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Rime of the Ancyent Marinere

'God save thee, ancyent Marinere!
'From the fiends that plague these thus -
'Why look'st thou so?' - With my cross bow
I shot the albatross.

My English Literature teacher peers around the class room - 'Who's artistic here, eh? eh!?'

I knew I should have run...
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Wow! This is really neat. It kinda goes with a poem that I'm working with in class.
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Deep! I love it when people illustrate poems like you did.
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Thanks man, always good to hear from you.
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the romantic period is my favourite!
good perspective/angle and what not on the head, man, kinda reminds me of when you manage to kill anything in flight in any of the newer zelda games.
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I have a soft spot for idealists and the underdog; the Romantics are an obvious choice.
Admittedly a little reference was use, but I'm glad the effect is pleasing. Wind-Waker: the giant birds do look like Albertrosses! Gah! I can't UN-see it!
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haha, when I saw this all I could hear was that bird going "GAH!"
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[shudders] The memories... the memories!
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Lovely. The halo is a nice touch.

I prefer the Iron Maiden song to the poem, though.

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Trust you to drop in for the literary allusions. Thanks man; the Halo is either a poorly veiled reference to the Albatrosses Christ-like murder or a section later in the poem that describes the sun being “red as God’s own head.” Take yer pick.

Iron Maiden! Rock out! I perfere the Trooper - but there you go.
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I'll pick the former. :p

Yes, you redcoats do know how to do music right, at least. haha
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We also to colonialism and irony, sometimes at the same time.
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