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GK Strike Cruiser WIP 01

Whelp, heres my next project, A model of a Grey Knight Strike Cruiser from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, specifically Battle Fleet Gothic. I'm basing it off the Forge World Model, I think I got the basics right now, there are prolly a couple things I'd need to fix up a bit.

Right now its coming up under 4000 tris, and this is only the beginning!

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CHoas be Damned.
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very good stuff. nice modelling.
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reminds me of some thing from the Command and Conquer games. Nice job!
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Mmm it looks great! One question, did you make it from only one piece? or you use different parts?
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Well right now its in quite literally hundreads of seperate objects, but I could also merge tham all in under a minute, but keeping them all seperate like this makes it a lot easier to work with.

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Woah, you're quick! It looks great already, it makes me want to go in and re-learn some 3d modeling.
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I had a day off yesterday xD

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That explains a bit. XD

Oh, I've been meaning to ask what programs you use? I thought I saw you say XSI at some point, but when I searched for that it didn't come up with anything 3D related.
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I'd say you need to level up your Google skills some more ;p


Its the first entry! ;p

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Pssh, now it is! When I did it all that came up was a camera.
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