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Bemular vs. Orga
There was only silence.
The depths of space, despite seeming peaceful, quiet and beautiful with the occasional soaring meteorite or asteroid passing through was teemed with many dangers throughout the universe. Among these was about to make its presence known.
That silence was about to end.
Nearby an unknown planet. The wind had died completley, and the air was still, there was only silence, as in five or ten minutes before a vicious thundersquall struck, the sky had suddenly turned an ominous gray color. The smell of a thick aroma filled the air, like overcharged car batteries. Something was coming. It grew steadily. It had no tone. It simply was a tuneless, soulless sound. It grew. And grew. It was coming out of the sky. The vibration took a voice- a rumbling roar that built to a shattering crescendo of sound. The clouds in the west lit with a bloom of red fire. It traced its way widening from an artery to a stream to a river of ominous color; and then, as a burning, falling object b
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 7 3
Godzilla (Legendary) vs. Hedorah (Showa)
News had quickly spread about Godzilla's demise at the hands of Hedorah who had now claimed his title as The King of the Monsters. No militaries or governments have even dared tried to attack Hedorah ever since his victory against the former king. For Hedorah, he was allowed to do whatever he want.
The smog monster and new king had left destruction on his path since his triumph of winning. Many of earth's monsters even refused to have fight him fearing of suffering a similar fate as Godzilla did by his hands.
Hedorah was enjoying his new title. Everywhere he stepped, destruction was left in his wake. Most of Japan had evacuated fearing of Hedorah would come anytime to continue spreading misery. At the moment of the time. The Smog monster has arrived in Shibushi in the Kagoshima Prefecture. Today, he was going to feed off of the oil from the japan shibushi oil stockpile site. Hedorah couldn't wait to feast life had been great for him ever since.
Suddenly the pollution abomination sensed
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 9 2
Mechani-Kong vs. Obsidius
The evil mad genius known as Doctor Who had created a mechanic duplicate of the eighth wonder of the world known as King Kong in the purpose of finding the source Element X. Upon finding its location, Doctor Who ordered his machine to dig for the stuff but unfortunately something had went wrong. As Mechani-Kong had finally found it, the radiation of Element X ended up destroying the main circuits to his creation. Unsatisfied with this, the evil genius had Mechani-Kong brought in back for repairs and his leading workers had concluded the bad news to him that they had nothing to allow Mechani-Kong to proceed with the mission.
But Doctor Who didn't stop there. He decided maybe just maybe he could abduct King Kong from his native home Faro Island to do his bidding but felt the ape wasn't up for the task, he even at one point considered Godzilla but eventually threw that thought aside knowing that'd be impossible considering Godzilla's powerful reputation, it was a risk even a mad man like
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 5 1
Utsuno Ikusagami vs. Gabara
Ancient Japan, 800 A.D.
What used to be a proud normal village like any other one throughout Ancient Japan, now had been under great despair. The villagers once lived happily living their lives until it came along living in the large nearby cave. A terrible monster of great strength, its kind feared throughout the land with a reputation of being the most feared monsters.
The Oni.
The one in particular here went by the name of Gabara. Ever since having arrived, the terrible oni had been terrorizing the poor villagers to the point he ruled over them like he had an iron fist, in the coming of those days, the villagers tried to escape but to no avail, every time they did, Gabara would always catch them and then warning them that if they ever attempt to again he wouldn't hesitate in grinding their home to the ground, out of fear the villagers did as Gabara told them. The years continued to went by and it was to that point the villagers fear towards Gabara grew worst they were now worshippin
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 4 1
Desghidorah vs. Grand King Ghidorah
13.75 billion years ago.
That was when it happened. The Big Bang occurred creating what was now the universe. First galaxies formed, then stars followed, what eventually came after was planets and moons all around. But despite how beautiful the universe appeared to be. It happened to be a dangerous place teeming with deadly creatures of all kinds throughout the cosmos.
Among these were the Ghidorah's. A race of three-headed dragons that left nothing but destruction and misery wiping out all life in their wake draining planets of energy in the process. The Ghidorah's were among the most feared creatures throughout the universe by civilizations alike and for good reason.
Despite the Ghidorah's reputation though. Two infamous ones known as Desghidorah and Grand King Ghidorah only really stood out. Others of the species while powerful in their own right would flee upon sight of either knowing it'd be suicide to go against them. Throughout the millions of years. Both Desghidorah and Grand K
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 3 2
King Kong vs. Red King
King Kong was depressed.
