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Mech: Kant's Revenge

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Well, this is me being bored; trying to invent half-original Mech out of a bet with myself. Perhaps not... Well, at least I got away from the Japanese aesthetic. And colour, apparently.
This will probably reincarnate itself in a multitude of ways in the near future. So keep a weather eye out.

In the mean while I'd like to know what you think. Thanks.

Music: [link] [Dances like there is no tomorrow]

Height: 35'
Weight: 12 Tonnes
Mx Spd: 25 Mph
Weaponry: N/A (fists)
Price: $499.99 (us)
Order now and receive a free ridiculously scaled gold-plate ring!!!
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she likes it.
Mikenestin's avatar
Glad she does.
Piowpiow. :heart:
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Doncha nooo
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Man, I wish a could draw robots :( I like how the parts seem to connect to each other. The little ring and ribbon add a nice little contrast to the work. Does it have any signficance?
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It's just mental exercise - working out what looks good conpared to what looks right. And Voila - you have a robot!
:D Maybe, but you'll have to guess.
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I can't do mechs to save my life, so I am immediately insanely jealous. What I love most about this one is the intentionally NOT technical this is. It's so loose and painterly. A definate break from the emotionless and cold mech drawings you see all the time. Lovely!
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Hurrah, you're wonderful! :D Thank you.
My, I dunno, I want to call it "artic dream", is work in which human emotion is paramount - a little old-fashioned perhaps, but I want to bring all the ideas we have gained from the modern age back with me. So impressionistic/expressionistic robots might feature in that.
Thanks a lot once again, it's an unexpected delight to have your opinion.

...Attacking Taboo is no longer art, perhaps. My generation yawns at sharks cut in half and counter-culture is our culture. What do you think?
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muhah the ring is pretty ironic. then people could have mech-weddings and terrifying experimental sexual sessions.. hm this mech could work, Id love to see it from its other sides as well :)
Mikenestin's avatar
terrifying experimental sexual sessions = honeymoon.
I need to do some technical drawings!
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I really like this... especially the 'top heavy-ness' of it. It's unique!

The grey of the mech contrasts well with the bright red and gold of the ring. It makes the ring and strand pop out, and kinda adds mystery to it, like "why the heck is THAT there?"

The hint of a face on it is pretty cool too. It adds to the, more-of-a-machine-than-a-robot, feel.

I think I just massacured your work... I'm sorry. ^_^ You probably didn't think of any of that when you were making it. Ah well...

Great work, I love your style! Keep 'em coming!
Mikenestin's avatar
Hey, it's great to see a new face! Thanks a lot!
And no, you haven't massacured anything more than my modesty - I'm truely flattered!
Thank you once again - you should hang around, I just submitted more design work! :D
Athenazero's avatar
I'm not a new face, I really enjoyed your "Knight, Djinn Slayer"... ^_^

Maybe you just don't remember. I haven't commented on your work in a while, so it's not like it's your fault or anything. Just mine. ^_^

I really do enjoy all of your work, and I'm gonna go comment on your new knight picture! *runs*
Mikenestin's avatar
Shhh! I'm trying to account for my shoddy memory! And yes, now I check - you did comment! :D my apologies!

Good, good! [looks at pitiful responce]
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I'm impressed with the design and the structure of it's parts, especially the hands. The details on it are good. It feels like an ancient mech judging from it's design and colouring style. I hope those legs are made from some indestrutive material to support it's weight. You could add smaller details to this, right now you got the main parts looking good. Overall it still looks chunky, smaller details help balance it out so there's an assortment of things to see.

The little ring there makes it so unique. I hope to see more of this, since I can't buy one ;_;
Mikenestin's avatar
Huzzah! You worked down through your inbox a little way. Speaking of which, have you got my notes? I'm worried the system isn't working....

Anyway, thank you very much. I'm a little impressed and awed at this change in language to a more anylitical style. Your grasp of the written word is stronger than you believe.

Everyone has been saying how the legs are too thin, but looking at it again the legs seem to be in balance with the head and torso: it's the arms that are hugely disproportionate. To me at least.
Yeah, totally 'impressionistic' I can't wait to do it again with more detail. Possibly re-emerging as infantary support in our collaboration, carrying some form of rail-gun.... we'll see.

The ring? Ah, that's mostly a hommage to you. Working with a limited pallet I found I needed a strong colour to brake it and drew inspiration from your red-ribbon motifs. I decided against angel-wings. :D

Yeah, buying one would be unfeasable: the Rupiah is terrible against the Dollar...
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i like how the hands came out. they're the most 3d looking parts of this mecha. the chest area feels pretty flat, but i guess thats ok if you're going with the impressionistic look. somehow i cant help but see a funny face in the torso area of the mecha. i wonder if you intended that to be the face. overall design pretty original. kinda gives me a feel that its an ancient type mecha thats powered by spiritual powers.. or soemthing to that effect. oh, and by the way, i want the ring.
Mikenestin's avatar
Thanks. It can be done! However, I've no idea how it would fit with a modern military asthetic like your 'Paratroopers.' That I need to work on.
I was thinking on making a head chest - Anthropophagi style - with sculpted teeth. But decieded against it; the eyes becoming bolts.

Keeping it loose and rough helps with design, for me at least. As for a power source? Either Ki or diesel.
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well, i dont think this fella was ever meant to fit in a modern millitary enviroment. unless you could always try adding more.. modern stuff i guess..steampipes.. guns maybe. ya know, that sorta thing. somehow the bolts still look like. .eyes. and i still could see the face. maybe adding more bolts here and there would help.
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The entire design would have to revamped for contempary militarty design. Complex curves and joints have no place in today's world of hunter-seeker misiles.
In later versions more details like that will definately have to be included.
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I think the feet could have used a little more definition, but the overall design is great.
Mikenestin's avatar
I drew out the feet to a few strokes, and liked the strokes so much I couldn't bring myself to change them.
The arms, however, are re-done for the 20th time.
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