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Deathtongue- Pimples from Hell

By MikeWeasel
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For my Graphic Design class, we were to design a CD tri-fold, both front and back. I chose to do Deathtöngue, which, if you read your Bloom County from the 80s, was a fictitious heavy metal band featuring Bill the Cat, Opus, Hodgepodge and Steve Dallas as manager. Virtually all the subject matter is (c) Berke Breathed, so hopefully he won't sue. (Deathtöngue got later renamed to Billy and the Boingers because Steve caved in under Congressional pressure.)
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That's sah-weet. I love this but you should have included I'm A Boinger and U-Stink-But-I-Love-U.
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What? :O_o: No "I'm a Boinger" or "U Stink (But I :heart: U)"?

No matter. After getting this [link] and this [link] stuck in my brain, I searched "Deathtongue" 'round here, and found this wonderful little gem.

Great work, thanks, and xtra freakin' yahooz to you! :headbang:
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They were released only as singles.
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*happy sigh* DeathTongue forever, baby
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Heh, thanks! Nice Dark Tower reference too! :)
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heh. Thanks
and nice Blazing Saddles reference to YOU.
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Wow.. this is truely amazing.
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Thanks! I had fun doing this. The comic part was just copied straight out of the book via scanner, but I drew the big Bill head.
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IT LOOKS COOL! Bloom county is my all time fav comic strip!

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