So depressed that he was sad, upset, miserable, and just couldn't think straight. Faro Island, his home island was gone, being nothing more than just a memory now. It was destroyed due to volcanic activities before sinking into the waves and the mighty ape was the only one to have supposedly survive, escaping the islands destruction. The natives who worshipped him and wildlife most likely perished, he wasn't too sure about his long time rival Gorosaurus though, for all he knew, the dinosaur too could have escaped but that mattered little to him.
The giant ape did not know how long he has been swimming in the sea as a powerful storm brew. He might as well live up the rest of his last moments swimming out in open water until he exhausts himself and sinks under the waves since everything was gone now.
That's when fatigue began to takeover coursing through his veins, every muscle in King Kong's body began to stop exhausted from the long voyage. So this was how it w
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 4 2
Gomora vs. Gaira
The city of Yokohama was normal as usual. Even with the sun having began rise from the horizon beginning the cool morning. The streets were filled with people and vehicles which were trying to get to places that involved business or had something to do with family.
Standing tall near Tokyo Bay was the cities infamous tower the Yokohama Marine Tower. Its tall structure stood where it was, towering over all the other structures surrounding it.
That's when the city got interrupted.
Rising out from the Tokyo Bay, a green ape like creature set foot on land, water pouring down from the body. His presence alarming the screams of citizens as they ran for their lives. The garguatua known as Gaira had came to feast on his favorite food.
Walking further into the city. Gaira looked down at the fleeing civilizations with a look of satisfying hunger in his eyes. Already he was craving their fresh meat despite having not tasted their blood yet.
Reaching down the green gargantua grabbed some u
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 6 0
Iris vs. Legion
Heavy rain pelted hard on very grounds of Hong Kong which began to shook and tremble as a massive form erupted forth from the ground toppling buildings, ripping apart concrete streets, lifting up cars and people into the air as they fell back down to the earth. Those who didn't get caught in the crossfire began to flee in terror.
The extraterrestrial menace known as Legion made her presence known as the remaining debris fell off of her very body. This was perfect environment to create her colony and a large flower.
With that she got to work. Soon a flower was within place in the city while she began to develop her colony.
Up from the skies above, the evolved gyaos known as Iris set foot onto the city which was answered with the terrified screams of more citizens. Having just fought Gamera recently, the guardian nearly killed him in battle but was lucky to escape. He decided to stop here for a pit stop to put out a plan in place to be prepared for the next time when he goes and finds th
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 2 5
Titanosaurus vs. Gaira
Titanosaurus felt anger.
Normally a shy and peaceful creature. The aquatic dinosaur had lost by the hands of Godzilla along with his 'partner' Mechagodzilla who was destroyed, although he was mind controlled for the most part, he still remembered everything. Ever since being forced off the cliff and falling by Godzilla's hands and managing to survive the ordeal upon crashing back into the waves of his native home. Titanosaurus had since been finally free for once.
Yet at the same time, mind controlled or not, he was showing pure fury, Godzilla could've been helping him break out of it but instead gave him a pummeled beating which is what angered him.
Now he just felt like finding land just so he could rest having been swimming endlessly for days.
That's when something emerged from the waves below the ocean revealing itself. The green gargantuan Gaira. Just like Titanosaurus, Gaira too was feeling anger as coincidentally just survived the underwater volcano that engulfed him and his bro
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 1 0
Kumonga (Showa) vs. Ebirah (Millennium)
Kumonga, the top predator of Sollgel Island made a fresh kill.
Snared in his deadly web, laid an Kamacuras at his mercy. The giant mantis watched on helplessly as the mammoth arachnid inched closer as he exposed an needle like object that appeared between his mandibles. Kumonga's signature poison stinger.
Plunging the stinger into his prey. He allowed the poison to do the rest of the work. In less than a minute. The Kamacuras' life came to an end now dead.
With his prey dead. The spider was about to start feasting until hearing noise from the ocean. Looking above his food. Kumonga spotted a form rising from below the surface, at first glance it looked like a tidal wave but that was soon thrown out of the question when the sea water all poured down revealing the true culprit.
Food had lately been scarce from his native habitat Letchi Island and not willing to wait for food to start growing, the giant crustacean has since left the island in search of more suitable prey.
That's wh
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 1 0
Kumasogami vs. Obsidius
Iceland, 1783
It came without warning. The fissure of Laki erupted forth spewing out amounts of hot magma as it began flowing up inside. It's gases and smoke spread beginning to kill off one fourth of the humans living in the country along with livestock and various wildlife. It was one of the deadliest eruptions in human recorded history yet.
But that wasn't all. The very fissure would become a battleground between two lava based goliaths.
Raising up from the hot magma the lord of Hell itself Kumasogami rose once more to the surface world to continue his reign of terror on mankind until they were wiped from the face of the earth. Figuring this land would be a good start to begin his conquer. He would eventually continue onto the rest of the world soon after. Unknown to him though at first. He wasn't the only one here as the very heat of the environment attracted another similar creature.
