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Recolours are magic.

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Hat does not look right, cause it's an actual recolour. I had this picture unfinished laying around for 2 days and when the new episode came out... OH LOOK HOW CONVENIENT!
Yes, I actually took my old Rainbow Dash's picture changed cutie mark, colour and added some stuff. The overall process time... 42 minutes or something like that.
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NMStaudeHobbyist Photographer
Hey, i used ur work in my first PMV and credited you :)
I'm sorry i haven't had time to ask permission from everypony but I credited every single one of you.

- Striken /)
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MaydayParkerHobbyist General Artist
Head's up, I think your piece has been stolen by :iconfaizun:. [link]
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MaydayParkerHobbyist General Artist
"So?" "SO?"

You make a dismissive one word comment on a courtesy post from March pointing out that some idiot stole :iconmiketheuser:'s hard work while nothing in your gallery was actually made, start to finish, by you? The only difference between you and the person I mentioned in my original post is that you tell people you used another person's vector (not that I think you gathered permission to, and did not credit anyone on your Lyra manip) or used a doll creator (which, under DA rules, is required to be put in "Scraps," which is not). Nevermind that the photos of your toys and whatnot you're claiming as your art belong on Facebook.

But, oh, you don't think art theft is a problem on this site! I guess it must not be that big a deal! As long as you, mister "I've been here for 9 months" thinks so! DeviantArt must just be another blog like Tumblr! All those people saying that anything posted here implies legal ownership are blowing smoke! I can post anything! Wanna see this painting I did? It's called Pretty Flowers! What? I've never even heard of this guy! What kind of name is Van Gogh? Sounds fake! I made mine first!

Save DA from your "creations" and go back to your blog. DA is for things you can take legal credit for creating, not what you manage to collage together with stock images you find on google.
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That is just stupid, TL;DR
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MaydayParkerHobbyist General Artist
I can't believe oxygen is wasted on you. Make sure your mom washes your underwear really well on your way back to whatever the hell the tweens are using for social networking these days.
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MaydayParkerHobbyist General Artist
I already explained why. You dismissed it because you were too lazy to read it. Go back under your bridge, troll.
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I am not a troll
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statooseHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. :D
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SolistoSketchHobbyist Digital Artist
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Nice drawing btw. Hopes she gets a spin-off
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She's beautiful! Might wanna go on some 'adventures' with her!
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The title. XD
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The-ZigHobbyist Digital Artist
Daring-Do has a good plot.

I meant the books!

Sheesh, some people.
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ZagnagmaHobbyist Writer

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Not bad
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holy fuck i love this
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awesome! :D
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The hat looks pretty nice, to be honest and, while she is a recolor, she looks cute.
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The recolour wouldn't bother me so much if they didn't keep the stripes in the mane and tail. What the hell is the point of having 8 stripes of varying shades of grey? Looks ugly as hell. Which is a shame because she's a pretty pony besides the grey.
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traukanshakuHobbyist Digital Artist
I think the point of Daring Do being an RD recolor was to show that RD was doing self-insertion, so it doesn't bother me as much as blatant laziness would. :P
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I wonder how many people realized that Daring Do was just an RD recolor and cutie mark replacement? :giggle:
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Pretty sure the majority of us know that. The show has plenty of recolors. Hell, the majority of ponies use the same base model.
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