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Ha hoo ha! Heyy.. *Makes Jonny Bravo noises*
Thanks to all of your suggestions, ideas and inane babble on the subject of Airships! I've been drawing, sketching and doodling for the last two days, and this is 5 of the best I came up with from different points of the mini-project.

Well, Fig I. is the start and then is a flow of ideas to Fig V.
PLEASE tell me what you do and don't like! Or if you need anything explained or want to know how things work, or indeed want full operational perimetres for the ships. I love to talk about what I do! Anyway - you guys came up with most of it!
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Sort of reminds me of studio Ghibli work.
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This looks cool. My style of art
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great sketches ... i like the design .. it seem like steam punk technollogy... :D
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make more skirmish/assault please
thank you
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i like em, sortof reminds me of castle in the sky,
a carrier would be kinda cool too,
personlly i like fig,3 and 4
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you should make number 2 into a gigantic zeppelin-style airship.
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A-a-a-awesome ...
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i like the design of fig 2 and 5. they look strong and sturdy..unlike the others which seem to have smaller parts in their ship, which can be vulnerable to attacks and such. fig.4 seems to be agile, which is also good...but if it's hit in its main frame/body will it stand a chance? hm...

but all in all, those are good concepts for airships. :D
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I like a variation in thickness, just for my personal visual pleasure. As for 4 - it's a high altitude ship so should never come into direct fire, if it did - it would be screwed for sure.
Thanks a lot!
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hehe, okay. no prob.
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Awesome airships! Iv'e bin trying to draw some myself, but ter not that great.
are you gonna draw any more of them?
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Thanks. They tend to crop up in every other thing I draw - keep an eye out!
mmm...lovely designs. when I first looked at the 'Maiden, I was bored, but after looking at her, she's grown on me. however, if someone managed to scuttle her, imagine the rumble she'd make :O wow.

what are the specs on the pileus?
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She feels right sitting in my imagination, you know, the most 'alive.'

Her specs? Let me see now.
The Pileus is the second fastest, beaten only by the Piccolo, with a top speed of 52 knots (about 60 miles per hour) yet remains a strong fire-base with multiple cannons.
Forward Mono-Wing - 4 flak-cannon emplacements and 2 med.-cannon turrets.
Main Body - 6 med.-cannon turrets.
Rear Mono-Wing - 4 med-cannon turrets

Dispite being fast and well equipped, the Pileus trades off nearly all it's amour allowing for a hard and fast strike vessal but in a long fight against well-armed oponents chances of escaping without a hit are slim.
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I love your work, i was inspired to dot eh dreadnought from this pic, oh yea, this is one of my favorits.
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It's a pleasure. :D
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There all mad ass
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you've enjoyed them.
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I reckon Fig I is the best
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Possibly for being the most dynamic.
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Thoze airshipz r so coolz!!! :D
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Welcome!!! I luv airshipz!! XD
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Nice! I like the clean sketchiness of implied technical details =)
the "Pileus" reminds me a bit of some of the gunships from the Nausicaa graphic novels, only with an original flair.
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