That was when Kumasogami heard the lava bubbling as a rock like kaiju rise out as well. It went by
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 2 4
Manda (Millennium) vs. Maguma
The predator stalked its prey.
The Great White Shark, one of the top predators of the seven sea targeted after its main prey the Cape fur seals off of Seal Island, South Africa. It was this time of the year again where the sharks main food source came to breed at this very location.
Sinking into the depths below. The shark waited for the right time. Ready to built up speed as it began to torpedo its way up to the surface to grab the unsuspecting cape fur seal swimming above it. That's when at the same time the shark to was unsuspecting as a large shadowy form appeared below it before revealing itself which resembled that of a large red Walrus. The largest land creature of the North Pole.
Before the Great White knew it. The large creature surrounded its jaws around the sharks form and chomped down with the tail still sticking out of the walrus like monsters mouth before swallowing it.
Maguma, the name of the creature was far from its native habitat who was in search for new territory to
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 2 0
Gabara vs. Titanosaurus
Monster Island.
It was home to the majority of earth's kaiju's. Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Rodan, Varan, Baragon as such and most of all, The King of the Monsters himself Godzilla. Not too long ago. Another monster from the depths of the ocean too had made Monster Island his new home. It was a living relic from the past. A time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth managing to survive for hundreds of millions of years. It was Titanosaurus.
The mighty dinosaur had just moments ago taken a swim in the ocean and just got back onto land. To feel like he was still home. Titanosaurus most of the time stayed near the shorelines of Monster Island so whenever he wants to go take a dive. It wouldn't be far away.
News of Titanosaurus had also caught the island's bully Gabara's attention. The ogre had heard of how physically strong of a powerhouse the dinosaur was and eventually came to the decision if he won against such a mighty titan. He would be able strike fear into the other natives of the island a
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 2 0
Frankenstein vs. Gororin
Two enormous hands emerged from an deep fissure before revealing the rest of the body. The giant human like being Frankenstein made his presence known. How long he had been underground for. Days? Weeks? Months? Perhaps even years? He did not know as during his fight with Baragon back in Japan, upon killing the ravenous beast. The ground under his feet collapsed before him taking him and his slain foe to the very bowels of the earth.
Luckily he manage to escape certain death and had since been traveling inside the earth until stumbling upon where he was now. For the first time, he met light once more, having been trapped down there for so long, his eyes weren't adjusted to the bright sun at first but eventually got used to it once more.
All that mattered was to Frankenstein is that he was finally back on the surface again.
Looking around his surroundings, the setting was rather unique. Various flora flourish, ones that wouldn't be found anywhere else in the world. He happened to be on a
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 3 0
Orochi (Heisei) vs. Kumasogami
Ancient Japan.
It was a land ruled by many powerful clans and an almighty emperor while at the same time also home to various demonic monsters from natural to supernatural to even gods or just destructive beings who'd ravage the country.
And today some of those monsters would be among some of the most powerful who were about to make the very land their own battleground.
Kumasogami the lord of hell itself stood before himself staring at his opponent. He had since wanted to become the most powerful being as well as most feared throughout the lands and the only way he could do that is by defeating the current holder of that title.
The eight-headed dragon known as Orochi.
Orochi stood as his eight heads waved around releasing a terrible roar that would make even the bravest of warriors in the land tremble before him.
That was when the fight had began.
The multi headed hydra moved forward firing flames of fire from his eight mouths, the flames engulfed Kumasogami before he had the chance to
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 2 0
Utsuno Ikusagami vs. Legion
Berlin was completely devastated.
Just over a month ago the extraterrestrial insect queen known as Legion made her presence known and turned the city into her very own nest allowing her swarm to flourish and place a large flower where the Fernsehturm Tower once laid. What was once a proud city inhabited by people was now gone.
There were many casualties in the populace of what was once over three million people. It came without warning as if it never happened. Europe's defense force did all they could do to stop Legion and her swarm but in the end fell to their wrath and became nothing but rubble left to be wasted on the now deserted streets.
But they would not die in vain.
Legion stood in silence enjoying her moment of peace as he children continued to work growing the colony throughout the evening as the sun in the horizon began to slowly go down.
That's when it happened...
Something up in the sunset sky caught the silicon life-forms attention as the clouds parted away. Suddenly a be
:iconmikespikester11:MikeSpikester11 3 0


