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It's done! Ah ha HA! [ [link] ]

Attually that's a lie, my work-load trippled so I cut it off were it was and posted it... *sigh* But I swear that all the people I promised I would draw, I will draw! I'm an Englishman and a man of his word!
Although you may be in groups of 1-3. Oh dear.

Well, these fine people who I love and worship compleatly are, in posistion:

This is the music of the piece [link] . And this took me about 2 hours or so.

Oh, might as well tell you a little about the costumes.

Mikenestin's (mine) - Non-Decorative Captain of the Rifles field Dress. Rough leather with simple Commonwealth design. Long Cuffs to protect wearer from blackpower blow-back. Limited Lightweight armor for Officers is purely traditional decoration.

Laroche's Costume - Of Mysterious Elven design. Not much is know about the dress but it is believed that the loops surrounding boody and joints and a lightweight way of deflecting rifle fire and arrows.

The Navigator's Costume - Steam Guard. After the power of Steam being discovered in the 1600s this technology has been scaled into a guantlet that uses steam to allow even the most fragile of beings to lift and opperate great swords. The Steam Guard is a lightwieght and fast fighting force, dispite appearences. Helmet is based on Elven Technologies.

The Glome's Costume - Black Mages have upgraded traditional cloaks in the late 1600 to be more effective against riflefire on the battlefield and they became a traget. Underneight the thick fire, ice and lightning retardant outer-vestments lies a think plate armor.

Buraisuko's Costume - Traditional Armor and Sword of Drangon Hunters in the late 1500s before dragons extinction in 1600 with the invention of the Bastions. The under is Leather as chainmain would fry the wearer in the 'heat' of battle.
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Dig, dig. Good show.
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Thanks a heap!
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Lovely work and the characters looks great.
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thank you very much!
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For some reason I find it quite an amusing picture, but it's a got a raw talent which has been defined into a certain after the bullshit:-
Nice work here ^_^
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*Genuine tears come to Mikenestin's eyes*
That's the nicest bullshit anyone has ever said to me... :glomp:
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well you know, I do try :mwahaha: ahem ^___^
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WHOA!!! Cool art dood O_O
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Thank you so much! ^^
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:glomp: What is the closing date of your competion?
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You can submit just ONE art until 05/14 XD :hug:
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14th of May... got it. I'll see if I can scrounge some free time...
I think the perspective's a bit wonky, but I like the overall composition. The costumes are great and seem to have just the right amount of detail. With the coloring and linework it reminds me of an illustration for a story book or a video game rpg manual. Nice work.
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Video game rpg manual, eh? ...*thinks of the future*

Thanks! *absentmindedly* .... games....
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I love all the great detail! Congrats on 1k!
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Thankyou so much! It really is an honour.
featuring me! ( ) wait… not… oh well, I'll be on the next one I hope! ^^
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Hah, that armor of mine is HUGE! I look like a tank :XD:

Great drawing, I loved all of the little details you put into the costume designs. It's obvious a lot of thought went into this. Bravo! And congrats on the 1,000 ( and to many thousand more - cheers! )
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'Built to withstand grape-shot from cannon' was the intial outline for it, the seconds outline was 'to look big, black and cool.' I hope I've achived it to your satisfaction.
Thank you so much forall the support and the favourite!
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