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DeathNote, Ryuk

A gold star to whoever can guess what I've been reading lately.

Something about mind-games, ethical paradoxes and Gregorian chant really appeals to my Machiavellian side...

A few hours in photoshop - this could have been so much simpler if only I'd planned further ahead.
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This is beautiful. Mind if I use it as a refrence for a painting sometime? [if I ever get a chance to] :D
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yes, thats him! is EVIL! not stoopid like many art of him.

u did great!
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The idea of him, at least, scared the living crap out of me. But for some reason the Japanese always have to have 'comedy moments' that ruin the Integrity of their characters!
Thanks man, ah - I've got a long way to go, but thanks.

Also - The Pillows! Fuck yeah!
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Ahhh, deathnote, how awesome
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Sorry, i think that was a friends work!
well, translating the message about this painting:
'Whata fuck!... very good!!!!!'
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My spanish(?) isn't that good but I got the drift, thank you!
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CARAYO Bueno!!!
Que teso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saudades, bosta!
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Death Note is a personal love of mine. The complexities that lie within it's pages leave many readers with different points of view upon what is truly good, and what is truly evil. And I also have to appreciate the fact that the manga requires an active mind to absorb much of the information.

More importantly, I find that the deliciously creative author makes a strong statement about the delicacy of moral, and what can result when ethics are left up to one individual.

But I digress. Ryuk (also spelled "Ryuuk" by some circles, it seems) is a character I hold dear to my heart. He is neither what one would consider good, nor evil, but rather a sort of oblivious shade of gray. He keeps his promises, for the most part, but generally has no care for whatever outcome unfolds for humanity.

And you just gotta love that heart earing. Seriously. <3 It's quite a statement of confidence when a Death God can wear a delicate, silver earing in the shape of a heart.

The art style you chose for him is simply perfect. You've kept very true to the nature of his character, and I therefor deeply adore you for it.

Mikenestin's avatar
I don't believe Ryuk is a 'shade of grey' rather he appears to be entirely set apart from any concept of human morality, such as are all the Gods of Death, as causing humans to die is part of their nature as deified act of dying. The question their morality is only to voice ones disapproval of their nature; comparable to the fish disapproving of the human for breathing air.
Admittedly I haven't seen the end of the series and can't offer an opinion of whether or not this changes. However, it seems that when Death Gods are involved morally with humans they meet their end - an example being the God 'Jealous;' who "died" saving Misa.

I really should have changed the pose to include the earring, you're right - it's awesome, yet somehow managed to never look out-of-place. You also have to admire the man ('man';) for making tight leather straps look good.
Thank you, I'm flattered; it's rare I get such good comments.

Nice gallery, by the way.
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one of the best ryuks I've ever seen! very nice work
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I'll take your word on Ryuk as professional. Heh, thanks a lot.
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I haven't read this manga, so I can't tell you how close to the character it is, but I can tell you how great it is style and technique wise. ^^

His eyes do look glazed but I like that on this one.

Great job... again!
Mikenestin's avatar
Thank you! Ah, well - if you're into manga and such I would reccomend it; suprisingly well written. I really want to develope my own style in approach to painting and understand perfectly all techniques! Rah - I guess this is what I'm going to university for, huh?

I'm glad youl like it.
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Very good ^^

He looks Really scary... like... in the last book.. I don't wanna ruin it for you but you kinda get to see the other face of the 'nice' Ryuk...!

Enjoy the books!
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I will, thanks!
He was always scary as hell - he just acted indifferently to Light's actions, and by that token 'nice.'
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Lovely brush textures. Even if I'm not familiar with the subject matter I can't argue that it doesn't look great.

I would have liked a little more definition between background and foreground, and on some of the facial features, though.
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Can't argue that it doesn't? Isn't that the proverbial double negative?
Regardless, thank you! I really need to focus more on my forms, hardnesses and lighting to help create a better over-all picture.
Ok, a bit of self-critique now I come back to look at this image:

Firstly I have pointless and I directed brush-strokes that serve no purpose and actually conceal the true form of face I was trying to present.

Secondly I have no real light-source and have been entirely arbitrary about where highlights and lowlights are.

Thirdly I have failed to define hard areas (such as the teeth) from the soft (the lips) and visa versa - it's entirely inseparable on the material level. On a related none, the lack of variation of tonal value (the 'steepness' of my tonal pallet) fails to represent the changing surfaces-types and corresponding radiosities (the matt skin having almost the same highlighting as that of the gloss eye-balls).
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Is it? I don't know.

No point in telling me any self-critique! haha
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Doing it for myself really. ;p Thanks anyway.
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You've taken Ryuk to a whole new level of creepiness here 0_0 :clap:
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