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5 Military Uniform Concepts

[More or less a speed-paint in acrylic. This stuff is wonderful; it dries fast and allows me to form easy colour and light forms to put my ideas immediately onto the page.]


This page shows some important uniforms of the Armies of Bauxmont/Rossoban at the time of the Great Chaotic War (214 A.IM*), ranks not included are Sailor, Mechanica Crew, Storm Troopers and the Various ranks of Higher Officers (of which their are many variations).

The full name of the army is "The Confederate Army of The Grand Duchy of Bauxmont and her Ally the Viceroyalty of Rossoban."
After the Empire of the Northern Winds collapsed under economic strain (0 A.IM) the Duchy of Bauxmont was given independence and sovereignty given to Duke Linley II. In an attempt save his new nation from even greater poverty he made an alliance with the young southern Viceroyalty of Rossoban, the newest of the Empire's now separate states (Conquered 14 BA.IM).
Bauxmont in a small, low-lying province on the Lower Artic Coast and relies totally on Rossoban, a vast county of mainly dessert in the central south continent, for all its resources and materiel. In return Bauxmont shares it's cultural, scientific/military (heavier-than-air battleships being one good example) and political boons.

The Bauxmontese and Rossobanian joint commonwealth government has not seen military action within living memory, so the formation of The Confederate Army to put down the Chaotic Threat** is the source of great nationalistic pride. And besides, it'll all be over by Windemas - right?


*Anno Imperium
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What are the names of the white and red straps that go across the uniforms? I especially like the officer's one strap and airman's "X" Straps.
LunarHoney's avatar
Dahhh this is too cool!
Hughbearson's avatar
The hats look very Sebian WWI, I like it!
MuffinManofMystery's avatar
I love these drawings, especially the colors. Acrylic, huh? SWEET.

I have a question though. These LOOK like they're from more... Civil War/ Revolutionary War. But I typed in World War I and these came up.

Are these World War I uniforms for a group? If not, do you have any idea where I could get some sort of WWI uniform pictures? Thanks! ^^
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Sorry for the late reply - Thanks!
vivien82's avatar
these are awesome...!
Mikenestin's avatar
Thank you very much! It's an honour to recieve such praise from an artist as acomplished as yourself.
GeneralVyse's avatar
fantastic and very thorough, i particularly like their faces, subtle but expressive!!!1 -excellent!

join up! WW1 artists group

Mikenestin's avatar
Thank you General for your comment and the extension of an invitation. I only wish I had more time to join you, my apologies.
GeneralVyse's avatar
thats absoultely fine, i still think your work is incredible by the way, im fascinated by the little variations between branches and ranks in the amred forces, i ought to do somethign on a similar line myself!
Mikenestin's avatar
Thank you! I'm quite flattered.
I'd love to see what you can come up with.
GeneralVyse's avatar
hahaha, well id love to but im snowed under with college work at the moment, i did this recently [link] its all napoleonic uniforms though, not my invention, but i used to conjure up my own all the time, now i need historical accuracy to sate the critics! lol
Mikenestin's avatar
I'm in the same boat. Ah - very cool, it's been ages since I've done one like that!
Laskroto's avatar
No, the forelegs here are fine. Its in the other sketch you posted (the color test for uniforms that had the rust and blue options) that there was a problem... these are perfectly fine.
Mikenestin's avatar
Thanks, the other ones where just quick colour tests :D Anatomic correctness wasn't high on my agenda! But thanks for checking on me!
Laskroto's avatar
This is much better than the other one you posted, not quite as diverse in its color, but you righted the proportional issue with the small forelegs.
Mikenestin's avatar
yes yes yes, I know - the forelegs are small :D , you don't have to tell me. But thanks - it will appear in the test.
Which other one?
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We already know who has done more research on their empire projects. You, my friend, are made of win. The complete description and colourful story astounds me. It's like a page torn out from a history manual. French influence?

Love the concept. I suppose I have to welcome you into the dictators list. XD
Oh, and Chaos is another battallion that exists seperately in another comic. My personal army is the Totenic Reign :evillaugh:
Mikenestin's avatar
Thank you so very much! *hug* I wouldn't have done it if I weren't inspired by you!
Ah - the description is just a shortened version of this [link] .
French inspired uniform indeed, and perhaps a little Russian also - now, what is your army inspired after again?
Totenic? Not Chaotic? Damnit - my research into the different periods of your empire weren't good enough! X(
TotenVeloren's avatar
Me? Inspiring? pfft..
All this came from yourself and your determination to improve. I'll be reading the document, have to really take a good look at it so I'd best finish up my assignments first.

Hmm.. I could sense a little Russian influence just now but I wasn't sure. My army is um..inspired from a lot of things. A lot has happened since you left. Mostly inspired from German, Russian and Japanese.

Chaos does not involve my persona..different comic altogether. My own country is the Totenic Reign under the rule of it's ally country Tsubasa no Eien.. aka my sister.
Chaos is a comic, the Totenic Reign is one of my personal projects that I decided to develop further.
Mikenestin's avatar
Yes you!
Good, it's long but, if you like this sort of thing - very much worth it!

The officer is the most russian, and the rest are french/algerian. German, Russian and Japanese - it'll be interesting to see how extreamist armies fair against those more central thinking...

Ah - I didn't know that, you see, you produce so much great work it's sometimes hard for us who are less than godly (*bows before you*) to take it all in! :D
Well! I'd love to get more information and such about it from you so I can plan maps and wepons and ...campaign tactics! XD
Gestalt1's avatar
Awesome designs! They look sort of Russian/Byzantian era (I think that's when I mean...)
They have nice hats. XD
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