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Running Battle Untitled

It's late, the blood is rushing to my eyeballs and my urine smells of Sugar Puffs - so I'll make this quick.

I'm pushing out of my comfort zone, trying to find a style of painting and a palette that is uniquely mine. It feels maddening but at the same time totally liberating. Bizarre and fearsome colours loom, I hope they might usher in rich new ideas!

I'd like to think this is the tiniest flash of my imagination undiluted - rich saturation and roaring sound; a demiurge forcing Raw from between the infant cracks in my skull.
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running battle! i get it! cause that ship looks like a shoe!
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It's like you can see the sound.
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hmm anarchy lies in destruction but is it anarchy if the destroyer is a part of an army :plotting:
Mikenestin's avatar
Actions endorced by one government against another cannot, by deffinition, be anarchy.
Gouch's avatar
looking good man, a much fresher feel to you usual stuff, I'd hesitate to say bolder, but I think "fresh" nearly covers what I mean.
Mikenestin's avatar
It's free; less restrained by my hesitance. I road the rest of me must follow.
Laroche's avatar
You seem to be on the way onto somehting here. Your art is more and more intressting every time I see it! ^^
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Glad to know you're still alive! I must send that letter to you as soon as the postal strike ends.
Thank you, I hope it may become more interesting yet.
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Ahh yes I live. You however seem to like to log on to msn when you got no time to talk! lol
Yes be sure to send the letter as soon as you can.
I await that letter and your new art with anticipation. ^^
Mikenestin's avatar
It logs it on it's own account - I'm so sorry, I'm always bogged down with college work.
Thank you - I will send my letter as soon as possible!
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Ah I see.... Well ok then I know. I was starting to get annoied about the non respons from you, but then I know why atleast. ^^
I hope you will get less bogged with work soon then. IF you get the time please give me a ping when online at msn.

Hope to talk to you soon.

/ Laroche
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Please don't be annoyed! I've felt so guilty these weeks past...
Laroche's avatar
I am not anymore and your not to blame that the msn connects automaticly. ^^
Mikenestin's avatar
Good! Next time I have some free-time (urh) I'll find you!
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raw indeed. i like the bits of pink. it makes every thing stand out. cool air ship too. is it fighting a normal ship, like a water one? or is it somthing all together different? still cool all the same.
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Thanks. I think it's assulting a dry-dock, becuase, you know - Ship's have complex mother-issues.
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