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[SketchUp] AURARMS R2 Plasma Assault Rifle

Few years have passed since AURARMS produced their first prototype plasma rifle, the XR1, and the development of this kind of weapon has seen a significant progress since that. R2 is the latest example of that, as it's a much more sophisticated, reliable and practical weapon, compared to the bulky and extremely complex XR1. In fact, R2 is the first weapon of this kind to enter regular service...and so far, the feedback of the armed forces has been quite positive.

The body of the weapon is constructed using latest composite materials and metal alloys, making the inner weapon mechanism sturdy enough to withstand the extreme conditions produced when forming and firing a blaster bolt, while keeping the weight and volume of the weapon on levels comparable with standard assault rifles. The barrel is reinforced with a material whose composition is strictly classified, which makes it less prone to overheating. However, firing in short bursts or single shots is still recommended as firing several cells on full auto in a short period of time can literally cause the barrel to melt. The rate of fire is also significantly lower than that of a standard firearm, at about 300 RPM. 

The weapon is powered by a combined plasma cell, which means that it contains both the battery and the tank with so called "P-Gas", which is then used to form plasma bolts when enough energy is released into it. The cell has a capacity of 240 PO. PO is a standard measurement of power output of energy weapons, invented by AURARMS. The weapon has adjustable power settings which allow it to fire variously strong shots, from 7.5 PO worth bolts (which don't kill the target, just incapacitate it) all the way up to 24 PO worth shots, which have effects comparable with .50 caliber ammunition, however, their range is much shorter. Depending on power setting, the weapon can fire between 10-32 shots. The cell actually usually runs out of energy sooner than all the P-Gas is depleted, which requires the weapon to be reloaded, however, the cell can be later recharged to make use of the remaining gas inside. The P-gas can also be refilled, however, this process is more complicated than the energy recharging and requires special equipment when performed in field conditions. However, the cells are very light and quite compact when compared to regular magazines so soldiers are usually able to carry enough ammunition with them into the battle. The built-in display under the magazine allows the soldier to check the status of the loaded cell.

The weapon has standard rails for fitting various attachments, from various grips and scopes to micro computers which can provide soldiers with many useful data and confortably display them on a small display attached to the side rail. This particular weapon comes equipped with 4x AIOS sight, also produced by AURARMS, which allows the user to quickly acquire targets using simple illuminated reticle. The color of the reticle can be switched between red and green (blue/yellow version of AIOS sight is also in production). It also has a simple folding grip with adjustable angle.

I had a lot of fun creating this weapon. I learnt to create a bit complex, not so angular shapes so the weapon looks a bit more realistic and modern than ever before. I also rendered it in higher resolution this time. I mostly came up with the design myself, however the overall shape of the weapon was kinda inspired by real-life Steyr AUG A3. (AUG was actually considered a very futuristic-looking weapon when it was first introduced, so it's a good inspiration for a sci-fi weapon :D )

This model was made in SketchUp and rendered using Twilight Render.
As this model is considered "non-canon" for my sci-fi universe, you can use it in your own projects, just make sure to credit me as the original creator. 

Disclaimer: By creating weapon-related art, I don't promote wars, murder or violence. Weapons are, and have always been, an important part of human evolution and they are interesting from the technological point of view, same as for example cars or electronics are. And remember: It's never the weapon itself who is responsible for crimes and murders committed with it, it's the person who pulled the trigger. When used responsibly, weapons don't have to be feared, shunned upon, or censored.

Favs and comments will be appreciated! :) (Smile)

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What color are the plasma bolts?

MikePrivius's avatar
I always pictured them to be white or light blue. :D

That would fit actual plasma pretty well. The pure gas would be result in white plasma, gas with impurities would create blue.

MikePrivius's avatar
Yeah, I sort of thought that could be the case. :D Thanks for an insight. ;D

Hi I remember we had a good discussion about plasma weapons and I wanted to get your thoughts on something. For a story I'm working on I have a concept of a plasma weapon that uses charged plasma primarily composed of free flowing protons. I know in the real world hydrogen has a good deal of them, but for my story I've used hydrogen for other things already and calling the gas the weapon uses prohydrogen just doesn't sound right, it sounds like an energy drink.

What do you think about a good name?

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Very nice work.

You gotta get your models onto our site : RenderHub
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On the stock, it's a display for the current energy %?
MikePrivius's avatar
Yes, that's what it is. :D the top bar shows the level of energy and the bottom bar shows the remaining volume of gas, needed to create the plasma bolt the gun fires. :) 
U MADE THIS IS SKETCHUP ??!!!! i even find it hard to make a cube in that program :D it just doesn't work with you :D 
MikePrivius's avatar
Yep, I made it in Sketchup. :D All it requires is patience :D i find Sketchup quite easy to use compared to other 3D editing software, like Blender :P
i find Sketchup a pain i stick with maya :)
MikePrivius's avatar
Okay :D I once got used to SketchUp, i'm gonna keep using it :D and hopefully I'll get even better at it :)
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Man smooth to the touch man this is amazing I love it 👍👍👍😂😂❤️❤️❤️
MikePrivius's avatar
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anything it was quite lovely the model I loved it❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍😂😂
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Great render. Looks like a physically real object.
MikePrivius's avatar
It kinda does :D Twilight is surprisingly capable for a free plugin :D
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This would be a good star wars rifle.
MikePrivius's avatar
Haha, yeah, the color scheme kinda fits with the weapons that First Order uses :D
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