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[SketchUp] Krig and Seryan Type 207 Assault Rifle

This weapon will be featured in my sci-fi universe and might be used for more illustrations and art associated with it later. Do not use this model in your own creations!

Type 207 is the latest assault rifle produced by Krig & Seryan for Rotharn armed forces. Its light polymer body results in lower weight and thus, increased flexibility, it has superior accuracy and thanks to its massive muzzle break and its center of mass being close to the middle section, it is easy to control, despite firing the same powerful 9.6mm cartidge as some of the newer Gora Vur rifles. The only complaints from Rotharn troops were related to the placement of the magazine release button, but this issue was fixed with later updated versions. This, however, is the original factory version of the Type 207 in its stock configuration (apart from the added angled grip).

This weapon was inspired by some real-world firearms, same as most of my models. :D The most significant source of inspiration was Croatian assault rifle VHS-2, however, the charging handle was taken from French FAMAS and some minor details are based on other weapons as well. This could also be considered an evolution of a very old creation of mine, the SPEAR assault rifle.

I used SketchUp 2017 to create the model, Twilight Render v2 for rendering the image and GIMP2 for some finishing touches. :)

Disclaimer: By creating weapon-related art, I don't promote wars, murder or violence. Weapons are, and have always been, an important part of human evolution and they are interesting from the technological point of view, same as for example cars or electronics are. And remember: It's never the weapon itself who is responsible for crimes and murders committed with it, it's the person who pulled the trigger. When used responsibly, weapons don't have to be feared, shunned upon, or censored.

Favs and comments will be appreciated! :) (Smile)

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Looks much like a pimped french FAMAS... :)
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intersting, might wanna bring the stock in closer? the trigger is way forward on this, just seems like it would be awkward to hold.
over all i really like the design, reminds me of a famas mixed with an XM8
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I think many bullpup weapons have the trigger/pistol grip assembly placed like this. Check for example VHS-2, which was my main source of inspiration:…

The pistol grip is not even in the middle, it's closer to the forward end of the weapon than to the rear end. :D I think it is fairly similar to how it's placed on my weapon. :D 

this a very good looking gun IMO.

food for thought: guns without safety are mostly limited to guns that aren’t built for auto/burst fire (so basically almost all assault rifles and machine guns have a safety)

this one seems to support only single and burst/auto fire

Still good job, no other technical complaint XD

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There is safety, it's just placed on a different spot from the fire selector. :D In front of the ejection port, there is a sliding bit with two white symbols, can you see it? :D sliding the slider forward locks the gun and prevents it from shooting. I just felt that if the fire selector had three positions, it would be obstructing the shooter's hand if it was set to the middle position, so I moved the safety lock elsewhere. It's less convenient in that place, but not a big deal I think, I know  weapons that have safety lock separate from fire selector in real life as well. :D
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And here I was, about to comment on how similar it looks to a VHS-2. Well done.

And yeah, I share your views about weaponry. Well said.
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I see you're a man of culture as well. B-) (Cool) 

Most people don't seem to know VHS-2, so they say it reminds them of FAMAS. :D However, this design was influenced by VHS-2 much more than by the FAMAS. :D
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Wow stunning and really great weapon
Nice job !
Firstly reminds me a Famas and an AUG fuison
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Thank you :D

People seem to think of the FAMAS a lot when they see this weapon. :D It was one of the sources of inspiration, however, I'd say the weapon resembles VHS-2 more than the FAMAS. However, VHS-2 is not as known as FAMAS I guess, because it's much newer. :D
Magnificent weapon
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nice art.

kind of reminds me famas mostly in call of duty games.
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FAMAS was one of the weapons I used as a source of inspiration, mainly the charging handle and the ribbing on the barrel. :D 
Not the emo reboot one
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Modern Warfare 2 was the best CoD in my opinion. :D 
Modern Warfare 3 is a contender too, though. I beat the whole story of that one in one night. ( and paid for it the next morning )
MikePrivius's avatar
I actually did that too! :D I got the game for Christmas and stayed up till like 5 AM, until Makarov finally got what he deserved! :D
My clock said 3:15am when I finished. I began as Frost, when Manhattan was under attack, and finished as Price, watching Makarov dangling by his neck ( He had that coming so bad ).

THAT was Modern Warfare. I don't want a " Reboot ". I want something new and different for the series, like a COD set in Sub Saharan Africa in WW1.
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Reminiscent of the Croatian VHS-2.
For reference:…
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I know, i wrote the description that VHS-2 was one of my sources of inspiration. :D
Not sure you needed your " disclaimer ", but that weapon looks ready to jump into a battle in Halo. Or Black Ops 3.
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