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Dr. King


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Happy Martin Luther King Day, everyone!
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Super realistic dude i wish i can learn how to do that in my life OuO

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Amazing. We are learning his speech in the English class now, and it makes me cry every time i listen to the original audio

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"I'm not black, but I respect what this great man has done.

R.I.P. MLK "


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Nice warm feel. Great work.

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The man with a dream!

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My Hero . Dr king.

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Well done. As a United Methodist it's no accident that of all civil rights leaders, his words are the ones I see as the most meaningful and filled with the Holy Spirit. Secular forces have shown how helpless they are to heal our world. The demons of divisiveness can only come out through prayer, and walking in the example of Christ.

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Thank god we Germans have our own problems and do not have to pretend we cared, as most US citizens are vorced to by the media.

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Incredible portrait of a memorizing individual. Here's a man that gave a shit about the human race. And yes... this has been in DA for the past 5 years but, DA has millions of works of art. So, many will slip under the radar unnoticed.


This is wonderful!! Though i gotta admit, being unfamiliar with your name, i fking lost it when i saw "METH" oh his shoulder.

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This great man would be ashamed about what some "activists" are doing today.

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Malcom X would be fine with it. Sometimes you need to fight back because people never learn from the past.

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Stalin, Hitler, and Mao too. They never had any problem with killing innocent people.

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Who said anything about killing innocent people? Youve missed my point completely. I keep getting into arguments with people who live in comepletly different realities.

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BLM kills innocent people. M-X had no problem with this.

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BLM has never killed anybody. Thats the narrative youve been fed by reactionary racist right wing fruitcakes afraid of the word woke. Just admit you dont like Black people and get it over with.

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i like how everyone is commenting on this when it was posted 5 years ago xD

anyways awesome art, awesome man!

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Great portrait of a great man.

I didn't know he was a doctor! Cool.

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