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Star Trek vs Dr. Who

By mikemayhew
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22X15 in pencil with black watercolor.

A double page spread appearing in the latest issue of Wizard Magazine
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The time lord against a star wars knock off?
( sorry if you like the movie, its just a joke x3 )

but I would definitely prefer Dr. Who <3
I'm getting tom baker's 12 inch scarf XD
HighPriestSatanis's avatar
Wow!  That's spectacular.  The only way it could be better is if the Doctor was Tom Baker.  ;)
doctor3uk's avatar
Dr Who, all the way.
Claudiney's avatar
Wow amazing!!!
Fredd13's avatar
Amazing drawing :)
wolfrider445's avatar
Agreed coolest ever!!!
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mikemayhew's avatar
Thanks!  You should see THE STAR WARS, on stands now.
Lord-Sunday-s's avatar
Cool!  And Doctor Who would probably win.
conglacio's avatar
Brilliant! (Though I'm trying to ignore the idea of 24th Century Klingons and Romulans working together!)
MrsAnnaHolmes's avatar
I wonder what the Doctor would do if he met the Voyager's Doctor?
Javott's avatar
this scared me just a little bit....
Persona22's avatar
Captain Kirk: Bones, we're surrounded by Daleks. What do we do?

Leonard McCoy: My God Jim! I'm a Doctor not a... oh, wait.
NerdiestGirl's avatar
Funniest thing I've read all day!
T-OrideleKeto's avatar
This is pretty cool!
BumBleBush4z0's avatar
Love it, but really dont think the Dr. Who world would have a chance against the Star Trek Universe(:
TheOnlyEscapeIsDeath's avatar
Pfft, Star Trek only takes place in a single galaxy, high-end Doctor Who races can destroy the entire multiverse. And before you say "Well Q would get them" the Time Lords developed methods of countering and killing reality-warpers equal to or surpassing the Q Continuum.
You're a stupid cunt.
BumBleBush4z0's avatar
HaHa! Really!?! Sorry im not a doctor who fan.
JessieJordan's avatar
this is.........brillaince.....and....i must write a fan fiction based off it!
NamelessManic's avatar
I can't readily think of a worse situation.
TheHylianBatman's avatar
Isn't this the cover to one of the 'Assimilated' series?
mikemayhew's avatar
no, it was a spread for an article called LAST MAN STANDING about match-ups across scifi properties.
TheHylianBatman's avatar
I could've sworn I saw this colored someplace.
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