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[SketchUp] Staris J7I 'Keshtan' SMG

This weapon will be featured in my sci-fi universe and might be used for more illustrations and art associated with it later. Do not use this model in your own creations!

J7I "Keshtan" is a submachine gun/personal defence weapon produced by Staris, the biggest weapon manufacturer of the Istarian Union. It is a fairly compact and light weapon, made of advanced materials and composites. The weapon fires pistol-caliber rounds from a 32-round magazine using an especially powerful propellant. Because of this, the bottom part of the cartidges is made of steel instead of brass to withstand the increased pressure. This solution allows the rounds to be more powerful and have a greater bullet velocity and range than standard pistol cartridges, however, it also notably increases the recoil of the weapon. Because of that, a fairly large muzzle brake and a stock unusually rigid for an SMG are used in its design.

The weapon is usually used by special forces, law enforcement units and vehicle crews. A unique acessory designed specifically for this gun is a targeting unit with a built in 2× magnification optic, a laser rangefinder and an interface which can be wirelessly connected to a smart helmet, which is a common equpment of Istarian vehicle crews and specialized units. The targeting unit then displays useful information on the helmet's visor and projects a crosshair directly into the soldier's line of sight, which can even compensate for target's movement. This feature allows the weapon to be fired accurately from the hip or from behind cover. The optical sight can also be used as a regular optical sight, if desired. In case the targeting unit breaks or runs out of battery, a very simple backup iron sight on the top of it can be used until it can be repaired/replaced. To make sure the targeting unit aims accurately, it is a common practice to load a tracer round as every 8th round in the magazine. If the shots deviate significantly from the projected crosshair, the targeting unit needs to be recalibrated.

Inspiration and Background Information:
Although I altered the original design beyond recognition, TKI-20 Shingen, a "smart SMG" from Cyberpunk 2077 was my main source of inspiration. It is most evident by the grip and trigger section, the hexagonal cross-section of the main body, the vertical foregrip and the general shape of the targeting unit. Instead of its unusual P90-like magazine in the back of the weapon, I gave this weapon a proper buttstock and moved the magazine to where it would most likely be on a conventional SMG. I also replaced the original muzzle device with one I randomly found on the internet. The magazine is inspired by B&T APC9 see-through magazines. The magazine is inserted from the bottom and is protected by a special "cage" with big cuts to see the amount of remaining rounds through its transparent polymer sides. The buttstock is ispired by stocks produced by Magpul for the AR-15 series of rifles. Simpler and lighter stocks are usually sufficient for submachine guns, but given the increased power of the round this weapon fires, I thought a more proper buttstock would be useful because of the increased recoil. The idea of steel-based cartidges using a more powerful propellant came from SIG's NGSW entry, which aims to replace the standard American rifles and LMGs with a new set of weapons using more powerful rounds without an increase in weight. And in my universe, Istaria is a technologically superior nation which obviously wouldn't use boring conventional technologies. :D (Big Grin) 

Used Software:
SketchUp Make 2017 + Twilight Render (model creation and rendering), GIMP 2 + Inkscape (background and finishing touches).

This is a fictional firearm created for a sci-fi scenario. By creating weapon-related art, I don't promote wars, murder or violence. It is also important to remember, that it is people who commit crimes, not weapons on their own.

Although I try to think at least slightly about the functionality of my weapon designs, they are still mainly a piece of art, by no means designed by a real gunsmith. The technology is my universe is also supposed to be more advanced than that of today's real world. So, don't judge me too hard if you spot a critical flaw in the design which would make this weapon non-functional or impossible to make in real life. However, feel free to point in out in a constructive way so that I can learn something new and consider it next time! :D (Big Grin) 

Favs and comments will be appreciated! :) (Smile)

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Nice work. That's a PDW that I'd love to have, if it were real, of course.

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Well, it's not. :D A prop could be made though, the basic shape is quite simple, if combined with some real (or airsoft) magazine and stock.. :D Some parts could be 3D printed too. I'm not going to do that, I have neither the tools, nor the skill for something like that, but it'd be kinda cool. :D

It would be cool. It would also be a beauty to shoot.

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looks too pretty to shoot....

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I like this one too!

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There’s also some videos by Jonathan Ferguson of the Royal Firearms Museum at Leeds (he’s Keeper of Firearms and Artillery). Aside from some videos by the museum itself, he’s done a few videos for Gamespot comparing firearms designs that show up in video games (ex. “Resident Evil” and the “Metro” series) and compares them to real designs, even showing the guns if they were in the museum’s archives.

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There’s also some videos by Jonathan Ferguson of the Royal Firearms Museum at Leeds (he’s Keeper of Firearms and Artillery). Aside from some videos by the museum itself, he’s done a few videos for Gamespot comparing firearms designs that show up in video games (ex. “Resident Evil” and the “Metro” series) and compares them to real designs, even showing the guns if they were in the museum’s archives.

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Yes, i know about that too. The most interesting thing on Gamespot actually, maybe Jonathan could post it on his own channel. :D
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Love it!!!!!!!!!
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Love it, nice work man!

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They tend to do that, yes. :D

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Nice piece of work!

You mentioned "where the magazine would reasonably be", i recommend the YouTube channel "Forgotten Weapons" here:

Let Gun Jesus show you how weapons function, he helpfully explains how they work while taking them appart, many of them being SMGs/MPis, where you can get a good idea how a magazine would be placed on a new design.

Another source i can recommend is Phillip Luty´s book where he shows how to build a fairly primitive SMG out of material you can get from every home depot.