Daggett Beaver Profile by Luxojr888 Daggett Beaver Profile :iconluxojr888:Luxojr888 43 4 GAMERA Dark Horse JP Release cover PLUS LAST HOPE by KaijuSamurai GAMERA Dark Horse JP Release cover PLUS LAST HOPE :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 806 87 99 by SAKURAIsakurai 99 :iconsakuraisakurai:SAKURAIsakurai 21 1 Godzilla and Gamera vs King Ghidorah by Balakin1 Godzilla and Gamera vs King Ghidorah :iconbalakin1:Balakin1 76 9 Daggett and Bing by DoraeArtDreams-Aspy Daggett and Bing :icondoraeartdreams-aspy:DoraeArtDreams-Aspy 32 22 GODZILLA!! by JoeJusko GODZILLA!! :iconjoejusko:JoeJusko 624 57 Godzilla VS Gamera Original Painting on eBay! by Legrandzilla Godzilla VS Gamera Original Painting on eBay! :iconlegrandzilla:Legrandzilla 56 38 Daggett and Norbert by Hellengomes15 Daggett and Norbert :iconhellengomes15:Hellengomes15 58 10 Kaiju playing poker by VectorAttila Kaiju playing poker :iconvectorattila:VectorAttila 182 39 Chibi MosuGoji by Daikaiju-Danielle Chibi MosuGoji :icondaikaiju-danielle:Daikaiju-Danielle 55 6 Gamera vs Guiron by Daikaiju-Danielle Gamera vs Guiron :icondaikaiju-danielle:Daikaiju-Danielle 105 24 Kong Vs Gojira by DevinQuigleyArt Kong Vs Gojira :icondevinquigleyart:DevinQuigleyArt 266 35 2014 Godzilla by mikegoesgeek 2014 Godzilla :iconmikegoesgeek:mikegoesgeek 193 1 Space Godzilla by mikegoesgeek Space Godzilla :iconmikegoesgeek:mikegoesgeek 206 1 Kong vs Godzilla G-Fest edition by KaijuSamurai Kong vs Godzilla G-Fest edition :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,041 44 Planet of Godzilla by KaijuSamurai Planet of Godzilla :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,790 173


