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The Hurricane



This is part of a series of drawings i intend to do. I'd like to hear what you guys think and if i should do more of these. With that said, this his The Hurricane.
Full Bio :…

Real Name: Jonathan Spark
Height : 6'0'' Weight : 175 lbs
Age : 18
Job : intern in a labratory.
Origin Story : Weather Machine explodes during testing realsing enormous amount of energy and giving him his powers.
Powers : Air Control, Electricity generation and super speed.
Weakness : Extreme use of his powers tires him very quickly.
Alignment : Hero
Sidekick : None (yet)
Team : None (yet)
Personality : Cocky, good at heart, has a strong sens of justice.
Archenemy : Wrath
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He's look like the CW version of The Flash in a good way