Cyberpunk is cool, i play it myself Thumbs Up

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Hello! Thanks for the tip, i know that channel and I've watched some videos there, but there's still a lot i can learn from Ian. :D by putting it like that, i was referring to the fact that the TKI-20 Shingen has an unconventional magazine placement probably inspired by the P90, but the magazine actually forms the rear part of the weapon and there is no buttstock. :D I guess it makes some sense in the Cyberpunk universe, in the artbook they explained that this makes the weapon easier to conceal, as you can shorten it by removing the magazine...also, smart weapons in Cyberpunk apparently fire "micro-missiles" that have fairly low velocity and recoil control is less important anyway if the projectiles are self-guided, so that the weapon actually doesn't need a buttstock. :D whereas in my design, I went for a conventional layout with buttstock in the back and a box magazine in front of the pistol grip, as is common for most (non-bullpup) weapons. :D i do have some idea what the inside of a weapon looks like, there is a "bolt" that moves back and forth and it allows the spent casing to eject (the ejection port on my weapon is on the other side so it is not visible, I modeled it but kinda crudely since I know I won't be showing that side anyway :D ) and a new round to be loaded into the chamber.

Anyway, thanks for the tips, especially that book, i haven't heard of that before. :D
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Yeah, Luty is an activist and created that book as a protest against UK gun control laws.

They made sure they caught him with one of his weapons so they could prosecute him legally but his book is already out there, nothing can change that.

About those "smart" weapons in Cyberpunk, i use Skippy, so i´m familiar with them, but Skippy is the best for just how quirky he is, even though from a damage output standpoint he is mediocre at best.

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I came across Skippy too late in my playthrough for it to be useful, it can't be upgraded and its damage scales differently so it's less effective at higher levels. My favourite smart weapon was the G-58 Dian, it looks peculiar but I love the reload animation, it looks as if it "ate" your magazine :D (apparently it has some magnetic system which assists with reloading :D ).

Cyberpunk is a nice source of inspiration when it comes to art like this. I was kinda disappointed that there weren't more weapons, but the ones that are there actually look nice and a lot of them are unique and memorable. :D
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Well game was kinda rushed...

Personally i hope we get some more nice stuff when the DLCs come out.

But it´s really impressive how they made three different kind of weapons in the first place.

I would like to see actual directed energy weapons like lasers, LAER, plasma and other kind of SciFi guns, but what we have by now is quite impressive indeed.

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Maybe in some DLC, they could include these as a fourth weapon class. :D it would be interesting, but they would need to come up with some unique ability to distinguish these from other weapons. Perhaps the energy weapons could have unlimited/very large quantity of ammo (you obviously need a power source and, in case of plasma weapons, a source of gas which will form the plasma, but these could be much lighter and longer-lasting than conventional ammo. Not with our current technology, but in a sci-fi setting, definitely. :D ) and would instead overheat. Or they would deal more damage to robots, if the DLC actually included robots more prominently (apart from the Flathead or whatever it's called, there weren't many robots in Cyberpunk, were there? :D i guess cyborgs are more fitting for the genre than actual robots so it makes some sense, but they could surely find an interesting way of including them. :D )

Well, the development of the game must have been rough. I don't think it's a bad game, but it was a mistake to overhype it so much and not include many features that made it unique in the end. But hype is the plague of the modern world. :D it's probably better to be a bit sceptical about stuff and then be pleasantly surprised, than to board the hype train and then have it derail violently when the actual product comes out. :D
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Definitely. The plasma weapons could possibly have a gas filter built in that sucks the gas necessary out of the atmosphere but still require an energy source, a laser or LAER weapon would only require energy. I wonder about sonic shockwaves and/or magnetic wave wweapons...

About the overhyping, we have seen this to such a frustrating degree especially in the last few years. Games like No Man´s Sky, Fallout 76, various Battlefield and Modern Warfare titles, Anthem and, of course, Cyberpunk. All had that happen to them, with the management promising things at times the actual creators couldn´t deliver what was described. Star Citizen is basically in Alpha for YEARS by now while games that started later have long since successfully been comleted.

Luckily we then get surprise hit, like Among Us, for me, i´m playing happily Total War Warhammer II for a while now, currently about to close my Ikit Claw/Clan Skryr campaigne and about to start a Rakarth/Dark Elves campaigne.

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Some kind of sonic/shockwave weapon sounds fun. I can imagine throwing enemies across the room or making their heads explode. :D Cyberpunk is slightly "over the top" in some cases, so it might be possible to implement this without it feeling too out of place. :D

I sometimes play the latest Call of Duty games, there are many disappointing things about them, but when I don't want to think too much about anything and just mindlessly shoot at people, it's okay. I'm average at best so i don't get screwed over by SBMM too much, so maybe that's why it feels okay to me. :D I just don't take that game too seriously and my goal is rather to level up all weapons, unlock as many calling cards as possible etc, not having the best K/D. The biggest flaw of Call of Duty is it's yearly cycle, I'd prefer if they made just one Call of Duty game and continuously updated it (or maybe three games, one for the past, one for the modern times and one for the future, so that everybody gets their cup of tea. :D ), rather than making a new game every year that lacks half the things that should've been there at launch and only becomes decent late in its (very short) life cycle. But I guess they'll never do that unless it somehow made them more money. The franchise is so popular that people will buy whatever turd they come up with. :D

But I know some of the games you mentioned were disappointing. Some got better though, i heard No Man's Sky was improved a lot.

Still, the game I like the most is actually Minecraft. It's a game that hasn't disappointed me yet, i can play it with friends and I also see it as a form of "art" which I can use to create fictional worlds, buildings, vehicles etc. when I don't feel like drawing or modelling them. :D For a person who likes to imagine and create stuff, it's the best game around. :D
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