I finally escaped from the damn Ecilpse. Thank freakin god. I'm back guys!
Today marks the 20th anniversary of my favorite films ever.

The Heisei Gamera Trilogy! :D
Having watched the Heisei Gamera Trilogy again. It reminds me how much more I love and appreciate them whenever bullshit like Justice League, Star Wars sequel trilogy, The Emoji Movie, Ice Ages 4 & 5, etc. are made.

Better yet movies today like Aquaman doesn't have shit to these films and its sad that gets all the attention, money and glory while underrated and underappeciated cinematic masterpieces like this Trilogy is overlooked and left in the shadows.

You people can have Aquaman. I'll have Gamera.
Watched Gamera: Guardian of the Universe again. The movie along with the other two gets even better then ever each and everytime I watch them.

The MonsterVerse doesn't even come close to the scale of epicness the Trilogy has.

Its been so long since I came up with a Lost Tapes episode.

Lost Tapes: Krampus
Summary: When their parents must work on Christmas. Two misbehaved siblings takes advantage of this such as opening their presents only to face the consequences when a mysterious horned being begins terrorizing them.

Reminds me I need to get over my writers block and get back to writing again especially episodes of one of my favorite mockumentaries ever.


I'm just an average Canadian guy pretty much. As you see from my avatar and username you can probably tell I'm a big Godzilla fanatic but I also like other stuff such as anything Kaiju or monster related such as Gamera and King Kong as well as being a big fan of Inuyasha, God of War, Mortal Kombat and certain characters from comics like Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy (Most notably Rocket Raccon and Groot). I'm also a fan of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon The Angry Beavers (Despite what my passion for kaijus, Daggett is actually my favorite character of all time) whom I grew up with alongside my older brother. The nostalgia of it brings back so many memories.

My personal interest is pretty much reading and writing whom becoming a writer is my goal to achieve, I love writing stories and so want to share my ideas to people and all. I also like other things such as animals both live and extinct (I'm a really big animal lover hence a vegetarian), prehistory, mythology (Such as Greek, Norse and Egyptian), history (Especially involving ancient civilizations like the Native Americans, Ancient Egyptians and Australian Aborigines), video games, cryptozoology, watching movies (Creature flicks being among my favorites, I also enjoy sci-fi, action and adventure too), going out especially to the theaters and other things like that. I'm very obsessive about alternate history as well especially discussing what-if scenarios about them.

That's pretty much all I really have to tell. Hope I get to know folks around here and them the same with me. I'm very obsessive about alternate history as well especially discussing what-if scenarios about them.

Hope to get around to knowing folks around here! ^_^

My Best Friends on deviantART: :iconhordaks-pupil: :iconwitneus: :iconorne-phantom:

Current Residence: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Favorite genre of music: Heavy Metal
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Favourite style of art: none
Operating System: Cartoon Producer/Director, Novelist, and Saving Wildlife
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Favorite Character: Daggett (The Angry Beavers)
Personal Quote: "Just a average 26 year old guy with a creative mind."



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King Ghidorah


This is an Death Battle/DBX idea I've rather grown fond lately and thought why not sell the idea to someone who'd be interested. Many would honestly be very surprised how similar both King Ghidorah and Frieza are.

Both are genocidal destructive beings feared throughout the galaxies who conquers and destroys planets (Frieza completely obliterates them, King Ghidorah just leaves them uninhabitable wiping out all life), have cyborg forms (Mecha-King Ghidorah, Mecha Frieza) and are in some ways golden (Most incarnations of King Ghidorah are gold, Frieza has a form that makes him gold). Moreover they're highly arrogant and self-assured which tends to lead to their downfall most times.

Now some might say it's one-sided in Frieza's favor. True but not unless you composite King Ghidorah who I believe would scale to composite Godzilla who is Solar System-Multi-Solar System, which I believe normal Frieza is around at (Barring Golden Frieza of course). Whoever decides to do this, up to you whether you want to add Golden Frieza but unless you want it close, I wouldn't recommend it.

Anyways though. Whoever wants to claim this. Be the first to comment. ;)

Edit: Sold to :iconquaidabc:


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