. Her eyes moved lazily across the nigh-barren room in an attempt to see something other than what was there. The points of interest in the mid-sized, darkened cell were indeed sparse: one radio tuned to the BBC's nightly broadcasting of the War Report, one gas-powered lamp, one table upon which supper had been served (ample for perhaps a rodent, but not quite satisfactory for a normal human, although the woman's status as such had been in doubt for days), and one chair, nailed to the floor, upon which one disturbed, bound Mrs. Kathleen Drover shivered in the unsettling August warmth. The only thing missing, of course, was him. He did lend a quality of completeness to the room. He was commanding, loveless, flat and spiteful. Every word he breathed at her shook with the intensity of a needle inserted slowly into the side of her neck. It sent bolts o
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Time is Passing -- R U
I am filled with a soft, burning hatred. My world is exploding. My solid belief in the moral nature of man is shattering into a million fragments of disappointment and rage. How could a civilization supposedly advanced as ours fail on such a grand scale? The failure is what gets to me the most. The half-assed attempt and the blatant acceptance of failure. Where is the justice? It is obviously nowhere.
South-West of me is a hip young man with trendy earphones and a Game Boy Advance SP. His head bobs slightly to the music that exists only for him, and his fingers work swiftly to control the characters on the small, beautifully front-lit screen. To the immediate East sit two females, one of which is taking a break from her reading to make a point to a teacher. It is a very ill-conceived point, and I would roll my eyes at it if the effort of such a task didn't threaten to elevate the excitement level of the room to above the acceptable region and into the realm of unmitigated ana
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Clown Story
SUPER: Three Months Ago
Crowd can be heard faintly cheering outside. Three clowns,
Hey! Great show, guys! We were so
awesome! I love it when we do that
flower gag! Oh man, great stuff. CHO!
I hate it. You guys are so stupid.
Y\'know, we\'re always screwing around like
this. Am I the only professional here?
You guys screwed up like three times out
there! What were you THINKING?
Yeah, but that was funny! I thought we
did fine. The reviews for last night\'s
show were great! People love it!
Because you\'re STUPID! They\'re not
laughing at what we\'re doing; they\'re
laughing at how STUPID it is.
[Honking Horn]
Honky\'s right! We need to start working
on the next production if we\'re gonna get
done in time.
Just don\'t make it stupid.
Stupid? Please tell me what we do that\'s
stupid. I\'d really like to kn
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Baby Reach Myles by mikeybou Baby Reach Myles :iconmikeybou:mikeybou 0 1
I No Longer Like Poetry
A million years ago,
I would want to write a poem,
And make them all laugh and cry.
But that passion has died down,
And I no longer wear a frown,
My love for poetry has been lost.
Note the lack of rhyme,
Read line six another time,
And see the utter pain I bare.
I know now what you think,
You believe that I am stink,
And believe me when I say I care.
Poetry is slavery,
Another way of saving me
From my…I don't know.
I used to like to write it.
(Such a loss I've suffered)
I used to like to read it.
(I've got such a need)
Now I want to spite it.
(Give it up give it up)
Now I want to feed it
(Ready for the next line)

To the dogs.
Losing no love works
Like burning a fire of ice.
Oblivious heat.

I still like haiku.
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How to Eat an Apple
1) It is imperative that this first step is followed with implicit care, as it is the basis for all other steps that are to follow: You must realize that you are inherently better than the apple, and therefore have a fundamental right to do with it as you see fit, up to and including the point of consuming the thing and throwing away its remains to decompose wherever they happen to land. After you figure out this aspect of it, you are ready to get down and dirty.
2) You must locate an apple tree. An apple tree is a typical tree, with the exception of the fact that this particular type of tree has apples growing from it. McIntosh apples are red, shiny, and round to a degree. Finding an apple tree may vary in difficulty depending upon where you live. If you take residence in the middle of a desert or Under the Sea, you will have more trouble finding a source of apples than, say, an apple farm.
3) The easiest way to proceed from here would be to reach up and pick an apple from the tree. T
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Five Depressing Mini Poems
I can't help but notice
That you don't particularly exist.
One way or another,
Though Way One is preferable,
I will find you.
A simple process, teacher would say
And student would repeat.
Shut your stupid eyes
And wait for stupid sleep.
If Only
The boy was sick of hearing
What came so easily to his mind.
A string of impossibilities
Cured the sick, and healed the blind.
THAT Night
When it all flew apart.
When it all went away.
When I could do nothing
But sit
And cry
And pray.
There was no comfort in your words.
There was no green out in the bend.
There was only grief and sadness
The night my life came to an *
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Stranger Things Font + Style by AbouthRandyOrton Stranger Things Font + Style :iconabouthrandyorton:AbouthRandyOrton 703 39 iPhone FRESH GLOSSY by devi-cry iPhone FRESH GLOSSY :icondevi-cry:devi-cry 58 4 worfpaper 3 by worfsonofmogh worfpaper 3 :iconworfsonofmogh:worfsonofmogh 19 21 Kill Bill Tix 2 by deaddays Kill Bill Tix 2 :icondeaddays:deaddays 7 50 The Awakening - Triptych by kevissimo The Awakening - Triptych :iconkevissimo:kevissimo 175 81 Astrological Clock - Prague by kevissimo Astrological Clock - Prague :iconkevissimo:kevissimo 92 49 Backlighting Study Two by kalenisis Backlighting Study Two :iconkalenisis:kalenisis 3 20 Sister of Earth one by kalenisis Sister of Earth one :iconkalenisis:kalenisis 79 73 Kill Bill Tix by deaddays Kill Bill Tix :icondeaddays:deaddays 7 49 Self Texture Two by kalenisis Self Texture Two :iconkalenisis:kalenisis 92 47 West Bottoms by kalenisis West Bottoms :iconkalenisis:kalenisis 3 12 Hawaiian Wino by sinajahn Hawaiian Wino :iconsinajahn:sinajahn 6 18 Ill miss you by kalenisis Ill miss you :iconkalenisis:kalenisis 25 29 VC Intro - Digital Threads by novenarik VC Intro - Digital Threads :iconnovenarik:novenarik 434 223 Photo Alphabet by transfusion Photo Alphabet :icontransfusion:transfusion 112 170



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