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Finally I finished it!!! La la la la  My small personal project. I made it in my free time and it takes about 2 years of development!
Some time ago I released it on Androids (Google Play) and then for iOS too! But now, 2nd of January I released it for Steam! Hurray!
The game is free for Android or iOS device - check it out now!
Steam (PC, Mac and Linux):…
Also, check game`s home page:
Please watch video in HD!

A little bit later I will post some screenshots from it!
* sorry my english =P (Razz)
Questions and comments a very velcome!
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On 18 March 1965, 50 years ago, Alexei Leonov was the first who walk into space! Hurray!
And Leonov also is a great painter! He make many fine paintings!…

хороший фильм о нём
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Whooo-Hooo! From time to time I have a thought that I want download all my favs to my PC! But it so many to do that manually, but! We have a solution, thanks to Drogoniade! This man written a program that will do all this work for you! And it works! :D

deviantART Favorites downloader 1.2.0 is out

This program need to have Java RE to be installed on your PC. You can get it here…

So, install Java RE, then DA Favs Downloader from link above, install it, run and setup his settings and viola! You will got all your favs at your PC locally! :) Niiice! :D

P.S.: Its better to have a path to all you downloads like that: "D:/My_DA_Favs/%collection%/%filename%" or in other case program will place all works to many folders sorting them by authors, gallery etc...

!!! P.P.S.: And becouse this method have limit to about 5000 deviations per fav folder, I find another way to download favs folders or galleries… but with it you must download each folder separately (if user has not too many fave folders - this method is veeery good)!

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Watch this videos for fun!

>>Watch oter fun ROLLIN` WILD cartoons!<<

>>Don`t forget to check out other very funny Simon`s Cat cartoons!<<

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Don`t miss this beautiful videos of Mexico at this Vimeo channel… for start look at this video

This project is called STARS OF THE BICENTENNIAL produced by The Mates for the largest speaking spanish TV network of world to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of Mexico as Country.
The dream and the challenge is to transmit through images that can be perceived not only natural beauty and biodiversity, but the soul, spirit, feelings and pride of México.
So, finally my 8-week trip to Altai successfully complited!!! Hurray!! A lot of cool photos soon!!!
Today, is a greate date! 12th April is a significant date — the first flight of the human in Space 50 years ago has taken place. It was the Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin. Hurrray!!! :)
Danny MacAskill
Just amazing extreme and beautiful bycycle riding!
Watch it on YouTube… DONT PASSING BY!!! Its really amazing and stunning!!! Load it in HD and watch in fullscreen! Perfect shots with the cool music!
His previous video…
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Alex Roman makes my self-appraisal lower that the floor with his fotoreal CG! and
Sam O'Hare `The Sandpit` nice video with tilt-shift effect!
And for fun FUBAR - Official Trailer 2011
The Saga Of Biorn

A little request for my watchers: if it don`t bother you - can you point me to my mistakes in english where you occasionaly find them on my account page, I`m trying to improve it... -)) Thanks!
  • Listening to: Jon Hopkins
  • Reading: words on my monitor )))
  • Playing: Dead Space 2
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Look at this beautiful drawn animation

Thought of You

Please, comment! It will be interesting to know your opinion :)
Eahhhh!!! I can`t believe! My first DD!!! Thats so pleasantly!!! I don`t now what to say, but feels overflow me! -))) Thats greate! Thanks to all of you! :)
Ok, ok, now I will answer to all comments and... usually I give llamas for the faving my work, but now I dont know how to do with so many faves -)))) but, I will try to thank all. :)

Snow Queen Realm
That day has come - 2nd of may. today is my 26 birthday!!! OMG time is flyin through so fast I can`t believe in this!
Condolences are very welcome! :))))
After 5 eyars being here registered as deviant :jarkinajar: , I`m decide to dive here with the real deviants and share with them my scrawl :crazy:

notice for future readers of this my side notes on digital bark:
I`m badly know english and will be speakink as i can, so my writing will contain a lots of mistakes :tmnt2: