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Vampirella 6 Page 1 Pencil Art

9X14 in pencil with black marker.
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First off you demonstrate here and with all your preliminary work an exceptional understanding in composition and human anatomy.

This piece has an excellent flow between the various stages of this impending hoard showcasing the main character in all her lethal yet sexy glory. I like the way the bottom portrait draws you in with her intense expression, inviting us to explore this picture towards her finale above.

The shadows are loose and underdeveloped so I'll be looking forward to the final version to notice the differences. You have this nice way of rendering where there is not much detail present on each character yet each retains a good sense of weigh and balance. The main character is easily noticeable with almost a reverse in hues and contrast to that of the hoard.

Excellent work I highly anticipate the final to see what becomes of those shadows and to see if colour further enhances this incredible drawing.....
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Holy chimichangas!!!
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Wow, just love the composition and the facial expressions of Vampi. hmmmmm :-)
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Truly great composition.Looks so action packed!!
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amazing!the sketch is look real..
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amazing!the sketgh is look real..
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wow, this is amazing man, gorgeous wok, I love it a lot!!!
Tuchesuavae's avatar
my goodness you're talented.
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it's amazing... i love your works!
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Vampirella yummeh! :clap: :nod: :trophy:
This is hot I agree with the rendering.
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I find it really gorgeous, but that shotgun fire in the moddle just keeps getting on my nerves. The fire seems like it should be little bit to the left, more like she's shooting someone near you.

But screw me anyway, i'm not the one to talk.
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omg..i'ts amazing..i really love ur style!
sexy and pulp vampirella ^_^
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this is immense!
I really wish I could find affordable and complete sets of your Vampirella comics. I wish they would come out with new collections of that and the Topps stuff. How many issues of Vampirella did you do anyway? I can't find a good list of comics you've done.
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I did the complete issues of Vampirella circa 2001 #1-6, 11 and 13.

Did covers for issues 1-12.
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wow fantastic!
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wow, your artwork is superb, the quality reminds me of alex ross, great, great stuff
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Gez louiz!! This is some of the most exceptional pencil work I have ever seen. Your gallery continues to impress me. I feel like practically :+fav:ed your whole gallery for crying out loud.
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Wow this is really incredible... instant fave!
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Ok Mike!I´ll say again:
Could you PLEASE stop been sooo frakin awesome!?
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I don't know if I've ever seen pencils and ink used in this kind of combination before. It's really effective!
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Dang, you never deliver a disappointing line.
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I love how realistic your drawings are and you do it so quickly eveeryday. can you ive me some tips on how to make a realistic drawing? ^^; I like her in the secomd shot right there.
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