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I've got two more exams to do next week on Philosophy and History and then I have about eleven weeks free time. Did someone say 'daily updates?' Yes. Yes they did.

I've been elected a Prefect at my college. Yeah, Harry Potter style. I missed getting 'Head Boy' by a few votes, which only helps to restore my faith in the electorate.
No, I don't get a badge. Yes, that does make me sad.

Funky questionnaire Bio The Glome did, I did it too because I'm a mindless sheep following fashion.
Enjoy the pointless personal details. Please, feel free to do it yourself, when I have ensnared you in my Saw-esque torture-based mind-games this information will give me the edge I need to brake you like brightly coloured cocktail sticks you are.
Bwha ha ha ha. [Lacks Enthusiasm]

-- Name: Mike
-- Birthdate: 31/03/1990
-- Nicknames: Mooshka.. Well - by my siblings.
-- Location: Southern Britain
-- Eye Colour: Blue
-- Hair Colour: Blonde... red beard.
-- Righty or Lefty: Right, but only for writing - everything else is left.

-- The shoes you wore today: White Patent Leather
-- Your perfect pizza: Ham, Mushroom.
-- Your best physical feature: Penis
-- Most missed memory: I can't remember, if I could, I wouldn't miss it.

-- Pepsi or Coke: Capitalist Pigs
-- Adidas or Nike: Slave-Driving Capitalist Pigs
-- Chocolate or Vanilla: Strawberry, the 3rd minority of ice-cream.
-- Cappuccino or Coffee: Isn't Cappuccino a type of coffee? I'll stick to tea.

-- Do you sing: A deep tenor in the shower and the bedroom.
-- Do you think you will go to college: Already in college - now I got to get to Uni!
-- Get motion sickness: Not at all, I read the entirety of Plato's Republic driving through France.
-- Think you're a health freak: No, but the doctors say I'm in denial.
-- Get along with your parents: I'll mourn for them.
-- Play an instrument: The piano, poorly.

In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: Yes.
-- Gone to the mall: Yes.
-- Kissed someone: Yes
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: I ate two packets of Bourbon Biscuits... does that count?
-- Eaten Sushi: Sorry, no.
-- Been on stage: Yes - I was elected a college prefect.
-- Gone skating: Not my scene, daddy-o.
-- Made homemade cookies: Cooked Victoria sponge, if that counts.
-- Stolen anything: I call it borrowing.

Have you ever...
-- Lied about your age: Never had to.
-- Used a fake I.D: Oooh, the scandal of the American middle-classes!

-- Age you hope to be married: Oh, late twenties, early thirties, perhaps.
-- Number of Children: It's lady's choice.

In a guy/girl...
-- Best eye colour: Brown, glasses are always fun.
-- Best hair colour: Brown or Red - Blondes just don't cut it.
-- Short hair or long hair: Either very long or very short - extremes make life interesting.

-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 13, one is a cat.
-- Number of cds you own: 7, thank you digital age.
-- Number of piercings: None
-- Number of tattoos: None, although I'm thinking of black rings on my finger-joints.

© 2007 - 2021 Mikenestin
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Congrats on becoming Prefect.
Lucky you. I've got a week of crammed in classes and finals left.
Theeennn it's off to Art Camp to meet with some fellow arty kids and actually learn a bit for me.
But I get internet access! So yes! I will watch your daily updates!
... And I totally expect to see those daily updates.
Mikenestin's avatar
And you will get them, my desire, and you will get them!
Good luck with Art Camp, I wish I could come - you're going to blow them all away!
Foxfairy24's avatar
Heh, but we're all crazy, senseless Americans! You mightn't fit in.
I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the college's track and weight room.
Mikenestin's avatar
You're going to be buff.
Ah, of course I'll fit it - I've always wanted to be the suave, exotic one!
Foxfairy24's avatar
I'm going to be a beast by summer's end.
:3 Either the suave, exotic one or the sophisticated corporate terrorist. That's how it always seems to end up in the movies.
Mikenestin's avatar
After watching the 1994 disney movie - I have a thing for beasts.

Or we are secretly Korean Generals going on Nuclear-equipped Awol... Having British accents makes henious crimes so much more acceptable by civillized society.
Mikenestin's avatar
Rubber track? Hey, man, I don't know what kinky games you want to play; but count me out. (/end Shaggy impression)

See? You wouldn't feel at all bad if I where to appear on every television in the nation and demand $100,000 else I drop the moon on you.
Foxfairy24's avatar
Even for ones out there on that delightfully springy rubber track?

Not only more acceptable, but absolutely sexy.
Mikenestin's avatar
Rubber track? Hey, man, I don't know what kinky games you want to play; but count me out. (/end Shaggy impression)

See? You wouldn't feel at all bad if I where to appear on every television in the nation and demand $100,000 else I drop the moon on you.
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I didn't know you were in college. That explains some of how you're so cool :3

It's so weird that you're a year younger than me, though D:
The difference in locations is really apparent in our mental capacities...

*blames own flaws on environment, rather than personal flakiness*
Mikenestin's avatar
:D Bwaah! Well, I'm not in college. I'm in Englandish College, which is known as 'XI Form College' - which equates to the last few years of highschool. My 12/13th year of education. Then I intend my 14th to be Art Foundation and my 15th, 16th and 17th to be in University.
And there's my life and immediate future... scary.
So, don't worry - I'm not an 'L'-esque super-kid. At least, I try not to be...
Eyestrain's avatar
HAHAH! But you are anyway! You fail at life!

... Wait :o

(and... I don't know how British schooling works. What's Art Foundation?)
Mikenestin's avatar
Baisically it means I bum around drawing pretty pictures for a year and the government loves me.
Eyestrain's avatar

... Do you have to be a citizen to do that?
Mikenestin's avatar
Yes! GLORIOUS BRITAINA! We didn't conquer half the earth for nothing, you know!
Eyestrain's avatar
What? You own something other than that little island?
I guess you did have india for a while there, but you can hardly call yourselves glorious at this stage in the game. Face it, the American Empire is the new age. Get with the times. :roll:
Mikenestin's avatar
We owned India for a while!? Pah! Pah! [link] - look at this! The sun never set on English soil.
American Empire, ho ho ho - don't make me laugh, the White House can't even control California, let alone a forgien nation.
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Prefect?! Congrats!
And daily updates? *licks lips* I'm gonna hold you to that, dearie...bwahahaha! Sorry, my insane megalomaniac American-ness coming out there.

Luv these questionnaires, they're so revealing *cough--layer two, number three--cough*
Srsly, I need to get out of this country. Can I live with you if I promise not to invade your country while I'm there :)
Good luck on the exams; two of my fav topics ;)
Mikenestin's avatar
I've already confiscated enough cigarettes to start my own black market...
I'll start drawing tomorrow - this weekend has been the celebration of finishing my exams! So, I'm feeling a little sleepy... X|

These questionnaires aren't fun unless they're revealing! You should do one sometime. ;p
I'd love it if you could come and live with me, but, ah, unfortunately I don't have a spare bed... I guess you could have mine, but who would suffer such a thing?
Exams are OVER! Ha ha, I'm all yours baby!
elementc's avatar
Well I may be a brightly colored stick but that doesn't mean you can make me fill out a silly quiz!!
Mikenestin's avatar
Dooo it. *shakes fist*
AngryPotato's avatar
aw you like brown eyes? thats cool :D
Mikenestin's avatar
Brown/Black hair is always a plus too. ;p
AngryPotato's avatar
yes...its always nice when someones a fan of poop colored features :D ...gives us hope! hahaha
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